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The scallop inside is nice. Overall good, but feel the egg is too little (in amount) is almost like a soy sauce bowl. And a bit too salty for my taste, because of the size of the unicorn (dashi, gelatin, truffle oil mix)

Unagi was pretty good sized. Taste of the fried rice is good. Pretty healthy (because less salt)

Super pretty and almost too pretty to eat! The unicorn is actually squid ink jelly and is meant to melt into the truffle-infused chawanmushi. Personally, the truffle was a bit too strong for our liking and overpowered the umami blend of the ikura, scallop and chawanmushi. Good for foodies who love truffle!!

Firstly- this is a dish only for the adventurous! We were informed by the staff that the Buah Keluak sauce was an acquired taste. We still decided to try it, but it didn’t go with our palate. Overall, the chicken pieces were generous but rather tasteless and the noodles were not as chewy as the Classic Japanese Ramen that we are familiar with.

Do not worry about the lobsters swimming in a fiery pit of chilli oil. Instead, the meat is stir-fried with dried chillies and Sichuan peppercorns, giving it a combination of spicy, numbing and fragrant flavours. 

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/parkroyal-pickering-singapore-lobsterfest-2019/

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The unagi was huge! Garlic fried rice was quite good but not much infusion of the typical Japanese garlic fried rice flavors.

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! Peranakan food Not to Be Missed !

Its not my first time here, nor will it be my last. Have tried so much good nonya food from harrianns and I simply love all of them. They have fantastic kueh, ondeh ondeh, swiss roll and cakes as well!

Very generous with their ingredients and their broth tastes extremely rich in every mouthful.

Had this in the Suntec outlet and the ambiance perfected it. 💓

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Chahan Unagi ($21) this was my favorite dish of the meal!! Fried rice was perfect - piping hot, garlicky and so tasty. Unagi was fresh and not dry at all. Made extra worth it with Burpple Beyond 1 for 1.

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Beef King Don ($20.80) serving size was generous, beef was pretty tasty, made extra worth-it with Burpple 1-for-1. Otherwise, it’s not something super special and unique to Uncle Kiisu imo.

Black Fries Day ($10.80) I was so shocked when this dish came because the cheese was entirely black!! Shoestring fries covered with black (squid ink??charcoal??) cheese, mentaiko and a runny egg. This was pretty tasty!

Samurai Kueh Pie Tee ($7.80) this dish was filled with a generous amount of filling in each cup. Pretty decent, but nothing to shout about imo.