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Premium Set 豪华套餐 (S$7)
1 bak chor mee + 2 tau kee + 1 tau kua + 1 tau pao + 5 meatballs
Felt that the tau kee was slightly high on the sodium side

Bee Hoon served with flavourful seafood stock that infused with mala sauce, that definitely give a spicy and numb kick to it.
💰$10.7 (small).
📍 White Restaurant.
22 Jalan Tampang.


2x Sausage/ Chix McGriddles with Egg (S$13.60)
Consisting of
2 sides : 1 hash brown, 1 corn cup (3oz),
2 beverages : McCafe Premium Roast Coffee with Milk, and Hot Milo (Topup S$0.25)
1 Sausage McGriddles with Egg
1 Chicken McGriddles with Egg

The set came with a brown McGriddles Patty Puffer bag which was limited to first 200 who ordered the above set.

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Mango Ice (S$4++)
Sorry not free
Was told by the staff

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Deep Fried Noodles (S$4++)
Served with condensed milk dip by the side
The little woman current love.

Jam's Oolong Tea Au Lait (Large)
Cane Roasted Black Tea Au Lait with pearls (add $1.20, Large)
Both add up to $6.60.


I wanted to try their Nyonya nasi lemak belacan set, but sold out so I ordered their Nyonya Nasi Lemak turmeric Chicken set.
The rice colour was light soft blue from blue pea flower, it’s not lemak (which I expect will be more lemak n fragrant) , the chicken was fried till the skin crispy , inside remain juicy, the turmeric gravy taste like thicker curry, not too spicy.
📍Pangkor Island Nasi Lemak.
21 Canberra link #01-17
Bukit Canberra Hawker Centre

📍Original Sembawang white beehoon (IMM)

Original white beehoon (M) [$13.90]:
Broth was rich and savoury, but personally think the MVP was the chilli sauce hehe rlly complements the beehoon so well

Mala white beehoon (M) [$14.90]:
A little too MA for my liking, but its kinda addictive ngl , would still prefer the original over this

Hor fun (M) [$13.90]:
A little too salty on the day i ate it , nothing v special abt it

Springy noodle (my family order bee Hoon) and taste balanced between chilli and vinegar
The soup was flavorful with ingredients like sliced pork, pork liver,Meatball, Fried fish ball, dumpling and egg.
📍Ding Ji Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle.
De Tian Coffeeshop.
126 Canberra Street

Today’s Special
Fruity Mee Siam (S$4)
Bubur Hitam (S$2)

Nasi Lemak
+ Sayur Lemak
+ fried crispy spicy Anchovies Meat 炸香脆美人鱼片 (S$2)

Soya Bean Milk (S$1.30)

Total S$11.70
Lucky to get the last plate of Mee Siam at 9.15am