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French Scallops

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Plated with creamy cauliflower purée and refreshing julienned green apples, House of MU’s Pan Seared Scallops ($19/ 3 pieces) were both juicy and tender. A delightful starter, the French scallops were first sous-vide then seared on both sides which ensures even doneness as well as keeping the distinct flavours of the delicate shellfish. The light seasoning used and the smooth purée also provided a lift without overpower the natural sweetness of the scallops, while the strips of apple added some lovely acidity.

French scallops with cauliflower purée and green apples! The scallops were fresh and seared just right, with a light char on the outside but still holding that soft interior. Didn’t think the purée did justice as a pairing to the scallops but the green apples were a refreshing touch.

Thank you @houseofmusg for having us and @burpple for the invite! ✨


The scallops were sous-vide before getting pan-seared to retain the moisture and texture. Like the slight char on the scallops, but not a big fan of the cauliflower puree. It felt more like mayonaisse to me (?) The green apple salad brought a good flavour, but something crunchier would be a better pair to the soft scallops.


Got to be honest, based on appearance and concept alone - it is a lifestyle furniture store selling wooden timber furniture made in Myanmar, and a restaurant, as well as a bar that also retails alcohol (am I the only one who feels slightly apprehensive about multi-concept places?), I wasn’t expecting the food here to taste as good as it did.
Although “House of MU” has been operating since April, they have only done their soft launch about a month ago. This was because they wanted to perfect the menu. Designed by Chef Tyrell Joon who used to work at Michelin starred restaurants such as Iggy’s and Le Amis, it is not a complicated one. In fact, it looks quite basic but when you taste the food, the fine dining quality is ever present, both in technique and taste. So everything we were served, tasted very good. Shown above are four of the six items we ate during the hosted lunch.
In a sea of ubiquitous soups out there, the butternut squash cream, the soup of the day ($9++), was outstanding. I was told Chef insists on using only the best ingredients and it was obvious from my first sip. He even chooses to serve it with imported Spanish crystal bread.
The French scallops that followed, were pan-seared and plated with a creamy cauliflower purée and strips of refreshing green apple ($19++). I think it was another well-received dish by our whole table.
For the carbs, I found it smart that they offer a format that allows customers to mix and match to their own preference.
It begins with picking either risotto, spagetti or linguini ($14++ inclusive of garden greens). Next, the base sauce (add $6++ for this) of which the choices available are tomato, aglio olio, black ink or truffle cream. The last (optional) step is to top on ingredients that include either mixed vegetables, chicken breast or clams/vongole for an extra $5++. There’s crayfish or bacon too and these cost $6++ more.
Based on the above price structure, the linguine aglio olio with clams we tried (I loved it for the rich umami taste of clams) was $25++. And the risotto cooked in truffle cream with two pieces of crayfish cost $26++. It was just as delicious.

Prepared sous-vide and seared on both sides, these scallops held their shape despite having an incredibly soft interior. I love how the sweet julienne apples and creamy cauliflower puree gave a nice finish to the lightly seasoned scallops - an excellent starter that allows you to taste the natural freshness of each component without compromising on flavour and texture.