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Hawker Food

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Daniel Hum
Daniel Hum

When the going gets tough, the tough get going - on Dumpling feast! 🥟 It is suitable for changing climate: 🌧 or 🌞. Each Dumpling is packed with pork & cabbage. Once bitten, the soup is oozing in a right proportion with the filling. The spicy sauce is quite mild for us but spicy enough to validate the dish. One bowl has 10 pcs of Dumpling and will definitely make you full!! 😄🍜

Cheap yet delicious western food located in a coffee shop, staffs were prompt and friendly. Food made to order and specials are updated regularly

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Whipped out the Burpple app and found this little gem of a place selling affordable Penang food. Their signature, this carrot cake was surprisingly impressive! The surface of each piece of carrot cake had this amazing crisp layer that almost had me thinking I was eating lard. 😝With prawns, egg and even little slices of lup cheong, this was a super tasty (but sinful) treat that I’ll definitely be back for one day.

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Felt the craving for Teochew porridge and found this spot in my hood that’s pretty popular with the residents. Not the cheapest ($18~ for this) but it definitely satisfied my need for comfort food. The muar otah ($6) was almost all mackerel; super chunky and full of the good stuff. Even the braised salted veg was yummy, with the surprising addition of lard in it! Skip the meh duck though.

Taiwanese food stalls seem to be aplenty at food centers and coffee shops of the late; this is from San Lor Bak Png, a new stall at Blk 63 Geylang Bahru, Food Cheery coffeeshop run by the folks behind Chop Chop Western Grill that is located in the same coffeeshop.

Pretty much of an affordable eat; $3.80 for a portion that is pretty substantial. The braised pork here uses parts from the belly; the braising here is a little bit on the lighter side without becoming overly savoury, with the flavours of the spices used coming through after a few more spoonfuls. Pork was more on the lean side; gives the dish more bite in general while the pickled cucumbers help to cut through the meatiness overall. Rice was well-drenched in the light braised sauce, while the mushroom adds a hint of earthiness for some contrast. Not too much of a fan of the stone-cold braised egg that is left by the side, pre-prepared however. Overall, a pretty decent bowl of Braised Pork Rice at an affordable price in the area that should satisfy cravings for those living in the area.


The noodles are pretty well done, but the real star here is the char siew - it's the kinda stuff you'll dream about oh yeaaaaa


$5 worth of char siew while waiting for Cantonese Delights to open in 5 minutes 😂
This was pretty memorable - perfectly caramelized, chunky lean meat that struck a good balance between juicy and firm, albeit some parts towards the end got abit dry (though I suspect it's due more to it being blown at with gusto by a ceiling fan). I like that the portion was sizeable and the edges of the meat were perfectly roasted without being burnt.


Thomson Prawn Noodles

Pretty good! The soup was clearer than your usual prawn noodles, which personally I prefer.


New lunch spot for us! The roast meat here is pretty good 👍


An elderly couple runs this stall and even though it's like after 7pm they still keep the stall open selling other food such as fish porridge and seafood soup. This bowl of noodles reminds me of those very traditional kind of fish ball noodles where the chili is a little spicy, a little bit of mushrooms, fishballs, fish cakes, fish dumplings, meatballs, minced meat, vege. It was real good for me and I hope more people can give it a try. It's only $3, compared to the $5 per bowl at a nearby famous Bak chor mee place, I think this is more worth my buck. :)


It all started out from a simple curiosity over the super long queue during lunch time. This stall has ever since been the first I'd think of when someone mentions Ghim Moh Market. They have the same dishes every day, except for the types of fish, which depend on their availability in the market. The dishes are clean and fresh with no frills, and the highlights would be their steam fish and pig skin. Value for money with consistently great quality, this shop really deserves a special spot in many patrons of Ghim Moh Market.


I still remember when I was in the secondary school, my mom often brought me here because the army market is just located Upstair and they sell all the essential items for NPCC which is my CCA .
After which ,during my internship period for polytechnic, my intern was located really close by here so i often head over for lunch break.
There are actually many awesome food here such as the chicken rice, hokkien mee but i got to say one of my fav got to be the Ah balling gluttonous rice balls! The store have been there for quite sometime. They sell rice balls with many flavours such as green tea,red bean,peanut and sesame seed.
I love that the price is so reasonable (5 for $2) and the balls are so big,chewy and fully filled with fillings. Beware of the oozing of the fillings though! haha.
After wards the balls will then be served in either peanut or ginger soup. Peanut is more favourable for me as I feel that it's tasty but not too sweet.
Even though i have officially ended my intern but whenever I am nearby , i would try to make it a point to head down for it!
So head over and try it if you love 汤圆 . Btw it's at #01-75
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Not a crazy foodie, but looking to improve the quality of my daily life without busting my wallet!

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