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Mentaiko Salmon Don

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I finally tried their Mentaiko Salmon Don (cooked) ($17.90) after so long of wandering for at least 2 years ago. Back in 2018, I went to Japanese Curry Express for Salmon Mentai Don with one of my poly friend. She also ordered same as me that time but we didn't wanted to share together because the portion was quite small but its quite filling tbh. I saw @foodee.diaree's reviews for 2 weeks ago and reminded me the shop still opened at there till now. I preferred Mentaiko Salmon Don to be uncooked but my stomach got some problems with diary products (I didn't want to take risk anymore and need to play safe) I felt that it was quite overwhelmed with mayo but I felt that their salmon was really fresh and so good.

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Ordered chirashi and mentaiko salmon with ikura don. They were tasty and my boyfriend and I love them. Portion is just nice in my opinion. However mentaiko salmon with ikura was a bit expensive, $33.90 for regular. If I were to go again, I would just order the normal mentaiko salmon don.


Generous amount of fresh mentaiko and salmon paired with juicy Japanese rice. The salmon legit melted in my mouth. A very comforting meal indeed😌

The ambience of the cafe is also very cozy and soothing, perfect for little meet ups and discussions.

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Quite pricey w the 30% off. The menu was misleading as the top menu stated regular (smaller) & large (larger) while the bottom menu was small (smaller) & regular (larger). We ordered the regular size thinking it’s the smaller portion but turn out we paid for the larger portion.

We ordered the Signature Truffle Wagyu And Mentaiko Salmon Don and it was great!! Even though it's just a 30% off it's still a pretty good deal for the food. Ambience is quite nice and cosy

We got the regular sized mentaiko salmon don and it’s really delicious! Only downside would be that even the regular size portion is quite small IMO. But the quality of the food is 👍🏻👍🏻

Mentaiko salmon don is the must order for mentaiko lovers! Generous topping of Salmon and rice, been back to this place multiple times and the quality of food had sustained. Drop by a visit!

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Mentaiko Salmon Don
Chirashi Don

23 Mar’19, Sat⛅️⁣⁣
📍Rakki Bowl⁣⁣
- Bara Chirashi Don🍱⁣⁣
- Mentaiko Salmon Don🍣⁣⁣
Tried once before renovation and rmb the food was not bad, but for some reasons, this round was like...🙊⁣⁣
The rice was a little undercooked, the salmon was okay but not exactly wow...

Overall, find the standard a little inconsistent and quite disappointed...unless my friends wanted to try this, doubt will be back again...

Damage: $52.58 (2 bowls of Bara Chirashi & 1 bowl of mentaiko salmon) with Burpple one-for-one

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#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Mentaiko Salmon Don
Salmon Don

Got the smaller sizes to try. Serving was just nice cause we werent very hungry however think next time when we come back we might get the regular bowl if its normal meal time. We both preferred the mentaiko as the perfectly torched sauce was so rich and flavourful which went really well with the salmon cubes and the rice, though the freshness and texture of the salmon was overshadowed by the sauce. For the salmon don, it tasted like how it looked in the picture. Salmon cubes were fresh and came in huge chunks which was really satisfying while savouring them. Staffs were efficient and friendly too. Beyond made it really worth for the quality of the meal provides, will definitely come back again!

Located at 72 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089531. .
Mentaiko Salmon Don, regular $24.90 & Salmon Don, regular $20.90. Beating the Monday blues dinner with 1-for-1 deals in #burpplebeyond , 2 rakki bowls for the price of 1! Totally so worth it as both regular portion were pretty huge! @burpplebeyondfans .
So hooked to their special homemade Mentaiko sauce torched with perfection over a bed of rice and fresh salmon cubes! .
Salmon Don were pretty impressive too! Served with huge chunks of fresh, juicy salmon cubes, diced Tamago and cucumber!! .
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