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Feature :
💕Fortune Yu Sheng with Rock Lobster($168).
💕Crispy Fish Fillet with Tangy Kumquat Sauce and Rice Cracker ($68)
💕Beef Short-Rib with Shoyu-Glazed Sesame Maltose accompanied with lotus leaf bun ($78).
💕Celestial Eight Treasure Duck ($78)

For Prosperity Takeaway Treats ,customer can order from https://ellenboroughmarketcafe.oddle.me/en_SG/

Pre-order: 27 January to 21 February 2021
Collection: 1 February to 26 February 2021(5 working days from date of order), Final orders are taken on 21 February 2021.

A whooping 800gm of deliciousness! The pork was succulent and so full of flavour, and it went really well with the different types of nyonya sauces too! Served on a bed of golden egg fried rice which was pretty tasty as well. This is good for sharing among 3-4pax.

Got a 50% off mains. Paid $5.27 for this meal. Super worth it! Beef Rendang was on point and portion was huuuuuge! Will visit again.

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Back with my Mee Siam adventure! 🥢

I wonder if the shop name came after shortlisting the shop? As the name suggests, the shop does exist in a cozy corner with little seats. Not that I have to wait long for a seat, as many are takeaway orders.

A satisfying Mee Siam! Gravy was thick, chilli does pack a punch. Though I personally prefer a more sour base, will request for more lime the next time.

Can’t wait to have my next Mee Siam!

Check out The REAL Peranakan for your Lunar New Year feast 🧧, with festive menu that screams nostalgia & heritage specially curated by Celebrity Chef Philip Chia! 👨🏻‍🍳
You are in for a treat with their Auspicious Pen Cai ($198++/4pax, $288++/6pax, $488++/8pax) a pot full of goodness! 🤩 Available from 29 Jan onwards, every Pen Cai comes with 2 Toto LNY Draw Tickets! 🍀
It is prepared with Chef’s unique seafood broth brimming with natural sweetness! 🤤 The claypot is then loaded with New Zealand Abalones, Sea cucumbers, Canadian Scallops, fresh Tiger Prawns 🦐, Fish maw, flower mushrooms 🍄, Chef Philip’s special Crab Meat Balls 🦀 & flavourful Roasted Pork 🐖! LOVE THIS! ❤
This Pen Cai is part of their Prosperity Set A ($98.80++/pax, min.2 to dine), which comprises other quintessential Perankan dishes:
🔹️Ayam Buah Keluak 🐔🤎
🔹️Ikan Chuan Chuan (barramundi) 🐟
🔹️Babi Pongtay 🐖
🔹️Nyonya Chap Chye 🥬
It also comes with a bowl of fluffy Thai Jasmine Rice 🍚 & Chendol topped with Japanese Azuki beans! 😋
Prosperity Set B ($128.80++/pax, min.5 to dine) adds on their signature Ngoh Hiang 🌟 to the above Set A. ✌🏻 You may also get the sets delivered to your doorstep 🚙 via @grabfoodsg or @foodpandasg!

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At Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill, the restaurant has recently launched a full plant-based menu that utilises natural ingredients from vegetables to mushrooms and tofu to create these flavourful dishes using Peranakan spices and condiments.

We were treated to an exciting lineup of dishes such as the Eggplant Goreng Dip with Emping Cracker ($17), a bar bites’ favourite which has the smokiness from the eggplant purée that’s complemented by the slight bitterness from the emping cracker. The grilled King Oyster Mushroom ($24) that comes in a creamy coconut sauce, Garam Assam Tau Kwa ($20) topped with a diced pineapple and pink ginger flower compote, and the chargrilled Cauliflower Sambal Tumis ($19) are dishes that go hand-in-hand with some white rice. For spice lovers, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fiery Jagung Bakar Pedas Manis ($18) which are grilled corn on the cobs that are brushed with a tangy and spicy sauce topped with feta cheese.

The rice dishes, especially the Nasi Goreng Kangkung ($23), might have just stolen the show as it was the unanimous favourite for the wok fried aroma and something that you wouldn’t think could pair together, water morning glory in fried rice, actually works. To end the meal proper, you cannot skip on the Pulot Hitam with dairy-free Coconut Ice Cream ($14) and Kueh Beng Kah ($15) as the Peranakans just do excellent desserts.
✨ Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill
📍 3B River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, Unit 01-18, Singapore 179021
🛵 https://violetoon.com/order-online/
🍴 [Media Invite]

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Very good - sauce was fantastic but the pork could be a bit more tender.

We were there to celebrate a birthday and instead of ordering a few ala carte dishes, we opted for the ‘Taste of Candlenut’ January menu ($68++ per pax) which comprises of tasting portions of several signature dishes of the restaurant.

We started off with a trio of small bites from kueh pie tee to itek sioh on fried mantou to charcoal grilled Westholm wagyu beef satay. Unfortunately, the dining experience started off on the wrong footing as one of the fried mantous contained duck bones from the pulled braised duck meat, which we proceeded to send it back to the kitchen. The mains arrived shortly after and the bakwan kepiting soup (blue swimmer crab chicken tofu balls in chicken broth), sayur Nangka kerabu (young jackfruit salad) and buah keluak sotong were very much enjoyable and the experience was truly redeemed by the care and concern from the staff from the horrifying encounter and the excellent showcase of desserts, red bean bandung and homemade nyonya kueh.
✨ Candlenut
📍 17A Dempsey Road, Singapore 249676
🛵 https://candlenutsingapore.menu/
🍴 [Self Funded]

Worst dining experience ever that I had to log in to Google to write my first review publicly. Do not recommend for special occasions or any occasion at all.

1) Booked online but the restaurant was unprepared and even completely unaware of our reservation for a birthday.

Part of our dining group were lost trying to locate our table and had to rely on the neighbouring store’s staff to bring us to our room.

2) It was extremely difficult to order or request for bill - simply because there’s no one around. Poor service. It cumulated to me calling in to the restaurant’s hotline just to get someone to come over with the bill.

3) Wrong orders. Two dishes were missing and we had a repeat dish. We were also charged an additional dish.

We ordered 2 ngoh hiang, bill accounted for 3. After waiting for the bill, Staff 1 finally appears with the bill and we pointed out the inaccuracies. After some time later, Staff 2 comes to clarify. We repeat our story. Yet some time later, both staff reappear with plates from the kitchen claiming we had 3 servings.

That was more than 3 rounds of waiting for staff to basically appear, on top of frustration to get basic service the whole night.

We were more than happy to pay for the repeat dish which we did not order, but it’s something else to argue over 2 or 3 plates of ngoh hiang when we can clearly count the dishes on the table.

Worst F&B experience ever on top of ruining a birthday surprise.

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Tucked away at @claymore_connect along Orchard Road, @the_peranakan is both a restaurant and a museum, offering authentic Straits Chinese cuisine in a space that resembles an old, luxurious Baba residence😍. With a minimum of 2️⃣ pax, you can enjoy Tok Panjang at only SGD48/68 per pax. And vegans rejoice🤗, the world’s first VEGAN Tok Panjang is available too as featured here in this post😉.

👉Nasi Ulam
👉Omnimeat Ngoh Hiang
👉Kueh Pai Tee
👉Omnimeat Bakwan Kepiting Soup
👉Stuffed Omni Buah Keluak
👉'Mutton'-less Rendang
👉'Fish'-less Asam Pedas with Vegetables
👉Nyonya Chilli 'Crab'-less Crab Cakes
👉'Duck'-less Curry
👉Sum Chan Tau Yu Bak
👉Nyonya Chap Chye
👉Fried Ladies Finger
👉Brinjal with Kicap Manis
👉Apom Bokwa Pisang Pengat
👉Pulot Enti Kelapa
👉Pulot Enti Kelapa & Durian
👉Kueh Kosui
👉D24 Durian Pengat

And of course, such feasting😋 is best paired with rice🍚, sambal belachan (vegan option available too) and other condiments. All in all, the food was pretty good and I’m glad that I went to bed that night with an utterly satisfied tummy☺️.

Thanks @laoniangagency for the invite💌 and @the_peranakan for having me😄!