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Jekyll & Hyde

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The bar is clad in deep wood and stone finishes, managing to appear both polished and raw at the same time, in a tribute to the dual personalities from which its name is derived. This ethos is immediately apparent in the bar’s offerings. You won’t soon be finding your standard, run-of-the-mill cocktails; in their place on the menu are unusual, custom concoctions that pair unique flavors and ingredients unlike anywhere else. Jekyll & Hyde encourages its patrons to communicate their beverage preferences in a concerted effort to serve what resident mixologist and cocktail genius Jeff Ho (formerly of Bar Stories acclaim) promises to be an off the menu, fully customized drink. “Everyone has a unique palette and we want to make sure that your drink is exactly what you, and only you, would want”, he adds.

49 Tras Street
Singapore 078988

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05:00pm - 02:00am

06:00pm - 02:00am


05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

05:00pm - 12:00am

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From the Burpple community

An interesting name that caught the attention of everyone at the table. Served in that old school coffee cup, it does bring back fond memories of the past, served along with the jewel gem snack I loved so much when I was a kid. This concoction comprises of coffee infused scotch, Guinness Stout reduction foam, Cardamom Bitters and sweetened with maple syrup. Both a coffee and a cocktail, this might just be the cuppa you need after brunch. ⁣

Thanks @jekyllandhyde.sg for the hospitality, and @burpple for the invite!⁣

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For ladies (and gentleman) who dislike alcohol for its bitter undertones, you can opt for the Lady In Red, which is a fruity concoction that is both light and refreshing. Forming the base is the Raspberry Infused Vodka and Lychee Liqueur, mixed in with Rose Syrup and Lemon Juice which balances out all that sweetness. One thing my partying days have taught me (I’m old now) is that, sweet drinks are not what it seems. It is easy to forget that there is alcohol in it, since the sweetness of the syrup seemed to have seemingly coverup the taste of alcohol, so go easy on it (of course, a glass or 2 isn’t going to give you a hangover the next day.)⁣

It comes with an ‘ice cube’ that changes colour and quite frankly, got annoying after a while, so I turned it off. ⁣

Thanks @jekyllandhyde.sg for the hospitality, and @burpple for the invite!⁣

Definitely a great place to chill in the evenings when you just need to unwind.

Plenty of interesting drinks on the menu to explore. We tried out The Go(o)d Father and their Kopi-O Fashioned. Both were really good! The former was nice and sweet, courtesy of infusing Ron Zacapa 23 Rum (Yum!) with Lagavulin 16 Single Malt and Amaretto. How can that not taste good? The Kopi-O Fashioned looked nostalgic and definitely brought out the coffeeholic in me! Coffee infused scotch with Guinness Stout reduction. Not a fan of Guinness but boy did this taste good!! Will definitely be back to try more of their offerings.

Address: 49 Tras Street, Singapore 078988

Thanks @munch.app for the invitation and @jekyllandhyde.sg for having us.

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An ode to Chrysanthemum tea, this is like an alcoholic version of chrysanthemum tea which one simply cannot say no to. With Chrysanthemum Infused Gin, Suze, Orange Bitters and their secret beauty syrup, you wouldn’t want to give this a miss. This drink also vaguely reminds me of a ‘Liang teh’⁣

One of the more popular cocktails, forming the base is undoubtedly the Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch, along with lemon, Honey Syrup to sweeten things a little and Ginger Beer Foam for a little spice and warmth in your belly.⁣

Aesthetically on point, this is a fancy cup of delicious mix of rum and whiskey. And as if it wasn’t smokey enough, the flask was filled with smoke for that additional touch. Amaretto was added in to sweeten things up and balance out all that smokiness, tied together with a measure of cherry syrup and black walnut bitters.⁣

Thanks @jekyllandhyde.sg for the hospitality, and @burpple for the invite!⁣⁣