[CLOSED] DuluKala Peranakan Restaurant

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Yeah they weren't kidding about the chendol being one of the best in Singapore, mainly thanks to the thick gula melaka syrup. I thought there wasn't enough syrup for the ice alone at first, but even after mixing it with the completely unsweetened solid coconut cream layer, the syrup still stood it's ground and shone with brilliance. Delectable


To be honest it tasted a bit weird lol my friend didn't like it either


Ikan bilis was average but what's surprising was the amazingly soft otah. I guess if soft otah is your thing this would be perfect


Might actually be useless depending on what you order e.g. the rendang dishes. I tried it with the buah keluak and quite liked the additional dimension it lends the chicken. It seems like just a grounded chili paste but it does increase the depth of the flavour. It's a bitter kind of spicy if that makes sense >

This was without a doubt the bomb. Beef was so tender it almost melts into the gravy, and that sweet, savoury slightly spicy gravy was so thick and had a great texture. I used to think rendang was essentially cooked down curry but how wrong I turned out to be. Now I'm convinced that this is it's true form and it was so addictive we cleaned the bowl by eating the gravy on its own after we finished the meat

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Got it for 9.9 per set on fave

This took my ayam buah keluak virginity as I heard this was less strong and more suitable for those who have never tried it before. Nevertheless I was still slightly taken aback by the taste. There's an aroma characteristic of fermented food and it imparts a strong umami to the tender chicken. While I found it tasty, I might be hesitant to try anything stronger than this. Still for a first timer this was a pretty nice dish that was easy enough to accept yet feels authentic