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$17.00 · 81 Reviews

burgers here definitely aren’t the cheapest and they’re not for everybody. the beef burgers were not bad with a tasty bun and juicy patty, but feel like i’ve tasted better. i had the one with soft shell crab and would have much preferred to have it on its own without the burger😕 don’t really like the idea of having to top up for sides too. overall the ambience was great though and worth a try if you’re into german burgers!

Forgot what was the name of the burger I got alr but it was grilled chicken + mushrooms and a sunny side up egg on sourdough buns

their burgers aren't the cheapest but the size is huge like the buns and the grilled chicken was pretty big and it tasted good toooo

This was one of their vegan burgers, consisting of wheat patty topped with mushrooms & 3-pepper sauce. Chose multigrain bun to go with it and it was really hearty and good! However, the patty was too salty for my liking :/ $16 for a burger is q pricey, tho this burger is pretty huge

Not the greatest value for money at $18.

German burgers are not for everyone. They are huge and very dry.
Taste is great though and seem fresh.

There are so many burger options in Singapore that I feel we are spoilt for choice.

I would rate this 3 on 5. Hit and miss

This German burger grill and bar pries away from the usual burger scene with healthy European food and vegan-friendly options.

The grilled chicken breast is tender, juicy, and a great alternative to the conventional beef patty. Burgers are completed with a variety of fresh, crunchy vegetables and choice of sourdough, multigrain or naked buns.

Upgrade to a set for signature sides sweet potato and thick cut fries that are crispy with fluffy goodness inside; good on its own or dipped in complimentary condiments.

Awesome ambience
Great place for salads
Great burgers...
The beef may look dry but they are not!
Chicken r cooked to perfection
Delicious sweet potatoes fries and onion rings!

Fantastic burgers - we had the chicken breast burger with sunny side egg (forgot the name) and the Birkenwald. We also had a platter of onion rings, sweet potato fries, fries, and chicken wings. Everything was fantastic- the sides were crispy and flavorful, the burger was moist, even the salad was ridiculously good. We liked the range of sauces on the side as well- the barbecue sauce is a must try (especially with those delicious sweet potato fries). Love the ambience as well, will be back!

Full of beef, full of avocado. Gave what was promised.

Tip: Always order the set. For extra 5, it gives you fries and a drink

Location, taste, value for money 5 on 5

Great burger. Great taste. Amazing portion size.

Well worth the money.

Top tip: always order the set. It comes with fries and drink for just 5 extra.

Back at my fav burger spot to try the 𝘼𝙡𝙨𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙣 (~$17): a juicy beef burger with blue cheese, grilled pear and walnuts!
Blue cheese sounded and smelt a lil bit off-putting at first, but it did add a nice sour contrast to the salty beef patty. Pair this with the grilled pear and walnuts and you had that additional sweetness and crunch 😋 Also!! Loved the patty — not oily but STILL juicy and well seasoned, though I might stick to my usual order of Grünes Gold (~$18)!

Ig @goodfomood