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I don’t know why they chose a wacky name like Brosis, but their food is simple yet satisfying. Their babi pongteh (braised pork stew) set, going at $12.50, comes with rice, chap chye (Nyonya stewed vegetables) and a drink. It’s a little expensive considering that there’s a lot of piquant Peranakan food out there in hawker centres, but it’s not too bad for a casual dining joint.⠀

The babi pongteh was quite delicious, with the pork stewed to supple softness. Due to the time taken for that, the umami flavours of the stew liquid has infused every last fibre of the pork and makes it tremendously tasty. The liquid itself is undeniably unctuous as well, with the spices permeating every drop of that luscious liquid.⠀

The stewed veg was considerably more disappointing, as it was close to flavourless. Mixing a bite of chap chye with the considerably more tasty babi pongteh helps, but what would really help is if the veg was sufficiently seasoned.⠀

On the whole, Brosis isn’t too shabby if you’re looking for a quick Peranakan fix, and it gets considerably more value for money with #burpplebeyond one-for-one.


The whole experience was like dining in at a relative's place~ very homely feel. The food was awesome, and ambience just right. Price was way reasonable for the quality of food. Highly recommend!

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The food was great, and value for money with the one for one burpple deal. Do try their babi ponteh ($8.50) and Assam fish ($8.50). The deep fried prawn rolls (hei zho) ($6) were tasty and definitely worth a try; these prawn rolls tasted best when dipped into both the sauce and chilli. The owners were friendly and gave complimentary gula melaka agar agar and green bean.
Will most definitely visit again.

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I haven’t had enough to compare, but @candlenutsg's 𝗸𝘂𝗲𝗵 𝘀𝗮𝗹𝗮𝘁 ($25/200g, $45/400g, $80/800g) thoroughly met my lofty expectations.

That pandan custard felt like dreamy satin which fondled the palate, leaving gentle imprints of its heavenly aroma.

Concurrently, the mellow saltiness of the sticky but airy glutinous rice provided a sublime counterpoint.

Akin to an elegantly crafted concerto of flavours and textures — articulate without excessiveness. It's like tasting “Blue Danube” reverberating in my mouth.

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The sauce that cloaked this assam sotong ($24) was impossibly nuanced and boasted of delicate sour notes of Assam whilst lightly washed with gentle brininess.

That sauce brimmed with a depth of flavour as deep as its shade of ocean abyss — perfectly slathered onto the springy and soft baby squid

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Fresh crab swam in this velvety and heart-meltingly sweet blue swimmer crab curry ($32). Perfumed with intoxicating coconut milk, it also carried a controlled heat which complemented the succulent crustacean chunks.

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With a robust and rich prawn stock, this was a chap chye ($20) unlike any other. Perfectly cooked components gave it a nice mix of textures. That crisp soft leafy crunch bolstered by strands of bouncy tang hoon — lovely.

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A stimulatingly fragrant mix of gentle bitterness and umami from the buah keluak underscored this buah keluak fried rice ($24). The sunnyside up was too perfect but I didn’t regret poking into the yolk, which saw a silkiness coated onto each perfectly separated grain of moist rice.

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A nice tamarind rub on the skin gave this ayam sioh abakar ($20/half, $32/full) some beautiful umami. Dipping it in the sauce accentuated the juicy meat’s sweetness with a bold piquancy that brought out the flavours more strinkingly.

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The youtiao was crisp and not oily, and stuffed with otah that was bouncy and tasty. I liked this a lot! The contrasting textures and good balance of flavours were great :)

The chap chye was highly favoured by my boyfriend, as the ingredients had absorbed all the flavour. I enjoyed it too, but I would have preferred if they gave some gravy or ‘zhup’. Still a good dish tho!

The Ayam buah keluak was decent, as the chicken was tender. However, we found it a little salty, and would have liked for more pronounced buah keluak flavour. Also, the achar served with the rice was really nice!

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One of my favourite Changs. Theirs Chang full of ingredients and rice is soft. There is also mini version for those don’t wanna or can’t eat too much. I also like their chilli prawn chang.

The second outlet of popular Peranakan restaurant The Blue Ginger is an extension of the restaurant's award-winning Straits Chinese cuisine. Expect flavour-packed classics like Ayam Panggang Blue Giinger ($16), Pork Ribs Assam ($20), and Kerabu Kacang Botol ($11.50), a spicy winged bean salad that defies the expectations of Burppler Julius Lim. "My favourite from the three has got to be the beef rendang which is made from a family recipe rempah that are pounded by hand and cooked with love."
Photo by Burppler Julius Lim