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Grilled Banana

$1.50 · 3 Reviews

Newly opened at Orchard Central, this restaurant is the first to adopt automated DIY barbecue machines for a fun dining experience.
For first-timers, fear not, it’s fairly easy to grill. Simply place your skewer on the grill by aligning the gear that’s on the metal skewer onto the moving rack gear. This allows your food to rotate and cook evenly. When the exterior of the meat starts to bubble and sizzle, that’s the sign to take them off the grill to prevent overcooking.
Some of my favourites include the Signature Lamb Skewer, AUS Grain Fed Beef Skewer, Pork Belly Skewer and lastly, the Premium Scallop With Garlic Vermicelli.
P.S. You can order grilled banana here too!
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


JK and i had aplenty of skewers bc we were really hungry HA HA HA. but just naming it as the chicken mid-joint wings bc it was one of the highlights we had there! for the wings we ordered 2 cajun ones, 1 savory xiang la, 1 honey glazed and 1 fragrant garlic for starters! my favorite would be the garlic one but JK rly liked the honey glazed! the cajun one was kinda disappointing, bc it tasted more strongly of cumin and chili pepper!

other to-get skewers wld be the salmon and lamb! the lamb was gamey, but wasn’t THAT bad, and the meat to fat proportion was rly nice!! the salmon was grilled to perfection so the texture was a win for me!

stuff that i wldnt recommend getting wld be the grain fed beef bc it was tough and the portion was rly small! the beefy taste was kinda mild as well. the premier large prawn was alrighttttt i guess like it wasn’t that large but more imptly it was dry and the texture wasn’t there so ☹️

we tried a bunch of other skewers like broccoli, chicken, pork belly, oyster and shiitake mushrooms (i rly like the shiitake ones actually!!), mini pork ribs and quailed eggs as well but nth special to shout out

we also ordered the grilled milk man tou and the caveman bread! the former was pretty decent, but DAMN the latter was good! it’s basically just white toasted plain bread that’s buttered generously w sugar on top! such a basic and simple to make thing but it was so delicious! we cldnt help ourselves and ordered a second helping!! we had the grilled banana as well; it was warm, gooey and such a sweet treat!!! wld recommend getting it at the end of ur meal!!

there’s an avg waiting time of 6-8mins on the automated skewer chain thingy (the wings take 12-14mins though) so u can watch ur food getting cooked which is kinda cute (but not when u r hungry HAHA) it can also get slightly hottttt but u can turn it down once u r done!!

JK and i wld give it 5.5/10 in totality? not that it’s bad but it’s slightly pricey for skewers and we were still hungry after ordering q a significant amt of skewers that we went for yoshinoya right after for a second dinner 😂 perhaps we shld have gotten a main dish there (which they do have in their defense!!) oya and just to mention, all their skewers are marinated in the same spices which tasted heavily like the mala kind of spices so those who don’t rly like those strong cumin/chili/pepper taste shld take note :~)


“Grilled banana? Pfffft.” I scoffed at the thought of a dry banana twirling comically over the self-rotating grill. This was a total surprise; I would have never thought to order this, but it was downright delicious! I had thought it’d be like those drier grilled bananas you see when in Bangkok but it’s actually served ready-to-eat and grilled skin on, resulting in a moist, tender, jammy banana. Deffo a must-order when here!😂