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Happiness Between 2 Buns

Happiness Between 2 Buns

The title says it all. Look through all the burgers I’ve tasted for your inspiration and where you can get them!
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho
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Had this sometime back in April. Was here because I noticed they changed their 1-1 offers to mains instead of their platters. Decided to go with the Beef Brisket, which was when I saw the new addition of a Beef Marmalade Burger to the menu too. Apparently, this is a collab with Burnt Ends where the famed Beef Marmalade is sandwiched between the buns. The glutton in me took over and ordered that too. As expected of the Beef Marmalade from Burnt Ends, this burger is mouthwatering-ly good, well worth the $20 price point! ⁣

This Chilli Cheese Dog consists of a grilled cheddar sausage topped with house made beef mince, sour cream and cheddar nestled nicely in a bun, accompanied by purple slaw and curly fries which was really addictive. Sounds like a meal befitting of a TGIF! ☺️

This burger wasn’t on the menu but rather, was recommended by the waitress who showed us a photo of it on her phone. Not sure if it’s a daily special item so check with them when you’re there! Here till 28 Apr, y’all better head down and try while steaks last! ⁣

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Chicken here comes in the spice level of your choice, just pick from original to insane spiciness. While the chicken is juicy and nicely fried, it comes in a bun too small to fit its size so here’s a fair warning to you that it can get real messy. Get ready your tissues and soft drinks because I overestimated myself and ended up tearing. ⁣🥵


Putting my Burpple 1-1 to good use yet again by settling my morning fuel here. They have had a menu revamp and my favourite Grilled Cheese is now a breakfast menu 😶 nevertheless, I got the Straight Up, which consists of fluffy scrambled eggs and caramelised onions that was drizzled in a special sauce and packed between 2 utterly soft buns. Mmm, started my morning right 👍🏼⁣


This Cheeseburger is pretty power packed with ingredients like double patty that’s unbelievably juicy and tender, and is make all the more mouthwatering with melted cheddar atop it. There was also pickles slipped in to add a bit of crunch into this beautiful mess (trust me it was a mess because it was rather saucy and everything was sliding everywhere). Got the Burpple Beyond 1-1 fries to go with it and it was the best decision as they went so well together :’) It might also not have been the best decision because once again, I’m too full to finish my meal. This cheeseburger is part of the Cheesy Tuesday’s daily special so remember to keep your Tuesday’s free for this people!⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Still as good as I remembered it to be, juicy patty perched atop a buttery bun with melted cheese, pickles and melted cheese as company. A loaded juicy mess!⁣

Got this at the recommendation of the staff. He said this was a popular choice, especially for ladies since it’s less filling. Well, I see why it’s a popular choice cause packed between the demi toasted brioche bun is a juicy 150g Black Angus beef patty, topped with double ketchup and double cheese, onions and miso mustard. Mind you, this power packed burger is not any less filling as I couldn’t finish it up 🤣 but nonetheless, it was a super value for money burger and shoutout to the excellent customer service here 💯


Sausage Egg & Cheese comprises of a house made breakfast chicken sausage, eggs which are basically fluffy yellow clouds of happiness, cheddar cheese and pickles packed between 2 soft buns. Talk about a hearty breakfast on a Monday morning to combat the Monday blues. ☺️ used the burpple beyond 1 - 1 deal which made this all the more worth it 🙊

Not the most appetising photo, but man, the fat, juicy and tender thigh meat packed between perfectly done crispy batter, along with spicy mayo sauce with gives a mild kick; makes for a great lunch if you’re in the i-want-to-forget-calories-exist mood 😂💯

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Dimly lighted funky place with graffiti covered walls that looked way different from its exterior walls and was pretty hard to locate since it has no signboard at all. That aside, they had perfectly buttered, fluffy and soft brioche buns, complemented by the juicy patty that was bursting with flavours and oozing cheese. The ‘80s music playing in the background, friendly staff and decent burgers make the effort to find this place worth it.


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