435 Orchard Road
Level 4 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877

10:00am - 11:00pm

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Reviews at Food Republic (Wisma Atria)

Reviews of good food at Food Republic (Wisma Atria)

The hype for this curry rice was quite high. And so, I decided to go down and have a look myself, at first glance the store looks more like a ramen place than a curry rice place HAHA. What I found out was that they sold ramen and curry rice. However for some reason I saw people ordering their curry rice more. I decided to get their mega platter which was just $19.80. The wait for the food was relatively short and when I went to collect my food, I was in shock. The plate was soo freaking big, and it was filled with all sorts of goodness! Btw, the plate was freaking heavy, I would say close to 3kg.
So moving on to the food review, the tempura was decent, it has sufficient breading unlike the other ones I had which was caked with breading. The pork chop was relatively dry and it wasn't that pleasant looking either. The chicken was very nice tho, it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. There was a crab cake thingy (not sure what it is called) was pretty nice for texture however i feel that it was lacking in flavour as it was really blend. The egg is just pretty normal, nothing fancy about it. The rice was abit mushy and too soft in my opinion, as for the curry it just taste like normal curry they bought from NTUC.
Overall I would say its nothing that special, the portion was big tho but the taste was just mediocre.

There is a stall in Food Republic on level 4 of Wisma that seems to do double-boiled soups that are above the usual food court standard.
For instance, my order of the (inaccurately-named) "Pig Tripe Soup" was cloudy with a strong peppery kick and had plentiful slices of pig stomach and pork rib, plus a couple of ginkgo nuts and "gao kee" herb. I enjoyed this nourishing, belly-warming bowl more than I expected, to be honest.

Despite its "humble" location, the wanton mee at Wisma's food republic is crazy good. Rich flavorful sauce with wontons stuffed to the brim. Not like some other places where you end up won-dering about the missing filling. (7.4/10) #sorryforthebadpun #sorrynotsorry

Healthy mix of greens at an affordable price at a atas location. Time to do the cleanse once in a while. Eat green, and refrain from fried unhealthy stuff. Soup can be abit msg filled, so drink with caution. Choose up to six or seven portions of veggie with this choice, so guess its time to fuel up with less the guilt! Whoops!

This HUGGGGE play of curry rice that's comes w pork, chicken, prawn, egg & croquette cost only $19.80 at Wisma Food court! Meant for sharing among 2-3. I like the pork and chicken katsu (because they were freshly fried), but not the rest. The egg (the ramen kind) was a nice touch too. Probably should just choose the double tonkatsu curry rice (for one) the next time. #howtonotbefat #goenudon

Strongly recommended by Burpple Tastemaker @juliuslim for its affordability (considering that you are in town area), I came hunting for this plate of Katsu curry hidden within an Udon store. Despite being known for its udon noodles, almost everyone queuing in front of me were ordering this plate of 'double' Katsu curry. Serving up two portions of pork cutlet with a generous portion of curry, this portion was just nice for two semi-hungry people. The pork cutlets were slightly on the dry side, but it's crispy skin and tasty curry compensated for it all. I wish there were more potatoes and carrots within the curry though.........


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[Orchard Road] It's go big or go home. If you want a hearty portion of tonkatsu curry rice and do not wish to pay a hefty price, look no further than Goen Udon Noodles. Located in the Food Republic of Wisma Atria, Goen serves an extensive range of comforting Japanese cuisine and the one to go for is definitely the Japanese Double Tonkatsu Original Curry Rice, which has a double portion of tonkatsu and priced very affordably at $11.80 (additional $1 for onsen egg). The Japanese curry is definitely not on the spicier side, which young children should be able to enjoy. The thick cuts of pork can be a tad dry due to the deep frying process, however all that is forgiven if you eat it with the curry. Definite joy for hunger goers and for small eaters, this is good for sharing.

The giant chicken cutlets (2!!!!) and and egg with a copious amount of curry and Japanese rice was served by a Japanese man himself, adding to the authenticity in the whole experience. It was a great bowl of satisfaction and I can't wait to return. Their curry was aromatic and their chicken cutlet was juicy. The pork cutlet left more to be desired but for the price of $12.80 I am definitely not complaining.

Thanks to Food Republic, @alainlicious for the invite (and Eleanor for asking me along!). Had a pretty unusual local food eat-and-game lunch session with the foodie bunch on Saturday. Lotsa fun, and great thrill winning the team challenge! Woohoo! 😁

7.50 Huge piece of moist white fish. Savory curry that was made with tonkotsu broth (vs water). Belly is happy, and so is my wallet.

Grass jelly and Ai Yu topped with aloe , very worth for $3.

Saaaaaad. This stall replaced my favourite 古早面 stall, and it's not fantastic. Pretty sure it's the same stall as ion's but the noodles are pretty tasteless here although ingredients are alright. $5+ $1 for ngohhiang

Don't under-estimate these babies. One of the best, by far from the taste to texture, right down to the soup. Omg they are so soft, bouncy and utterly QQ. And if my partner who never liked fishball, say yes to them. You know that these balls are superb.

OMG empty food court, checked. Array of Asian cuisine, checked. Delicious food, checked. What else can we ask for? So yumz! and those QQ fishball soup is seriously SHOUTWORTHY.

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