Short Rib Pasta

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beef short rib pasta $25++
prawn basil pesto pasta $24++

first time trying a pesto pasta and i dont think i will be satisfied w/ any other pesto pastas anymore LOL rly nice!!
beef short rib was nice too, a bit chinesey-taste

went on a random tues aftnn and it was packed p quickly??

You have got to try their pesto prawn and short rib pasta with their handmade tagliatelle 😍

Finally tried the beef short rib pasta which has been highly raved to me by friends! The hand made linguine was perfectly al dente and the beef pieces were generous and tender. I was expecting the red wine sauce to be a lot richer, but as an afterthought I was glad it wasn’t as I could finish the whole dish without feeling too β€œjelat”.

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Located behind Serangoon Stadium, Eleven Strands is a well-hidden cafΓ© serving delectable French-Italian cuisines. Famed for their pasta dishes, we decided to give their signature beef short rib pasta a try! Although the linguine we opted for was slightly too hard for our liking, the perfectly seasoned red wine sauce that coated the pasta made up for it! Hidden beneath the strands of linguine were huge chunks of slow-cooked beef short ribs. These short ribs were fork-tender and have perfectly absorbed the essence of the red wine sauce. We can totally feel the robust red wine sauce oozing out of the tender meat with every bite we took. We feel that this dish is definitely worth your calories and money as they were very generous with the portion of short ribs. We will be back to try more dishes next time!


Tender beef pieces and delicious pasta sauce!


This is my first visit to Eleven Strands and it is indeed a hidden gem tucked away from the busier part of Serangoon. I ordered Beef Short Rib Pasta ($25), and the al dente linguine is coated in a rich red wine sauce that is infused with the essence of the slow-cooked beef short rib. The beef is very tender and flavourful. Overall, the food is great and to make it even better, there is a one-for-one deal for mains on Burpple Beyond:)


Portions were generous, ordered 4 mains using 1-1 and 2 sides. Were very full after. Beef was nice and tender. Mashed potatoes were smooth and creamy. Pork ribs were a little dry. Pasta was nice and flavourful! Overall a pleasant experience!

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You might even want to order a side or garlic bread to mop up every bit of the dish's delectable red wine sauce.

We topped up 3 dollars for their home made tagliatelle, (a great way to enjoy the richly flavoured sauce, which coated every strand of the al dente pasta.)

The meat too was well marinated and just melted in your mouth.