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A total 3 of us decided to check out the Burpple set menu. Since there’s 3 of us, we are required to order an additional ala carte dish and that’s more than enough. The set menu for 2 is generous with their portion. It comes with starters like Emping Chips, Azchar and Ngoh Hiang, main dishes like Ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Assam and Chap Chye served with Blue Pea Rice and a dessert. All their flavors were on point! It captures the essence of peranakan flavors - tangy and full of spice and herbs! Their dessert is really interesting and superb! Pulau hitam panna cotta. The sweetened panna cotta goes very well with the unsweetened pulau hitam and the flavors and textures comes in layers! After a bite, you’ll be hit with the fragrance of coconut flakes and cookies crumbs. Am satisfied with the meal!

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We ordered Ayam Buah Keluak, Chap Chye, Otah & Assam Sotong and all of the dishes are super tasty & authentic. We will definitely be back!

😋 Traditional Nonya Kueh in Bedok. Passed by this shop after breakfast at the nearby Fengshan Hawker Centre.

- Ondeh Ondeh
Taste good. The skin is on the thick side but was not hard. The gula melaka (palm sugar) liquid inside burst in your mouth once you bite it. I will buy this again 👍. Abit pricy at S$3.

Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery (01-21)
84 Bedok North Street 4

Taste and portion was good and ambience was nice and quiet (sat outside). Service was also very friendly & helpful. However we had some uncertainty about the Burpple Beyond deal. The menu indicated $80 for 2 pax. And Burpple Beyond indicated savings of ~$40. However when it came to our bill for 4 pax (with a use of 2 Burpple Beyond vouchers), it added up to $160++. When asked, the manager said that $80 for 2 pax is the discounted price after the 1-for-1 deal. When compared with the normal menu, all the items added up to a grand total of $107.30, with a savings of $27.30 for 2 pax. Both the restaurant and Burpple should be more transparent with the vouchers up front as currently it seems the deal is a 1-for-1 deal.

Out of expectations good food! Nice ambience and super friendly team!

Ordered Quinoa Salad, Beef Short Ribs Rendang and Baba Jumbo Duroc Pork Satay.
Generous portion and super delicious!
Must order for Beef Short Ribs Rendang and Baba Jumbo Duroc Pork Satay!

Will definitely visit again for their food and dessert :)

Second meal out last weekend since the easing of P3HA, at one of my favorite place! This is the first time we’ve dined in here (been ordering delivery the past few times) and I think it travels quite well.

Decided to try Bakwan Kepiting ($7) which was a simple soup with minced meat/crabmeat meatballs - while the soup was comforting, I wasn’t a fan of the meatballs as the porky taste was pretty strong. Also ordered Gado Gado ($12), Otak Otak (a tad pricey at $4 a piece); and tried the curry vegetables - which I absolutely loved! Lemak and not overly spicy for that right amount of enjoyment. And of course we had to get the Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger”. We also had Beef Rendang and Sotong Keluak to go - was damn good too! 😋

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Tender, mild smokiness and flavourfully marinated with a medley of spices. Definitely one of my favorites from TBG.


[ Kopi Jawa ]
latte topped with Gula Jawa (sugar harvested from coconut palm) and decorated with a pandan leaf 🍃 love the ombré and it’s a huge cup for $7.50 iced! Not overwhelming sweet but tad too milky.

[ Crack of Dawn ]
So so pretty 🌈☺️ and surprisingly my favorite!😍 the mix of strawberries purée is a good substitute to sugar syrup hehe 🍓 personally wouldn’t mind getting it again cos it’s really refreshing!🙌

[ Pulat Hitam tart ]
Must have in a Peranakan cafe righttt. Personally the tart was bit too dry for me but does have a good amount of butter aroma. The black glutinous rice was pretty well done but the top of milk kinda overdid it abit. Not amazing but not too bad too😊

Not your usual traditional Peranakan cuisines here at @cherki_sg but expect some modern twists instead. Reading their menu and most of the items sounded like western cuisines but there were words of familiar Nyonya elements as well.
The Braised Ponteh Lamb Shank was my alternate choice to their Pangium Beef Wellington that everyone was also asking for but sold out. It was indeed tender and fall-off-the-bone. The Ponteh sauce went well with the lamb shank and wasn’t salty as I initially worried about.
Their Nyonya Herb Crusted Snapper was well executed and flavourful with the herbs. We were wondering why no sauce but understood that it really didn’t need any after we tasted it. Most of their mains would come with rice and Keropok so they were pretty filling.
We also had their Satay Chicken Tortilla and Truffle Itek Popiah for sharing. We loved the satay taste and how well it well on the Papadom shell for a different experience. The popiah was cleverly infused with truffle and also enhanced with waxed duck.
Newly opened and located at SCCC but their crowd was pretty consistent when we visited tonight.

Intensely aromatic, while not lacking in umami. The sambal belachan? was unique, jam like texture and while you expect it to be bitter, it was but a hint. Doesn't go easy on the heat ofc but it was sweet and very bright.

The chili really elevated the nasi ulam and the heat creeps up on you. First time trying this and find that it's absolutely delicious, despite the fear that it might be all aromatics and no flavour just from the picture

Find this eatery in City Gate serving up authentic 'Curry Debal', authentic to the Eurasian culture in Singapore. Bring along a spice-loving friend to have a go at their Set for 2 ($18), which sees 2 servings of Curry Debal served with premium pork cuts and sausages, Daily Vegetables with a choice of eggplant, kang kong or cabbage and sides of Fragrant Rice.

*Eligible for takeaway till 30 June 2021.

Fried with rich Indonesian black nut sambal, Frenz organic sunny-side up egg. Maggi goreng only available for takeaway/delivery. $26+ each.

1 Star (Michelin Guide Singapore)