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Mentaiko Salmon Don

$23.90 · 27 Reviews

Reasonably priced mentaiko salmon don at Ramli Bowl. Added on onsen egg for $2++ :)
✅Accessibility: 7.5/10
✅Price: 8/10 (with burpple)
✅Portion size: 7.5/10 (Couldn’t finish the rice and a few bits of salmon, but my friend did so)
✅Quality: 9/10 (Salmon looked and tasted good, good portion of fat to salmon ratio)
✅Taste: 8.5/10 (Mentaiko became pretty gelato towards the end)

Cubes of salmon generously slathered with mentaiko. I can eat this everyday.

The restaurant is brightly lit and decorated with pretty flowers.

I’m a huge fan of sashimi and mentaiko, so this was really an ideal choice for me. Salmon sashimi topped with mentaiko and torched to perfection!! I particularly liked how they were generous with their sashimi. But would I choose this over their signature truffle beef bowl? Probably not. Because while it’s really good, it wasn’t exceptionally amazing. Nonetheless, I still really enjoyed this

Tried the regular mentaiko salmon don. Serving was just right for me with generous portions of salmon. Mentaiko sauce can get a bit heavy after a few bites though. Will probably try the salmon don next time.

$23.90 | Back for their Aburi Mentaiko Salmon Don! Love that they are very generous with the portion of salmon cubes (very thick!) and mentaiko sauce.

Although price might be considered slightly expensive, but it’s very worth it if you have Burpple Beyond or Entertainer App! Will definitely be back for more.


At $23.90 for a Regular bowl before 1-for-1, the amount of salmon and mentai in the don was aplenty and it could be easily shared between 2 small eaters. Rice to salmon ratio was great too and it ensured that every mouthful came with a good ratio of salmon, mentai and rice.

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Extremely satisfying meal. Beef was tender and soft, can’t stop reaching out for the next mouth.

The bowl was entirely covered with beef, tender and truffle-ish 🤩 I personally preferred the mentaiko salmon don, though I felt it was missing some wasabi to lighten up the generous amount of mentaiko.

Rakki bowl occupies the same space as Candour Coffee! Hopefully I’ll be back another time in the day to enjoy some coffee 😆

Get your don cravings fixed here with 1 for 1 burrple beyond!!


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Second time to Rakki Bowl and it's sooo worth it with the 1 for 1 Burpple Beyond membership. The Truffle taste in the Truffle Gyu Don was really strong and I loved it. The mentaiko salmon Don was too creamy for me but however they did serve generous big chunks of salmon sashimi on it. On my first visit I tried the bara chirashi and it was pretty decent. I think out of the 3 Dons I have tried so far in Rakki Bowl the Truffle Gyu Don wins!

Popped by and got the Mentaiko Salmon Don as I was in the area. Came up to around $13/ person using Burpple Beyond. It was well-worth the price as it came with huge salmon chunks, soaked in mentaiko sauce. If you’re a big fan of mentaiko you’ll love this! Portion of fish roe was kinda small but nonetheless a good place to satisfy your Jap food cravings