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From the Burpple community

Had this mac & cheese ($5.50) from Ashes Burnnit. It is quite cheesy but I feel that there is lack of ingredients. Although there is meat option for $7.50, it is expensive for that price.

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Ordered the dry and the soup beef noodle. The taste is as good as last time with the sauce, meat and soup. However, I was disappointed with the sauce is much smaller than last time.

I know the rising cost etc but this is a bit too much for me

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Get all pork stuff, looks pretty good


There’s only a few western food stall here and Eighty Eight Western Food is one of them, considering a much hidden one as it located in a much forgotten side of this hawker centre ar level 2.

They also served some old school western food and the pork chop I have was tasty, not too hard to eat.

We wouldn’t short of Taiwanese food options, as you see more and more places offering it.

Wen Li Taiwanese Stall is another new place to go for some Taiwanese foods, at Golden Mile Food Centre.

In case you couldn’t decide what to order, they offer 2 types of set that you can choose from.

I gotten the set A, which consists of braised pork rice, popcorn chicken, soiled boiled egg and cucumber salad.

The braised pork rice was tasty and soft. While the popcorn chicken was seasoned well and easy to eat. It is consider great value for $6.80.

One of my favourite pig organ soup stall. At just $5, you can a huge bowl of robust and peppery soup that contains a generous amount of pig organ ingredients including spine meat, pig liver and stomach! Love the ingredients, especially the pig liver as it is just slightly grainy. This also comes with a bowl of rice with loads of braised meat, that is not too salty and complements the soup so well!

Bao Bao Pig's Organ Soup (01-96)