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Reviews at Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

Reviews of good food at Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

Feeling like death now because the damn virus that has been making just about everyone fall sick recently just absolutely refuses to leave me alone. It's been two weeks! 😪 .

I'm not even hungry, which is definitely abnormal, and I have absolutely no appetite for anything except... INSTANT NOODLES. My comfort food just about anywhere.

Somehow, instant noodles just taste better in Hong Kong?

After a day of eating our way through Macau, we returned to Kowloon and.....continued eating, of course!

I'm battling a sore throat right now, but would give anything to be able to dig into this plate of instant noodles and succulent pork chop ensconced in a mildly spicy curry and blanketed in melted cheese!

☀️Because Bo Luo Bao w a thick slab of butter is not my thing, I got the Char Siew Bo Luo instead. Wasn't expecting Char Siew Mayo though.. Normally I wouldn't take mayo either but their mayo is surprisingly light and more on the acidic side? (Like stronger in tartaric acid??) Definitely a better rendition for non butter lovers. 😝 Yuen Yang was a bit too strong on the bitter coffee side. But it's all about the experience over here. #hongkong #kamwah #Burpple #burppletastemakers

A typical Hong Kongers breakfast at a cha chaan teng. Cheap and nice. If only we have similar cha chaan tengs with comparable standards here in Singapore 😋
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2.5 munchies: Sure, the sweet crust on top of the polo bun was indeed crunchy and baked to golden brown, but that was pretty much it. The bread dough underneath was a tad dense and thick for my liking. That large slab of butter served in between the halves – I couldn't bring myself to finish.

Oh, the hot milk tea was also by far the weakest I've had in Hong Kong. It lacked the tea fragrance and smooth consistency that I savour in the local-style beverage.

I'd advise you to (not) visit this cha chaan teng with a native speaker if you do not speak a word of Cantonese like me; thank God for the kind Singaporean who sat across the table and ordered the breakfast set for me. The macaroni soup had nothing to shout out about as well.

This is how a good pineapple bun need to be. Spring bun and its crust won't fall apart after multi bites. Not too sweet and filled with buttery taste. You could add a butter between for more creaminess. If not just have it plain like me.

Served warm, the boluo buns here are so insanely good. The crusty top practically shatters into small pieces, and is such good contrast against the soft and chewy bread. Super fresh.

Saw @misstamchiak post on this local Hong Kong cafe at Mongkong and was tempted by the Signature Polo Bun aka 菠蘿包 (hkd6). Freshly baked polo bun comes with a thick slice of butter, had a crusty top layer that's SUPER DELICIOUS! The fluffy interior is also a plus point.

Their famous bo luo buns were sold out (which was expected) but bro and I were quite happy to settle for French toast 🍞🍳❤️ and baked curry pork chop noodles first hehe.

Seeing the butter and syrup melt into the fluffy center of the peanut butter filled toast as we cut through the crispy eggy exterior was a soul lifting experience hahahahaha 😍😍😍 Baked curry pork chop noodles 🍜 is not very lucky in the looks department but wa the taste was not bad 🎉🎉✨💯💯💯 #supper #timetowakeforbreakfast #eatalldayerrday

One of the best pineapple bun in HK. Don't be deceived by its name, there is just no pineapple inside. Order the pineapple bun with butter. It's a great combination of crispy sweet crust of the bun and the savory, smooth taste of the butter. Sinful but worth the calories! Price: HK$9 as of July 2015

the butter polo bun, supposedly their signature dish tasted only so-so. the butter given was only that small piece. the bun was rather hard. portion was too big for me. however their 'not-so-photogenic' french toast with peanut butter was fantastic! toast was served warm, and each mouthful comes with a delightful fragrance of butter (sadly due to the appearance i did not take a photo of it).

Egg Tarts (HKD 5 each) - Traditional style of HK egg tarts with a nice clear yellow custard filling. Custard is perfect on texture and flavor, with a crispy buttery crust. The egg tarts are not their specialty unlike their pineapple buns, but it is still satisfying for our appetites.

My must have everytime I'm here in Hong Kong!

Pineapple Bun with butter (HKD 9) - Piping hot steamy delicious bun that is so soft and crispy crust on top, with a giant slab of butter at the center that adds a rich creamy depth to it. Pineapple buns at its best! 😍😍😍

My bun was actually not warm when it came, but when I bite the bun, the crisp was still there, which was amazing but still would be much better if it was warm. The half-melted butter inside the polo bun was sweet coupled with the bun, it was a good combo overall! Maybe I will give it a try another time if I have the chance to do so again.
#Hkfood #Foodphotography

😌 I thought it was not bad.. But didn't find it to be especially amazing. 😅 Wanted to try their egg tarts too but they were OOS. 😭

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