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SG: Tapas & Tipples

SG: Tapas & Tipples

my fave food genre really. small, inventive portions with lots of variation.
Smitten Angel
Smitten Angel

Tired of dressing your oysters with the usual insipid vinaigrette ? Thevar serves these deceptively plump and juicy ones, uniquely flavored with South Indian spices. An explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth. A very strong start to our meal but the rest of the dishes held their own. I especially loved the decadent chix roti and the textured berry pulao. Iberico was done well, but flavours not as balanced (too one-dimensionally sweet for me).

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An oldie but goodie. Set lunch won't break the bank either. These are the mains and desserts from today's menu- I very rarely say this but all were perfect. Two options per course so come with a friend to try everything.


2 options for each course. Bring a friend and you can try them all. Especially love the roasted cauliflower ❤️


Just because it serves small plates doesn't make this an izakaya. Staff were not knowledgeable about alcohol and could not even recommend a dry sake. Food was mediocre, eg. this century egg tofu can easily be beaten by the cheaper version at MBGC. Fb reviews probably written by owners friends or people who don't frequent real izakayas. This is best described as a tapas style Japanese restaurant (as opposed to bentos/sets or family plates).


different from normal tripe as they grill it until slightly crispy after braising. the tomato based moirepoix (?) didn't do much for me though. tripe is already rich and you just can't pair it with another mushy thing.

Order this (proper name on menu is the Iberico pork collar)! Awesome chunky fatty pork, grilled to perfection. Zesty paper thin green apple slices and drizzled with beetroot(?) sauce. Slightly sweet and charsiew-like.

Would have preferred less pudding and more urchin. LOL. But seriously, the squid ink pudding is super jelak and kind of overpowers the urchin. If you order the full portion you will regret it.

poor little piggy was only 8 inches tall 😱 skin was perfectly crackling, served unadorned & accompanied only by sea salt for dipping. menu says it's a 2 pax portion but I think it is prob better for at least 3 pax due to the richness, and so that u can order other dishes without having a meat coma.

it's not rump but the picanha , "considered one of the best (and most flavorful) beef cuts in many South American countries, particularly Brazil and Argentina" (according to wiki). flavorful and perfectly done (like all decent steakhouses the default doneness is med rare).

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I'm mad about courgettes. i'm glad they keep it on the menu. semi crunchy nuggets of delight, drowned in a mild melted cheese with chives cream (?mashed green bed at the bottom)


a bit of an indulgent start but hey it's Friday. managed to grab the last two crappy seats without reservations at 6.25pm...

*a very picky Omnomnomnivore* #realfoodreviews #notafoodblogger #eastiesarefoodies #norabbitfood

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