Happiness Between 2 Buns

Happiness Between 2 Buns

The title says it all. Look through all the burgers I’ve tasted for your inspiration and where you can get them!
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Went for the Crab and Lobster Roll and felt that it was pretty decent, not great. With the seafood pile up on the bun, the lobster was a beautiful shade of red, and it was thick and chunky which explains the price point. Every bite promises a decent chunk of fresh, tender and sweet seafood with a hint of lemon scent that goes well with the buttered bun. Personally, I prefer my lobster rolls more flavourful, i.e. with cheese or thoroughly buttered and served warm but hey, that's an entirely different style from what Luke's Lobster offer. I'd say this is worth a try at least but I wouldn't be back so soon again.


Might have just found myself the best burger in town! Got myself a basic burger aka their Cheeseburger and I was blown away! Everything from the buns to the beef patties were impressive - the beef patties weren't overly minced and had a nice charred to it. The buns managed to hold its place, which was laudable given the overwhelming number of ingredients packed within it (yes, my partner was greedy and chose to have all the ingredients listed on the menu thrown in). With every bite, you'd get sauce or the amazing beef juice/oil dripping down your hands or through the hole in the aluminium foil that'll get my partner scrambling to save or lick them off. I on the other hand, was less of a barbarian and tried my best to eat it as mess-less as possible. I was absolutely full by the end of the burger and I didn't even get all the ingredients to go along with it.

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Came here at the highly raved reviews but was a tad disappointed at how ordinary it was. But it could just be my luck because my friend who had came here thrice, said it tasted pretty mediocre for this particular visit. Sandwich between 2 soft buns, the beef patty though juicy, felt rather bland to me but the accompanying cheese and sauce made up for it. This came with a steep price tag and I doubt I'd be back anytime soon though my friend insists they weren't usually like that 😅

The Texan Burger ($26), likewise, spots the same thick patty but this time round, it's adorned with a huge ass onion ring, aged cheddar and strips of crispy bacon. As with its other burgers, this was also served with a heap of fries and greens on the side. While the BBQ sauce provided does give a flavour boost to the burger, I felt it was decent overall but I could probably find a similar burger elsewhere at a better price point. I would come back again though, to try the milkshake - more for the novelty than its taste.

Famed for their over-the-top milkshakes and burger, I had wanted to try their milkshakes initially but felt way too full after devouring their burger and couldn't make any space for it anymore. Went with The Old Fashioned ($24) which is essentially a classic beef burger. Given their price point, I was hoping for a substantial piece of beef patty and they certainly did not disappoint. Their burgers were huge, with the patty made up of prime ground beef, which I felt was a little dry even though I asked for medium. Slathered and drowned in swiss cheese was my patty, before being topped with shitake mushrooms and caramelized onions. To complete the meal, a heap of chunky fries was thrown onto the plate which goes exceedingly well with the horseradish sauce. In fact, everything goes well with said sauce, where it provides a blast of heat to accentuate the flavours of everything it's paired with. Thankfully, as a non vegetable lover, the greens were placed nicely on the side with the biggest pickle that I've ever seen served at any diner.

For a more indulgent treat, try the Smoke Shack ($10.90/single). So, on top of the ingredients from the Shack Burger, this variation here has an addition of all-natural applewood smoked bacon and chopped cherry peppers. The smoky bacon complements the full-bodied beef, with the smoky Shack Sauce enhancing the overall taste.⁣

Overall, I feel that the burgers here are decent but priced rather steeply and I would come back again if I feel like indulging myself.

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Started off my virgin try at Shake Shack with a Shack Burger ($9.20/single), which is their take on a classic cheeseburger. Situated between 2 buttered potato buns is a juicy patty, melted cheese, crisp lettuce and tomatoes. Pretty decent, but nothing extraordinary.⁣

Also felt it was rather pricey for a fast food restaurant? Believe I could get something equivalent at a cheaper price tag somewhere else l.

As usual, Whisk & Paddle was packed when we were there, so we decided to hop on over next door to their sister restaurant, Fat Po. Unlike Whisk & Paddle which serves up more conventional brunch items like Eggs Benedict and western dishes such as Carbonara & Mac & Cheese, Fat Po’s dishes are infused with Asian elements. Felt that there were hits and misses with their menu, but still enjoyed my time there.⁣

Take this dish for example. An attempt at adding an Asian touch to an otherwise ordinary Western dish, the Har Cheong Chicken Burger was wrapped in between 2 sweet, buttery Bo Lo buns instead of the regular burger buns, which seemed too small for the massive chicken. The deep fried Har Cheong Kai was huge, clearly meant for sharing though if you wish to take up the challenge, by all means.⁣

Sandwiched inside the bun was some sad slices of tomatoes, accompanied by salad by the side which I was more than happy to chuck aside. The chicken was as juicy as it was tender, its umami balancing out the sweetness of the Bolo Buns. Would order this again to share if I'm back!

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The Crispy Hot Chicken was a hot mess. In a good way, of course. I have never been good at handling burgers or sammies, especially those with slaw that makes them slide around, so I'm thankful I'm home savouring this, away from stares that would make me conscious of myself. ⁣

Juicy chicken thigh drenched in chili mayo and tex mex slaw, slapped between hot potato bun, mmm, all I'm lacking now is an iced cold beer. Drinking during the day is acceptable during this CB period, right? As if the burger wasn't enough, I was further blessed with this Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is pretty much self explanatory - chopped pastrami on tater tots with cheddar cheese bechamel. My only gripe? Not enough sauce! But this is essentially sin in a bowl, and I fear for my waistline after this CB ends, who else is with me? ⁣

Nothing spells bliss like a free brunch delivery, thank you for making my day💕

Been wanting to give their Kale Mushroom Melt a try for the longest time, but whenever I'm there, they are always oos. So, I guess, this is the only good thing I've gotten out of Circuit Breaker thus far. I stay a fair distance away from PBD, so I'm pleasantly surprised that when they were delivered, it's still warm and the cheese still gooey, perfect for that IG cheese-pull. ⁣

Bronzed in all the right places, every bite promises a delightable crunch, along with a medley of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere, perfect for all you cheese lovers out there. This Kale Mushroom Melt is far from a basic grilled cheese toastie, afterall, it consists of kale, a mark of hipsterdom. I promise you, this is definitely worth a try. ⁣

Featured here too are the Crispy Hot Chicken and Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is deserving of a post by itself, so I'll save it for another day. ⁣

Man, this makes my Kraft sliced cheese on toasted Sunshine Bread seem lame. ⁣

(You spoiled my tastebuds, I'm holding you responsible.)

They put other fast-food brands to shame with their thick juicy patty and soft brioche buns. They are all fast food but how is Fat Burgers version so good! With melted cheese and juicy patty, every greasy bite was heart clogging-ly good.

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I would say there's nothing particularly amazing about the hot dog buns, but they did make it up with their generosity, with ingredients piled high up atop the innocent looking hotdog sandwiched between the really soft brioche buns. Needless to say, it was a completed disaster eating this, with sauce and lettuce dropping everywhere and making a mess. Quite the American experience I must say.

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