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Spicy Drumstick Bento

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The pork chop and lu rou were both flavourful, but the superb fried chicken was my favourite out of the three. Crispy on the outside and so, so flavourful all the way inside! It’s not spicy at all, so if you want a kick, perhaps go for the mala instead.


Located in B1 of the Orchard Xchange is a 3-in-1 concept eatery that serves up decent and affordable food. Find yourself lost in a myriad of choices offered by Seoi Gor Cafe, Woo Ricebox and Gong Yuan Mala Tang.
Woo Ricebox serves up Taiwanese bentos that are inspired by the ones you find yourself indulging on in Taiwanese trains. Some of the offerings here include Spicy Drumstick Bento, Fried Pork Chop Bento and Taiwan Railway Bento ($8.90 each)

Find yourself in a HK Cha Cha Teng with a Singaporean twist if you are ordering from Seoi Gor Cafe. While they offer HK fares like the Scrambled Eggs Thick Toast ($3.80; my personal favourite!) and Egg Waffles ($2.30), they also have local delights like Kaya Toast and Seoi Gor Mee Pok ($4.50). These are also available in set meals as well ($4.80-$5.50). Last but definitely not least, Gong Yuan Mala Tang provides the ever popular Mala but with a soup base instead. All items are priced at $2.88/100g and you get to choose from an array of seafood, meat, veggies and fungus! 4 types of soup bases are available for your picking too. They are Mala, Tomato, Pickled Vegetables and Pork Broth.

So bring your friends down if you are looking for an affordable yet delightful dining experience in the heart of Orchard.

Thank you @Burpple for the invitation and @wooriceboxsg & @gongyuansg for hosting.


Fret not, there's actually an affordable option for you and your friends to dine in town.

Located at B1 Orchard Mrt Xchange (Near to AquaS); there's a 3-IN-1 concept eatery that includes the HK cafe Seoi Gor, Taiwanese Bento Woo Ricebox and Spicy Mala Soup Gong Yuan.

Seoi Gor Cafe is like a typical Cha Chaan Teng but with a local twist. My favourite is the Scrambled Eggs Thick Toast ($3.80), Egg Waffle ($2.30) and the Tiger Sugar Pearl Milk Tea ($2.80). They serves local favourites like the traditional kaya bread, Mee Pok and Curry chicken etc.

Woo Ricebox is a well known brand from Taiwan with over 70 years of history. Its an well balanced meal and the favourites are the Spicy Drumstick Bento, Fried Pork Chop Bento and the Taiwan Railway Pork Chop Bento ($8.90 per Bento)

Gong Yuan Ma La Tang serves the soup version of Mala, and all items are priced at $2.88 per 100gms. You can choose from 4 types of soup base, Mala, Pickled Vegetables, Pork Broth and Tomato.

Now there's something for everyone, and you can dine comfortably at affordable price in town.

Thanks @burpple for the invitation and @wooriceboxsg @gongyuansg for having us.