Places Worth Revisiting

Places Worth Revisiting

Superb dishes that I will go back for in a heartbeat.
Marilyn L
Marilyn L

This right here is so unassuming but up there with one of the best croque monsieurs i've ever had. Generously buttered and toasted on the bottom, it's stuffed with a mature, very subtly pungent spanish cheese and juust the right amount of bechamel so it's never cloying. (Can't remember if there's ham but there should be, of course lol) Topped with the smallest amount of pickled sliced onions that did so much for the dish by cutting the richness. So simple but immensely tasty.


Noo clue what the name of this dish was, but boy was it good. Basically a fresh pasta sheet blanketing a sort of extremely moreish and comforting ragù - almost like a bolognese. I can't be sure but there were little chunks of fork-tender braised beef shoulder with the ragù as well. Accompanied by two unctuous pieces of tender sliced beef. So good. ($30++)


Prawn, scallop open lasagna & lemon

The other choice of main (besides the steak). I don't know what Argentinian food should be like but if this was it, DAYUM. Basically a lasagna blanket that's grilled on the plancha, covering a stew generously loaded with plump pieces of fresh prawn and scallop. Leans towards a tomato-based stew, seasoned with lots of dill. Flavours are layered and complex. I want to say I got acidity, then smokiness from paprika, etc. Except I can't remember. If you're having a shite day (like I was), boCHINche's lunch set will change that. 😉


Milk cake, mixed berries, yerba mate sorbet, crumble.

Eating this to me was probably how Julia Child felt when she had Nancy Silverton's brioche dessert with fruit. Except crying in a restaurant would be pretty weird. This doesn't look and sound like much but it is sooo good. It's what I would eat if I were eating my sad feelings. Yerba mate sorbet was more like an ice cream-sorbet hybrid - creamy but without the fatty mouthfeel that ice cream usually has. Mixed berries provided that tang and acidity to cut through and brighten up what could possibly be a boring dessert. And of course, crumble for crunch and texture. UGH. What a great way to end off an incredible set lunch.


180g ribeye, chips, chimichurri mayo.

One of the two choices of mains in the 3- (or 2-) course set lunch. Supremely well executed with a good sprinkling of flaky salt, and extremely decent portion considering the price ($32++ for a 3-course meal). What what?!


Save stomach space for the trio of desserts, part of the Happiness Meal. The Bird Bird Sundae is no stranger to those who have visited Bird Bird's pop ups. Two scoops of coconut ice cream topped with fried chicken skin, corn, and drizzled with a sticky, salty palm sugar caramel. For those who prefer something lighter and more refreshing, the Coconut Jelly will serve better. And the Thai Donuts. Man. These are something else. You might have thoughts of dabao-ing the "Thai kaya dipping" so that you can spread it on everything, and we don't blame you. It's sweet, eggy, full on kaya flavour. The perfect way of ending a meal. BIRD BIRD SATISFRY YOU LONG TIME OK


Warning: might induce tears of joy. This happiness meal for 2 is extremely worth it, if you and your dining partners take delight in stuffing yourselves. Essentially a plate that allows you to try about 60% the menu, this can definitely be shared among 3. Here's what you'll get: Mama Coleslow, Som Tum, Umami Corn, Nugget Talay, Fried Chicken, BBQ Chicken, Sticky Rice, and a dessert assortment. Special mention to the umami corn, which is barbecued corn slathered with sriracha mayo and then rolled in shrimp floss - the key to taking grilled corn to another level. Couldn't get enough of this. Both the fried chicken and barbecued chicken were exceedingly succulent, moist, and tender. Be sure to bathe your BBQ chicken in the chilli tamarind sauce for total satisfaction.


Honestly, I think this is about as good as it gets if you're looking for a tasty, fresh, healthy and uber filling breakfast in the CBD. Filled with a generous heap of mixed bean pico de gallo, two polenta cakes smeared with guac and topped with two perfectly boiled eggs, and salsa verde. All at just $8. So much more worth it than their lunch bowls. If this doesn't make your belly stuffed and happy in the morning, then you're just plain difficult.

Late to the party, I know. But finally tried Kok Sen and this brimming plate of gravy-laden hor fun with fresh, succulent prawns is so worth the wait (and calories). Tried the prawn omelette too and although it could have been less oily, it was the bomb diggity 😋

Gotta eat at the right places when eating out since so many vastly overpriced places serve such mediocre food.


I don't just eat. I feast. 🍴

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