Salami & Potatoes

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Salami & Potatoes Galette ($19)
Abit dry and nothing special in my opinion.

Salami with roasted potatoes, brie and egg was a perfect combination for salty crepe! Went with little expectation but was pleasant surprised. However, felt that this at $18 is pricey considering the simple ingredients.


Gather is a crepêrie that specialises in Breton galettes and crepes. Opened by the people behind Punch and the now defunct Ronin, it has already made its mark on Singapore’s crowded cafe scene.

Salami & Potatoes galette featured roasted russet and red pontiac potatoes, melted Brie and an egg yolk in the middle. This was a hearty delight and as much as you’d think galettes weren’t filling, this filled me up rather quickly. Probably cause of the generous serving of potatoes (who can say no to potatoes). What was enjoyable is the medley of ingredients that actually made me feel that I was sitting in a crepêrie somewhere in France. It’s amazing how the thin, crispy buckwheat pancake can hold the swathe of ingredients without breaking.

Anyone who likes galettes should give this place a try. It can get very noisy at times when the place is full due to the echo.

salami, roasted russet & red pontiac potatoes, melted brie & egg

I loved their Off The Bone on my first visit, but when the big boss said to try the Salami & Potatoes which is his new favourite...I did, and it’s now my new favourite too. I’m going to skip on describing the texture of the galette cause I’ve raved about it so much I don’t wanna bore you, so onto the fillings. I loved how balanced and earthy this combination was: you’ve got the soft and naturally sweet roasted potatoes, stuffed with brie and a perfectly oozy egg, then topped with slices of crispy, toasted salami carefully folded in a rosette 🥰 It’s great cause the salami + brie combo’s definitely not as salty as the ham + gruyere + cheddar one — not that the latter’s too salty it’s still super delish — so the earthiness of those roasted potatoes really get a chance to shine. And of course we all know how well rich runny yolks go with potatoes 😉

From Gather; the newest concept by the folks behind PUNCH, and now-defunct RONIN and The Plain at the newly-renovated Raffles Hotel where now-defunct Ujong and Ah Teng’s Bakery used to be located. Serving up a variety of Galettes, Sweet Crepes, Sandwiches and Baked Goods, the Salami & Potatoes come from the “Galettes” section of the menu, featuring elements such as Salami, Roasted Russet & Red Pontiac Potatoes, Melted Brie and Egg.

Really liked how the crepes here are done; the crepe being all paper-thin — delicate but still holding up to the ingredients really well without tearing apart. The crepes are particularly well-executes especially around the edges on the TOP, carrying a crisp texture. The insides reveal a crepe that is well-filled with melted cheese for a savoury note, while the egg white lines across the galettes within; the egg yolk being all liquid and molten, revealing its golden goodness as one breaks the yolk with a poke from the knife. The roasted, diced potatoes are savoury; the mix of different types of potatoes give a varied texture and a good bite, while the salami provides a meatier flavour typical of cured meat though the salami carried a similar texture to Bak-Kwan with its chewiness from the grilling. Pretty impressed with what they have to offer — it seems like the guys behind RONIN, PUNCH and The Plain always gets it right; a spot we would return for more crepes over coffee in the future!


I ordered the “Salami and Potatoes” Galette on my second visit and found it is as immaculately made and tasty as the “Off The Bone” Galette ($16++) I had during their soft opening.
I do feel this is a little more substantial though because it has small cubes of roasted Russet and Red Pontiac potatoes as a filling. Besides that, there is Brie cheese and a soft-cooked egg too. I appreciate how the slices of salami are lightly fried before they are arranged on top of the folded Galette to be served. For sure they are a little more delicious warm.