Handcrafted ice cream made in small batches. Treat yourself & taste the freshness today!

8 Jalan Legundi
#01-11 Victory 8
Singapore 759274

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

05:00pm - 10:00pm

05:00pm - 10:00pm


05:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm



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Passed by the shop a day ago but was a little too full to check them out so decided to head back today just to have an ice-cream here. A few of the flavours intrigued me, such as the Rose Darjeeling, Tie Guan Yin and Melon Milk (all of which I have tried and they were amazing on their own), but I ended up with the Tofu Milk that tastes so much like homemade beancurd — that intense, beany note matches the sweetness that comes thereafter; a little bit like Tau Huey or Soy Milk but in ice-cream form. Pretty sure 10-year-old me would have been pestering mum to come here regularly!


Double scoop ($6.50) of avocado coconut and tofu milk. You've got no idea how much I fell in love with these 2 flavours. I wanted to get the Thai milk tea and Darjeeling rose flavours too, but a girl can't have 4 scoops all to herself. ☹️
They've only just opened a month ago! Though quaint and is literally a shop in a hole in the wall, the flavours are so rich and the ice cream is so smooth. Definitely a must visit! ❤️


This tiny shop in Sembawang is a good place to get a quality ice cream fix in the north. Occupying one of the smaller shop spaces at Victory8 at Jalan Legundi (opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre), Just Because Creamery serves house-churned flavours that are rich, smooth and luxurious. For something creamy, consider the Hazelnut Praline, which is nutty, chocolaty and well-balanced, or the Earl Grey, which bears lovely flavours of the tea. For something fruity, the Mango Mint bears a pleasant freshness that complements the tangy mango, while the Lychee Rose is delicate, without overpowering rose syrup flavours. Prices start from $3.50 a scoop, served in a cup or cone. Add on $0.80 to upgrade to a waffle cone.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Wang Sharon


[Just because Creamery]
8 Jln Legundi
Tasted this cup of smooth, soft and creamy earl grey ice cream($3.50)situated @ 8 Jln Legundi!
Indeed a great hint of earl grey scent and taste and they offer many choices of ice cream for selections at affordable prices!
Thank you and congrats justbecausecreamery for your new opening!

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Saw an IG upload by my friend and was having curry fish head around the corner after visiting my granny. So i tot we'll pop by to taste this new kid on the block. And decided to be a little adventurous to go for favours outta my norm

💸: $6.50 for double scoop + 80c if you rather have a waffle cone
👅💭: 😊
Mango Mint: A pleasant freshness in the mouth to balance the sourish sweetness of the mango. Not your typical mango sorbet, no minty mentholated taste for sure.
Lychee Rose: A very delicate and "gentle" taste to the taste buds, a familiar sensation without the overpowering taste of the rose syrup. Not sure it would match up with the stronger n richer flavours presented but when mixed with the mango, the flavours somehow enhanced and seems to compliment each other pretty well.

From Just Because Creamery, occupying one of the smaller shop spaces at Victory8 at Jalan Legundi (or otherwise known as opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, near You Huak Restaurant aka the original branch of Sembawang White Beehoon). As the area of the shop isn't very big, the ice-cream shop is more of a takeaway kiosk — there is no dine-in nor much standing space inside. Apart from having a few flavours to choose from (all churned in-house), all the ice-cream here is served either in a cone or cup.

This was one of the flavours I really liked when I was trying a few of the flavours available (the Tiramisu was really great — it carries a whiff of alcohol though a little more liquid in consistency; though it stood out from most Tiramisu flavours). The Hazelnut Praline carried a smooth and creamy consistency — absolutely rich and nutty with an almost chocolatey flavour that was simply luxurious. Must say this could be easily one of the better places for ice-cream up at this northern end of the island (at least gauging from this flavour that I had)!

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