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Mentaiko Salmon Don

$23.90 · 34 Reviews

Fresh salmon cubes layered with delicious house-made mentaiko sauce then beautifully torched to perfection.

Go for the regular bowl if you are hungry coz the other one doesn't look filling. Generous amount of mentaiko and fish to rice ratio. It was gooood but it gets a little jelat halfway through this bowl. It's advisable to order 2 different mains to share.

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If you’re looking for mentaiko and salmon, this is the meal for you.

You don’t even need to portion your rice for the salmon, cause every bite you get has a piece of salmon one, confirm. They are very generous with their portion of salmon and mentaiko.

Had my meal on a Sunday around 630pm, not a lot of people.

Highly recommend!

(2 hours after my meal, when I burp still got the mentaiko taste in my mouth)

The portion was just nice. Mentaiko sauce was great. Generous with the salmon. Would come back again!

Usually not my first choice of don at most places, but this would be the dish that I'll return to Rakki Bowl for! Salmon is decently fresh and portions are reasonable. Generous serving of the mentaiko sauce that was nicely torched, which sealed the deal for me.

Rating: 4.25 / 5

Used the burpple beyond deal and visited this place for the second time.

Ordered the Mentaiko Salmon don in regular ($24.90). The Mentaiko was so creamy and nicely torched with a mild burnt taste, covering a bed of large cubed salmon. This place is really generous in their serving.

The place was quite packed during dinner time but the staffs clear fast so we waited just about 10mins to get a seat.

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In my opinion, the Mentaiko Salmon Don is affordable when used with beyond burpple. It is only $24.90 for two bowls.

The Don is good and the portion is just right for the price. Recommend to give it a try.

crowded during lunch hour and had to wait for a seat but food was served promptly! salmon came in fresh thick slices, topped with a generous amount of mentaiko and roe. japanese rice was also mixed with tiny bits of tamago! ordered the regular bowl and it was a hearty meal 😋 one of the better mentaiko bowls around! price wise, definitely worth it with burrple beyond 1-1 deal! not so much worth for the actual price ($23.30 before gst and service charge) but will be back for the truffle wagyu beef don which most people seemed to order 🤗 rating: 8/10


Reasonably priced mentaiko salmon don at Ramli Bowl. Added on onsen egg for $2++ :)
✅Accessibility: 7.5/10
✅Price: 8/10 (with burpple)
✅Portion size: 7.5/10 (Couldn’t finish the rice and a few bits of salmon, but my friend did so)
✅Quality: 9/10 (Salmon looked and tasted good, good portion of fat to salmon ratio)
✅Taste: 8.5/10 (Mentaiko became pretty gelato towards the end)

Cubes of salmon generously slathered with mentaiko. I can eat this everyday.

The restaurant is brightly lit and decorated with pretty flowers.

I’m a huge fan of sashimi and mentaiko, so this was really an ideal choice for me. Salmon sashimi topped with mentaiko and torched to perfection!! I particularly liked how they were generous with their sashimi. But would I choose this over their signature truffle beef bowl? Probably not. Because while it’s really good, it wasn’t exceptionally amazing. Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed this