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Fried Pierogi

$7.00 · 39 Reviews

Probably the best 1 for 1 deal for lunch! Long queue as always, but food was served pretty fast after our orders.

The noodles were a little too hard today, but its ok, still edible 😂

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9 Jan’19, Wed🌥
📍Dumpling Darlings
- Lunch Special:
~ Braised Pork Noodles🍖
~ Spicy Sichuan Dumplings🥟
~ Grapefruit Thyme Strawberry Green Tea🍵

Braised pork noodle is like a fusion of ramen, wanton noodles and bak chor mee, the noodles is quite springy, the bak chor is well marinated and the tamago is like so nice, overall, quite yum...

The spicy sichuan dumplings is quite decent but I wouldn’t call it sichuan dumplings for I think it didn’t really carry that spicy/numbness feel like the normal sichuan style dishes...at most, chilli oil dumplings...

But their fried pierogi dumplings (with mayo) are good, did better than the sichuan one...

The grapefruit thyme strawberry green tea is so so so refreshing, I would like to drink this everyday!

It’s quite expensive if you were to order the dumplings and dishes ala carte, but given the lunch set deal, not bad to give it a try~

I think their noodles and drinks outdo their dumplings, I wouldn’t really suggest coming (and super long queue) just for the dumplings...

Can try once if you are at the vicinity, and especially if you have burpple beyond one-for-one (what a steal)!

Damage: $9.42 (Burpple Beyond one-for-one)

This is supposed to be truffle mashed potato but the truffle smell was super light. I wouldn't have detected it if I wasn't told that there was truffle involved.

Fried perfectly crispy and the skin is just the right thickness, giving it an amazing crunch.

The mash potato was well blended and not too smashed but a nice consistency. Love it!

$8 | This is by far the best dumplings that I have tried! Just pop it in your mouth and let the taste of truffle potato melts!

Comes with a choice of noodles (got the Sichuan noodles) & dumplings (managed to try the fried pierogi & spicy sichuan dumplings) & a drink (longan osmanthus pu erh & grapefruit thyme strawberry thyme)

Overall I think it’s quite pricey considering the noodles felt a lot like youmian. Seasoning for the noodles were nice but also tasted like spicy dry youmian. Maybe try their unique noodles/dumplings rather than the “红油抄手” u can find almost anywhere. Eg the fried pierogi has truffled potatoes n bacon I think, topped with Sriracha mayo, pretty unique

Drinks r unique!! Am really a HUGE osmanthus fan they had this osmanthus jelly in the drink, loved it.

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Lunch Set (~$16) consisted of a noodle, dumplings, and a drink! Had the braised pork noodle, which had springy chewy noodles with a decent amount of braised pork!
Original dumplings had me SOLD. Pan fried well such that one side is crispy enough but not annoyingly hard, the other sides of the dumpling were soft and easily bitten off. Meat inside wasn’t a lot but it was adequate for the dumpling. Was never a dumpling fan since I usually disliked how dry it was but this...... I’m sold 😍
Fried pierogi seemed to have a truffle-y taste to it, and it was sO YUMMY all that calorie counting... flew outta the window 😌 To put it in simple words, it honestly tasted like a hash brown but a dumpling and better 😂
Grapefruit tea was a nice refreshing touch to everything salty and fried we just ate

More photos on ig: @goodfomood

Crispy and tasty

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These cute little things are delicious, but you won’t be surprised why my fave is the fried Pierogi. $16 set comes with a bowl of noodle, 4pcs of dumplings and a drink. Portion is a tad small, you might want to order extra dumplings with your set.
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Small portion, but OK for the price
Fried pierogi is very nice!