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absolutely loved the ribeye; seriously ppl should only order beef in medium rare (side-eyeing tappy 🙃🙃🙃) it was tender, juicy with just enough of a bite unlike some of those super chewy ones we’ll get at times. the brown sauce that we got was delicious as well, so sinfully buttery 🥰🥰🥰

ordered medium well for the tenderloin and it turned out to be a tad too dry and flaky. however, the seasoning was super on point!! the meat was lightly seasoned & it was flavorful enough that we shouldn’t need any sauce to go with it. but then again we loved their black pepper sauce so much - it was very thicky and peppery - that we finished it anw.

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It’s a decent Bak Kut noodle, the broth very light, served with generous tender bak Kut.
📍Malu Malu Wah Seng Bak Kut Noodle.
Admirax, Sembawang

⌯ 1 pkt of @Melvados.SG Shrooms Special Soup
⌯ 1 pkt of fresh button mushrooms
⌯ 1 bunch of coriander leaves
⌯ 1 tsp of cream
⌯ 1 @Melvados.SG French Roll

1. Thaw and heat @Melvados.SG’s Shrooms Special Soup
2. Pan fry the mushrooms and mix them in the soup
3. Chop the coriander leaves for garnish
4. Drop tiny blobs of cream at the side to finish off
5. Slice the french roll into bite size thickness and savour it along with the soup

@Melvados.SG offers other healthy and tasty soups which include Baby Clam Chowder, Summer Corn Chowder, French Onion, Garden Broccoli, Roasted Pumpkin, and Tomato Delight. So which bowls of comfort do you fancy today?😉

#Burpple #FoodieGohSingapore

#foodietribe #tslmakan #instafood_sg #yummy #foodstagram #foodgasm #sgfoodies #sgfoodie #foodsg #singaporefood #whati8today #sgfoodporn #eatoutsg #8dayseat #singaporeinsiders #singaporeeats #sgfoodtrend #sgigfoodie #thisisinsiderfood #foodinsingapore #foodinsing #melvados #soup #mushroom

Have you ever felt proud that an eatery located near you is well-known for their signature dishes that locals young and old purposely travel down just to indulge in? Yup, I finally know how it feels like now ☺️

Our must-order and go-to since its first Original Sembawang White Beehoon outlet — The Original White Beehoon (Small $6, Medium $10, Large $15). The original stall still cooks the best since my parents brought me along when I was younger around the year 2012-2015, I'm glad to see them expanding so much now! 😍Every slurp of the noodles is coated with their thick savoury eggy gravy, thus ordering medium will be the perfect size for maximum satisfaction 👌🏻😋
📍 White Restaurant (Sembawang), 22 Jln Tampang Singapore 758966, opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. Opens daily (except Wed) from 11.30am to 10.30pm.

Fortunately skipped the Valentine’s Day crowd/menu ($168++ for three courses?!) to have a quiet dinner the day before. Opted for the double boiled soup ($6 for a serving) and the tom yum seafood rice ($10 for a serving). The double boiled soup was comforting old cucumber pork rib soup, which was tasty and soft to bite. The rice was average, with three pieces of prawn. I think the curry fish head ($30) would be a better option if you have interested dining companions! It smelled delicious, and I spotted multiple tables sharing it. Service staff were also really good!

Headed down to Sembawang Mart the other day to try this new western food stall named Pui-Pui Western Delights that had recently opened its doors at the Koufu foodcourt there — apart from serving up pasta and meats like other western food stalls serve up, they also do serve up grain bowls and this molten lava cake as well; pretty interesting.

Thought the Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice-Cream here was actually pretty well-executed; almost that of one from a cafe that does it well — slightly crusty on the exterior, whilst featuring a rich and aptly sweet molten chocolate centre that oozes so eagerly as one pokes through the cake from the middle. Liked how they had seemingly placed a lot of thought by even adding a berry compote that helps to provide a zippy note to cut through the varying sweetness from the vanilla ice-cream and chocolate — very delicious, and something I would not be expecting from a food court stall serving up western cuisine indeed.


Using burpple beyond, it was 32 nett (29.90+gst). Favepay not allowed.
There’s in-house promo set which is similar to burpple set at 35.90+ (instead of yakitori it is gyoza).

Unagi was really good. Thick and of substantial size. The mentaiko tamago was not as thick as in menu picture.

My partner’s mentaiyaki kaisendon could be better. Ratio of cucumber to sashimi was about 1:1. Sashimi could be fresher. I remember Raffles’ branch had firmer fish. Teppei Syokudo is also a lot more generous, with much bigger pieces.

Yakitori didn’t come hot.

Miso soup was better than expected, with mushrooms, carrots, tofu, kelp and onion in it.

Salad was fresh and crisp.

Overall it is alright for the price of 16 each. I feel that its kaisendon has potential to be better in terms of quality and value.

PS: In picture is an iPhone 6s (if you’re looking for size reference, compare to the kaisendon in the background). Both bowls in the foreground and background are of the same size.

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Tom Yum Prawn Pasta. Tom Yum is usually served as a soup, but in this dish the same ingredients are turned into a pasta sauce!

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/woody-family-cafe/

Tucked away in a quiet private estate at Sembawang, Woody Family Café serves home-cooked fusion Peranakan cuisine with both Western & Asian flavours.

I was slightly disappointed with this plate of fried rice. Although the flavour was pretty on point, I don't like my fried rice to be mushy 😕.

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