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Top 10 in Sembawang

Top 10 places in Sembawang, Singapore.

Latest Reviews in Sembawang

Latest reviews of food and restaurants in Sembawang, Singapore.

For sides, they taste like the same sides as Aston’s since they are Aston’s sister company. Def go for the sweet potato fries!

Seriously damn nice bread bowl! It’s not sourdough but the texture is closer to that of croissant.. but the fillings is a tad spicy for me. Loads of spices I believe along with chunks of chicken!

Ming's Kitchen has many outlets across Singapore and my friends passed by the outlet in Woodlands and wanted to give it a try. We ordered Cereal Prawn(M) $24, Pork Chop(M) $15, Claypot Tofu(M) $15, Prawn Paste Chicken(M) $15, Kang Kong(S) $8, Luncheon Meat Sausage Omelette(M) $12, 7 x White Rice ($5.60).

All the dishes served were served within 10 minutes which I was skeptical as it was prepared a bit too far and afraid that it is not fresh. Maybe because we went about 1pm+ which is after the lunch hour.

However, I would say the food in not bad and good for family dinner and friends cohesion.

We spent a total of $94.60 for 6 pax which is quite reasonable. They have many outlets in Singapore which can give it a try.

I've been a fan of Sembawang White Beehoon since 2005. Their beehoon had a nice texture, and that stock it came in was filled with the sweetness of chicken. It's rich, yet easy on the tummy.
I've recently visited their original branch at Sembawang, although they now other outlets across the island. The gravy seems to be less sweet, as a case of "standard drop". However, the sides turned out to be better than I remembered them to be. I will still return, as it's overall still quite good, and I hope during my next visit it'll be as told as I remember it to be.
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A traditional delicacy enjoyed during Chinese New Year. Using only large red dates, it is first boiled and subsequently made into a puree. Besides just red dates, coconut is also added into the mix. These cakes are sticky in texture and have a lemak fragrance and taste. I attempted to eat the cake layer by layer and failed. This was my first time trying it and it’s definitely not my last. It’s good!!


Our smoked chicken is based off a traditional Hong Kong recipe. East Bistro chooses to use only Kampung chicken for its tender meat, the chicken is steamed to retain the moisture and its natural flavours. Check out the details of the meat texture, it’s so soft!

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Their Xiao Long Baos shape is similar to the rounded pineapple tarts, don’t you think so? 😂

Very decent dimsum but nothing fantastic.
Located opposite Sembawang Shopping Center, it’s a pretty nice lunch place to hide from the heat as it is air-conditioned.


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they say BUTTER garlic i expected it to taste buttery.. but it taste jus like their ordinary aglioolio.. wtf aglioolio say aglioolio lah!!!!! Say semo butter garlic sia #muieats .
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Egg lovers rejoice as Subway is introducing two new flavours to its menu – Egg Mayo with Chicken Strips and Egg Mayo with Spicy Italian 🍽.

Combining the delicious Egg Mayo with two of Singaporeans’ most loved Subs – the Chicken Strips and the Spicy Italian – the new Egg Mayo combos deliver a tasty and protein-packed meal for those desiring a wholesome meal. Finish your meal with our new Pineapple flavoured cookie, created specially for Chinese New Year.🧧🧨

Egg Mayo Combo 1 - $8.80
1 x 6-inchSub – Egg Mayo and Chicken strips
1 x 16 oz fountain drink
*A pineapple cookie can be purchased at $1 each with every purchase of a combo meal

Egg Mayo Combo 2 - $8.80
1 x 6-inch Sub – Egg Mayo and Spicy Italian
1 x 16oz fountain drink
*A pineapple cookie can be purchased at $1 each with every purchase of a combo meal

The new Egg Mayo Subs retail at $7.80 each. Customers can also purchase the Egg Mayo combo (comes with a drink). All for the price of $8.80. This limited time offer is valid at all Subway outlets from 9 January – 26 February 2019.

Thanks Full Circle PR and @subway.singapore For Sending these over!.

The custard is so smooth and creamy! Not too sweet. But I still do prefer the blueberry jam one. That jam was so goooood!

Everything just melted in my mouth...this was actually so good! Please do try before it's gone as I'd never seen this at BreadTalk before. It's probably a limited-time-only item! The blueberry jam on top had little globules of blueberries which were a burst of extra flavour once they were bitten into. I don't like very sweet things so this was a pleasant surprise for me as the jam was not so sweet! Loved it! Even the custard inside was only slightly sweet. Just the right amount. Not the overly, sickly kind of sweet. I ate this Danish a couple of hours after purchasing it and still, the pastry tasted fresh and buttery and just really melted in my mouth.

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