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Because of Boon, one of Burpple’s engineers who’s also really into finding good food, I found out about a stall named “Fresh Fish Soup” in the basement of Golden Mile Hawker Centre.
This $5.50 serving has a yin-yang combo of clean and sin. On one hand, there’s the thin slices of mackerel and light tasting soup ($5) to trigger smugness in me because I felt like an angel for choosing a healthy lunch. On the other, because I topped up 50 cents worth of wispiness, I went hurtling down to the lowest level of unHELLthiness. But what can I say, fried egg tendrils will always have me in their deadly clutches.


For days that you want honest-to-goodness zi char with good wok hei! The deep fried dishes (prawn paste chicken, ngoh hiang) are the stars here. Skip the fish head steam boat - the soup lacks depth of flavor.

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Located at 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Centre #B1-34, Singapore 199583. My all time favourite and Number 1 Fried Hokkien mee in SG! So far, this is truly the best I’ve ever eaten, given our countless fried Hokkien Mee finds all around.. They have been around for many many years ago, used to be his father frying it, and now his son had taken over.. Used to be those small push cart stalls back in those days. They only serves in 1 size, $4/plate and you need to be patience to join the long Q but I could tell u that it’s all gona be worth it! There’s an unique strong fragrant aroma of their freshly cooked prawn Mee when served.. white bee hoon used were the thin kind unlike the usual thick bee hoon and they fried it the dry style! Oh, there’s prawns, squid and sliced pork in it too! This plate is the BOMBBB! It’s so heavenly mouth-watering that 1 plate is not enough for us! For all fried Hokkien mee fans out there, you have to try it yourself to know how good it is! We also love their chilli and chilli padi at the side too, you may stirred it in for another kind of taste! Truly the BEST Fried Hokkien Mee! #hungryunicornsg #hainanfriedhokkienprawnmee #friedhokkienprawnmee #friedhokkienmee #goldenmilefoodcentre

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