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HEYTEA (ION Orchard)

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We pride ourselves as the creator of melding cheese with traditional tea and the pioneer of injecting new life to traditional tea culture. Since 2012, we’ve committed ourselves to source for the finest teas and present them with originality and ingenuity. Presently, we operate our under the brand name “HEYTEA” or “HEYTEA BAKERY”. Official Instagram: @heytea (http://bit.ly/2TeOOQh) Official Facebook: @heyteacn (http://bit.ly/2QzZpDw)


From the Burpple community

Tried the boboshake at the Clarke quay outlet & kinda fell in love with it! This’s the one from the Ion outlet and I’m happy to share that - yes! The consistency is there! I’m trying the taro pearls for the first time and I really really really love it! Chewy and Q, with a nice hint of yam fragrance (tho I’d prefer it to be stronger) 🍠

Really different from any other pearl. Extremely soft pearls that are like marshmallows

Not a fan of Boba Milk as I prefer the fragrant tea taste in milktea. The boba is chewy and nice though!

Had the boba milk and tea with brown boba. Rather disappointed with the boba as it was soft rather than chewy. Nevertheless, the tea was good but the boba milk was too sweet with the brown sugar pearls. Queued 20mins for this... would say not worth the queue but if theres not queue then hey go for it.

This is a refreshing blend of strawberry and jasmine green tea!! I love how the strawberry taste was strong, but not too overpowering or artificial. The cheese foam also complemented the drink really well! However, $8.70 is really quite steep for a drink. I would love to come back to try the other flavours again though!

one of the most affordable brown sugar fresh milk out there. initially really enjoyed the creamy profile to the drink, but eventually the drink got one dimensional. while the pearls were pretty chewy, they were slightly too sweet for my liking. on the other hand, the drink became more watered down and didn't have much of a brown sugar profile over time as the ice melted. gotta say RnB's brown sugar fresh milk with cheese brulee is still the top contender.