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Zhihui Lim
Zhihui Lim

has got to be my favourite here - would gladly finish it by myself. Not overly cheesy, with creamy aromatic truffle mushrooms, within a fluffy, slightly chewy, crusty schiacciata. Eat it while it’s hot and it’s absolutely comforting. I’ll be back for this! 😌

Pretty new cafe serving Italian fusion food (this is where its name blend it up came from - I'd have thought it sounded like a smoothie place lol) helmed by veteran Chef Peter Neo. Quite an extensive menu. ($18.80) - thin, crispy crust (thought it was pretty good), feta and mozzarella cheese, honey baked ham, mushrooms and a sunny side up.


Regretted not getting more groupons for this place - food was pricey but generally good except for the less satisfying seafood platter (apparently ran out of lobsters so they replaced with more of others.) portion wasn't very big for $42. grilled prawns had a nice charred taste to it but was a little mushy. Salmon was very well executed, flavourful. Served also with calamari and roasted vegetable caponata.

And skip the Bread and Butter Pudding with Candied Bacon ($12) !! It was served cold, dense, in a mess with the pudding portion seemingly separated ; and for a fan of bacon this was one un-candied bacon I wouldn't mind skipping.

Thoroughly enjoyed the herb fettuccine ($24) and Bismarck pizza ($24) - light thin crust, tomato base, with thin tasty prosciutto cotto, sauté mushroom topped with a soft egg that despite its look, was still runny!


So glad I didn't write this place off completely after an average-tasting brunch the other day - this risotto ($28++) was pretty awesome. Perfectly cooked, topped with poached egg, making the risotto even creamier, and prawns were succulent, sundried tomatoes were sweet. No idea what went into the tasty stock but it actually tasted like lobster bisque. G who doesn't eat anything that looks strange to him (in this case, squid-ink stuff) actually enjoyed this.


Also by Átipico's home Chef Matteo Pertoldi. $6, really tiny so it's pretty expensive but yum. The artisanal cone tastes a little like love letters, with a hint of sesame. Together with creamy burrata cheese and slightly sour-tasting perino tomatoes confit, and basil cress - everything goes well together.


At the 9MCM Jubilee Marketplace (Jun 20-21 at 9 Muthuraman Chetty Rd), came across this little gem on level 2 by Átipico. $13 for a small bowl, but it was good. Named for its fusion of local and Italian flavour - laksa risotto, coconut gelato, sautéed prawn. Coconut gelato was geeeeeenius, a little scoop of it atop the piping hot perfectly cooked risotto, melting bit by bit giving a great milky coconut flavour. Chef Matteo Pertoldi is a home chef so no restaurants, only cooks at events and whatsoever. Glad i got to try it!


$6 for the pasta (I love broccoli so this was quite delish in a homely way. Served with bacon and cheese. Not a lot of ingredients tho). Mushroom soup was thick tasty and creamy but a little on the salty side. The pork shoulder in milk with lentil ($12) looks unappetizing but loved it! Quite tender, and everything went well together. mummy felt it was a bit gelat towards the end though.

Pretty generous with the smoked salmon! Quite a big portion that's good for sharing

I really love bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil so here's a photo of it hehe.

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$23.50, dish we liked the least today. Garlic cream sauce, lobster meat, fish roe.