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Ivan Ong
Ivan Ong

One of the most value for money combos at Opus. The steak was smokey, tender, juicy, melt in your mouth and paired with Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a perfect meal 😋
The lobster did not have the flaky texture as I experienced before when having lobster the last time. Shows the difference in choosing good quality food 😄
We got a free cheesecake as well.
Both of us left with a happy tummy


Used Burpple Beyond for the first time this weekend at Glasshouse 😁 the places offered are ones which I will consider going and they are adding more food places in gradually, so I think it is a bargain for the $9.90/mth. And you can cancel at any time too.
Anyway, tried the B Burger, which was recommended by a few reviews. Hits and misses, in my opinion for this place.
1. Staff were friendly and attentive
2. Ambience is good for a Friday chillout. Cannot blame them for the humid weather (the beer helped to cool down 🍻)
3. Steak frites beautifully done medium. Tender and meaty
4. A lot of fries!! 🤩😍

1. The B Burger bun was much bigger than the patty, and it was not toasted as well so was not fluffy and warm.
2. Burger patty not as juicy as expected. I would have preferred Wildfire or Omakase's version
3. The 'sambal' like sauce did not match the burger and patty. I would prefer a simple aioli or barbequeue sauce for my burger.

All in all, I would still come back again to try the other food as I feel that this place has potential 😉

A heap of thick cuts of 24 hour sous-vide cooked wagyu beef and an onsen egg on top of a bed japanese rice which I will never get sick of. The meat was full off flavour with the right amount of smokiness (if that is even a word 😅). Mix in together with the rice, onsen egg and a touch of wasabi, one will be in umami heaven 😋. Will always be my to go place for TGIF lunches.

The idea of soft boil eggs in donut shaped beef patty works! The runny texture of the egg mixed with the juicy patty, topped with crispy bacon and melted cheese in between toasted buns is quite heavenly 😋 the accompanying paprika fries were light and crispy as well. If only the patty would be less seasoned with herbs and off the grill a few minutes earlier, it would have been a perfect burger. Best to have it for dinner with a couple of beers.

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My favourite postgym meal, full of protein and slathered with spicy peri peri sauce :)

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Was thinking twice to post this hidden gem at one north. Situated within the new Mediacorp building, this cafe serves up a delectable menu with reasonable prices. Had the Melba Burger and it did not disappoint. Sandwiched between sesame brioche buns were everything that a burger needs: juicy patty, melted swiss cheese, fresh veg (lettuce, pickled beetroot,pineapple and tomato). Option to add bacon/egg available. Will definitely come back again as sources tell me that their pizzas are good as well :)

Looking for a place to chill which is not too crowded on a Friday night, Dallas Restaurant at City Hall would be a good choice :) Ambience was rather classy and the price reasonable as well. Had the Deluxe Steak Burger, which was slices of ribeye steak, bacon, caramalised onions, tomato relish, aioli, swiss cheese and salad in between toasted buns. I think the only item missing is a fried egg. Nonetheless, it was delicious and every bite was a mini fireworks in the mouth. Comes with fries and cabbage slaw


Wanted to try the famous Tai Hwa Bak Chor Mee but the queue was too long, so I settled instead for the western stall beside it. Chose fries and coleslaw to accompany the cheese stuffed pork loin. The meat was tender, flavourful and when mixed with the oozing cheese it is a winning combination. The coleslaw was crunchy and fresh, while the fries were crispy. Oh and it came with a complimentary piece of garlic bread :) I'll be back again to try my luck with the bak chor mee, if not I have a good alternative.


Fancy a good Burger? Enter the Truffle Mushroom from Wildfire (SGD23): 120gm of juicy beef patty, topped with truffle mushrooms for the extra fragrance, gruyere cheese, sauteed onions, pickles and rocket salad in between soft and fluffy brioche buns. Perfect with a pint of beer :)


Place was surprisingly empty for a Saturday afternoon; nonetheless I was eager to try the famed affordable steaks. Besides steak, they also have other meat dishes (pork and chicken) as well as pasta. Ordered the 200g tenderloin (black pepper sauce), medium, with apple walnut & potato salad for sides. The steak was cooked to more of a medium rare doneness, but i guess it was due to the thickness of the meat. Nonetheless, it was still delicious; tender and juicy even without the accompanying black pepper sauce. Was hoping for more of the sides though. One of my go to places for steak :)

Buttermilk Fried Chicken is a big thing in Clinton Street Baking Company's menu, where you can get it in several forms from a sandwich to even having it atop a Buttermilk Waffle. If you are looking for something less the carbs, you could perhaps decide on this Buttermilk Fried Chicken Plate which allows you to pick from several sides listed in the menu. We got ourselves the Sweet Potato Fries; thinly-cut but with the sweet earthy flavours evident with adequate seasoning in salt. Fried Chicken was well fried with a crispy batter but succulent and juicy skin without being oily, though it does not the accompanying Honey Tabasco dip to give it flavour; just think along the lines of spicy maple syrup. And that slaw was in fact creamy and crunchy, served cold; the way it should have been. Fried Chicken lovers would love this, though you might want to consider sharing it for each serving comes with three pieces; a tad huge to finish alone.

This burger is massive! 10oz of beef patty, topped with fried onion, bacon, cheese, tomato and lettuce. The patty is so big that you cannot see the lettuce and tomato. First time trying Hard Rock Cafe and the experience was pleasant. Waitresses were friendly and alert, and the atmosphere was not too noisy. Good for afternoon chit chat and htht. The patty was juicy, while the bacon and cheese really complemented it. Bun was fluffy and toasty too. Another place which I will be back to try more :)


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