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Chilli mee is of the less common hawker dishes you can find. In fact, this was the first time I had it in my entire life. You can check out Chung Cheng Chilli Mee (01-59) at Golden Mile Food Centre to try this dish. If chilli mee isn’t what you fancy, get their prawn mee and laksa.

Golden Mile Food Centre will be closed from December 2020 till March 2021. So head down soon if you wanna try this.

The minimum order for a bowl of noodles is $3. If you want more ingredients and noodles, go for the $4 or $5 one.

What stands out here is the homemade chilli paste that's with sambal belachan and other spices. You can ask for as much chilli as you want.

Despite its name, the sambal isn’t incredibly spicy. But it lean towards the sweet and savoury side. As I prefer my chilli paste to be spicy, I found this to be a bit mild and bland for my taste buds.

We opted for yellow noodles mixed with bee hoon (rice vermicelli), but you can choose other type of noodles such as kway teow and mee pok.

You’ll get some prawns, pork ribs, fish cake, beancurd puffs (tau pok) and beansprouts. I found the ingredients to be decent but nothing Terryfic. Probably I was full (as we had Hokkien mee too), but I didn’t find the soup to be memorable either.

Not really my favourite noodle dish. Given that Golden Mile Food Centre has many other stalls, I’d rather try them first before returning. But do give this a try if you never had their chilli mee before.

Golden Mile Food Centre has two Hokkien mee stalls. One of them is You Fu Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodle (01-57). It opened not too long ago but it had gained significant attention on social media. Operated by a father and son duo, they whip up a good plate of dry-style fried Hokkien mee ($4/5/6/8).

Andre is a hakwerpreneur and is only 21 years old. But age is just a number. He has been frying Hokkien mee since he was 14. On my visit, it was his father manning the wok so my review is based on the father’s cooking.

Yellow noodles and thick or thin bee hoon (you choose) that’s fried in a huge wok of prawn stock. It’s not very dry but not very wet either. In Andre’s words, it’s cooked like “carbonara”.

A couple of pieces of prawns, squid and pork belly slices are scattered beneath the noodles. I don’t eat the prawns in Hokkien mee but they seemed pretty small in size.

You can taste a good deal of wok hei in the noodles. The noodles and bee hoon absorbs the pork and prawn stock well, giving it a rich, seafood flavour in every mouthful. And there’s a generous amount of pork lard is fried with the noodles which explains the lardy fragrance of the fried noodles.

The sambal chilli was nothing to shout about but as a chilli lover, I gladly had it as a condiment in my Hokkien mee.

Worth a try at least once. Take note that Golden Mile Food Centre will be closing for renovations in December and will reopen in March 2021.

Came here when they just opened and the queue quickly grew. Wokhei is pretty strong and I like how the “broth” isn’t overly salty! Their style is leaning towards the dry kind where the “broth” sticks together with noodle, which is the kind that we both like. Chilli is damn shiok as well and you definitely have to squeeze some lime to elevate the umami flavour. Might not beat the Old Airport Road one yet, but will happily return for this.

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Golden Mile Food Center to close for renovation from December 2020 and this is one of the food I will miss.

I love peanuts, hence, I love dan dan mian. It’s one of the item I would always try first if available. I’m glad that their dan dan mian did not disappoint. The noodles thickly coated with sauces might felt dry at first, but it was certainly flavourful.

If you happen to be there, might want to consider giving xiao long bao or spicy wanton a try too. Those are pretty decent.

#01-85 Flourful Delight
11am ~ 2pm, 6pm ~ 8pm (except Mon)

Dan Dan Noodles $4

Golden Mile Food Center to close for renovation from December 2020 and this is one of the food I will miss.

Love the noodles texture. They offer a variety of noodles and the noodles are made fresh daily. Free to add chilli on our own, I would give it a good mix and chomp down the noodles in no time.

Please ignore my century egg. I added because the option was available but frankly, I don’t think they are meant to be.

#01-86 Boon’s Noodles
9am ~ 3pm (except Thu & Fri)

Minced Pork (Dry) $3.50

Relatively new stall on the upper level along the same stretch with the famous Ah Balling stall. Tried their signature Columbian Chicken (which was still flavourful and tender even after sitting in a box for an hour) during the CB.

Baked salmon at $6.50. Portion was just nice, and masterfully seasoned. For a non-rice lover to polish off every grain of rice, got to say it’s perfectly spiced. The salsa was great in giving it a good balance of flavours.

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