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"HAFU" refers to a person or object of mixed origin. At HAFU|DOG, we have mixed our influences across North America to our roots here in Asia. Taking culinary and hospitality combinations that work, we’ve refreshed the classic staple, the all-American hot dog.
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35 Robinson Road
Singapore 068876

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10:00am - 03:00pm

10:00am - 03:00pm

08:30am - 08:30pm

08:30am - 08:30pm

08:30am - 08:30pm

08:30am - 08:30pm

08:30am - 08:30pm

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Hot Dogs
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From the Burpple community

Let’s break down this review into the 3 main components of a hot dog.

The meat: sausage was well-seasoned.

The bun: buns are buttered and toasted to a slight crisp.

The sauce: chilli crab sauce, need I say more? (It’s a new year special so come try it before it’s gone.)

Verdict: Worth every dollar ($8.88)

• Cool Chili Southern (S$10)
Spiced pork chili, BBQ, mustard and cucumber raita. Chose spiced chicken sausage, overall is quite decent but not a fan of the sauce.

• Regular Fries (S$3)
Freshly deep-fried fries that is good when eaten hot.

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• Torched Cheese West-Coast (S$10)
Triple cheese, shiitake mushroom, soy glaze. The cheese totally enhanced the overall flavor, which is my current favorite as compared to Cool Chili Southern. Chose Kurobuta Pork Sausage.

• Fresh Parsley Garlic Fries (S$4)
Was kinda of disappointed with this because I was expecting the fries to be filled with garlic flavored but nope, it was just topped with garlic and can’t really see any parsley.