It is one of the most well known nasi lemak in heartland. Atypical nasi lemak place with long queue. This upper Serangoon one has the fastest pace of nasi lemak service. Despite this, we arrived at 7:33 pm and got served at 7:55 pm (22 mins waiting time).😅
Also no need to refer the menu on their website (set 1-4 etc.), it’s a pay-as-you-pick kind of place.👉
🔸Coconut rice $1
🔸Egg $0.80
🔸Long beans $1
🔸Fish kuning ($1.30-$2) x 2 pcs
🔸Ikan Billis $1
The Nasi Lemak components like egg, long bean & kuning (crispy skin) are not dry compared to another famous place we try. The coconut rice is fragrant as well (albeit not so strong). Chilli is good and sweet. Cucumber 🥒 is added before our takeaway box is close.
The food is worth queuing for we think. What a delicious eat near Kovan MRT (Exit B) 5 mins walk👌👍