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[CLOSED] Laffio

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

Dry rub steak is nicely presented and taste good. Onion rings are crisp and not oily. Food nicely presented. Restaurant has a casual setting but temperature can be less than optimal, beer not as cold as one would have expected. Only one staff available which can lead to some waiting time for service. Check out http://theaugbunnies.blogspot.com/2016/06/food-review-laffio-beach-road.html


Half Fried Chicken! The price should be around $13+ I thought it wasn't bad, but sadly I wouldn't order it again if I do go back because the portion was quite small. However, I loved the chilli sauce they provided (but honestly their pesto sauce was the best!!!!) then again I love pesto so it might be a biased opinion on my side 😂


Lovely buttermilk fragrance! The earl grey caramel complements the waffle perfectly. Waffle was crisp but deflated too quickly. Not a fan of the icy vanilla ice cream though. Could very much do without it. Quite expensive at $13+.


Chose the creamy cream base with seafood. Pizza was a bit soggy, but still enjoyable. Seafood (prawns, squids, mussels) wasn't the freshest. Prawns were not shelled, which might irk some but I was too lazy and the prawns were small so I just ate it whole. Tastes like barbecued prawns. Also had the dry rub steak. Tender and had a nice aged taste from the ample marination. Marrow sauce was excellent. Overall, I still prefer their pastas!


Where can you get seafood, particularly seabass at SGD$23? This cosy cafe served a great portion of fish with freshly made cripsy onion rings.

Priced affordably, this caesar came with generous portions of diced poached chicken and cheese.