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Was craving for some ang ku kueh and chance upon this place online while searching for it.

The box of 6 comes with all 6 different flavours including the green bean, peanut, red bean, yam, pistachio and hazelnut; all for $9.

Most of them comes with generous fillings inside. The one standup the most probably would be the pistachio, as it really taste very strong on every bites.

Been eyeing this AKK for the longest time, in fact, since CB last year so I'm really glad I finally got my hands on this. Skin was chewy and thin just like how it should be and they were really generous with the fillings as well. But it takes a few out of the ordinary ingredients to bring a traditional pastry like the AKK from potentially boring to memorable and in this case, it was the Hazelnut and their Pistachio which stood out for me.

The Hazelnut tasted faintly like a Ferraro Rocher, with the sugar within bringing out the nutty aroma of the hazelnut, where neither element overpowered the other. Pistachio would be a hit with all pistachios lover, with the distinct pistachio fragrance permeating through with every bite. Though they were rather pricey, I'd purchase them again cause they were worth both the money and the calories.

The free delivery within the North area come in handy as you could get to order from any of the stalls in The Patio, so you could order any foods across the stalls there.

The mango sticky rice from Cha-cha Thai Cuisine comes with lots of mango slices, together with few pieces of sticky rice.

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They are having free delivery now to Woodlands and surrounding area with minimum order of $20, which my house is within the area.

I basically enjoyed it much, especially with the fried shallots in the top of the beef patty, stack together with soft bun and sauce.

Foodpanda had a 20% discount promotion for Wolf Burgers hence we ordered:

- Rendang burger combo ($13.52) (comes with Rendang fries and a soft drink)
- Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($6.32) + 2 Egg ($2)
- Broccoli Salad ($2.90)

Coupled with the pandabox discount, we only paid $20.90 for everything including delivery.

The burgers were absolutely amazing. It was HUGE!! The beef burger patty is very substantial and juicy, paired extremely well with the Rendang Sauce. The Rendang loaded fries is a delight as well. However the star has got to go to the Teriyaki Chicken burger. Insanely enermous piece of chicken thigh beautifully marinated with Teriyaki sauce and there's also a piece of nori which really give it a Asian/Japanese spin. The addition of egg is also a good choice imo ๐Ÿ˜‰

Definitely well worth the price paid and already considering to get this again tomorrow!

Very simple dish, but very flavourful and fragrant.
Its comes with the rice grains, bits of diced chicken,mushroom and crackle of fried rice crisps that will tossed into the pao fan to add extra texture.
๐Ÿ“East Bistro Sembawang.
10 Jalan Tampang

It's above average dim sum, the mushrooms char siew bao ($3.6) is soft with Char siew filling.
The siew mai ($4.5) and Sichuan Chilli oil wanton ($4.8) have thin skin Meanwhile Deep fried prawn dumpling skin was crispy and all inside filled with fresh prawns.
Only the Steam chicken Claw ($4) a bit too sweet for my liking.

๐Ÿ“East Bistro Sembawang.
10 Jalan Tampang.

Hidden within the industrial area in Sembawang, thereโ€™s this stall in the food court that sell interesting item on the menu.

While we pretty familiar with bak kut teh, they actually sell it as a noodles dish instead.

You get to choose the soup or the dry version, which either putting your noodles in the soup or separate it. Too enjoy the bak kut teh, I would recommend the dry version. So you could enjoy two separately, as the noodles itself actually taste great with the sauces. Then you also could enjoy the bak kut teh on its own.

The big size of $5.50 comes with generous pieces of the bak kut in its herbal type of soup.

Delicious and worthy set for 2! First burpple beyond deal, very satisfied :)

The char kway teow is from Leaf Corner Vegetarian food, so less guilty ๐Ÿ˜†.
The char kway teow tasty and got wok hei.
๐Ÿ’ฐ$5 (small).
๐Ÿ“Leaf Corner.
5 Jalan Legundi

Beaulieu House is located within Sembawang Park. A pre-war colonial house converted into a restaurant, it is a house steeped in history. But of course I was there for the food. Their specialty includes La-la Clams with Ginger and Chinese Wine, Mongolian Chicken Drumlets, Chilli Crab....

Food tastes good as per their reputation. The drumlets were coated with a sweet and sour sauce that had a hint of spices. The crab was moderately expensive but packed with solid meat. La-la Clams were only so so because some of us found the soup a tad too salty.

But the location is unique and the architecture of the house and its various antiquated collector items are so interesting, I am sure Iโ€™ll be back with another group of friends. Sooner rather than later.

comes w salad, a drink, 2 wings, soup and a main !! this shld b the giant or large chirashi bowl !! pretty decent and fresh
the auntie was super friendly!!!!!!!