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Always a great idea to pimp your own breakfast! I love to have options and especially appreciate the experience of curating my plate.

The curried scrambled eggs had a hint of spice to give that added kick to your breakfast routine. Along with the smoky pan seared chorizo, they were great accompaniments to the toasted sourdough.

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With adobo dip. Pungent goodness that was unexpectedly good when paired with the soft toasted bread
Favourite small plate at Kilo!

Sleek decor, well-stocked bar and impressive open kitchen (wood-fired grill, anyone?) — this chic spot along Duxton Road doles out delicious sharing plates that's perfect for dinner with the gang. Must-orders include the Pan ($7), consisting of a grilled potato focaccia and fragrant confit garlic and shallot adobo dip, and the crispy-outside, tender-inside Grilled Rainbow Trout ($46).
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Oh lord. I’m a sucker for bread, so when I was presented with this plate of grilled fermented potato focaccia (just look at those beautiful char marks!), I knew I was in for a treat. One bite into the carby goodness and it all hit me - fluffy, crunchy and a little bit sweet yet cheesy - the deed was done. Sold. Those slightly muted flavours from the focaccia also paired well with the confit garlic and shallot adobo dip, which was fragrant, garlicky and harboured a slightly spicy kick from paprika.


The much raved about wood-fired grill at this establishment shines in this dish. The smoky aftertaste contrasted with the natural creaminess of avocado was divine. Nice play on texture with the crispy buckwheat puffs and on taste with the zingy ponzu sauce. Interesting use of yuba (Japanese soy bean milk skin), which was really light and perhaps not very memorable in this.


Wafu yuba rice crackers 18

This may be a common dessert offered in most restaurants (or easily whipped up from the comfort of your home); but what you get at Kilo that you don't get anywhere else, is the fantastic service and immense satisfaction you'll leave with - and that's definitely worth it. The cake itself is as good as you'd expect, boasting that beautiful flowy liquid chocolate. That aside, I was most impressed with the accompanying strawberry sorbet. It's just the right balance of sweet and tangy, smooth and not at all icey. Absolutely stunning.

As it typically signifies the end of a meal, it is only fitting that this is the last post from the #KiloKallang journey. While the cookie here is just another sweet cracker which came with a fortune of course, it is its accompaniments that shine the most. The yuzu cheesecake is a beautiful marriage of the fresh citrus notes and the rich creaminess of the mascarpone. The mandarin orange sorbet brings to the palate a clean finish that pairs nicely with the frozen yoghurt – its muted tanginess provides a well-rounded mouthfeel. Ok, that's all.


While the tongue — sliced into thin discs — were gorgeously seared with that perfect crisp on the edges, the accompaniment of crunchy iceberg strips, green apple batons, coriander and jalapeño coins were a little uninspiring. Sure, they did their jobs of providing a fresh burst of clean flavours to balance the richness of the tongue which has a beautifully high concentration of fat, but it needed more – purée-ing the green apple together with the coriander might work. But that's just me. Ok, that's all.

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