For The Healthy Kids

For The Healthy Kids

All things healthy, not something I have everyday, but itz good for the carnivore in me.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

Apart from their Impossible & Tindle Patty burgers, The Goodburger also serves up pretty decent sides for the lil' ones, or for you to snack on!

The Golden Nuggets (also plant-based) does taste like your normal Nuggets from that popular fast food joint (iykyk) which is a win for me cause that lessens the guilt (a lil).

As for the Mozzarella Sticks, the cheese-pull is what you're aiming for & that's exactly what you'd get. The handmade salsa dip that comes with it has a perfect tanginess to it, helping to cut through the cheesiness of the sticks.

What I enjoyed the most was that while all the sides were fried, they were not dripping with oil when it was served, neither were they glistening with oil. The amount of effort the team takes to ensure that the items are cooked & drained before serving is amazing! Kudos to them!

If you're a fan of Impossible patties, you'd have heard of Tindle - their chicken alternative made out of soy products as well!

At first look, it's quite hard to tell that it's not chicken meat cause that fried patty looks dayum good! That crispy beer batter is well-balanced - likely salted with a slight heat to it. However, once you bite into that burger, you'd know it's not chicken as the aftertaste does taste much like soy & it doesn't have the same bite that chicken meat gives you. Nonetheless, it is a good sub esp if you have friends who are non-meat eaters!

On the side note, if you go for their Golden Nuggets ($6), that I would say can become an easy sub for your daily nugget snack from a popular fast food chain, just without the guilt 😉

If you're looking for sustainable meats, look no further as Next Meats is now in Singapore & serving up the world's first plant-based Yakiniku Meats!

This collaboration between @nextmeats_singapore x brings you plant-based NEXT Kalbi (boneless short rib) from now till July at all Aburi-EN stores!

You can try your meat in 2 forms, of which, one of them is the Stamina Teishoku ($15.80), pictured here!

This set comes with a stir-fried version of the NEXT Kalbi, sautéed with cabbage, carrots & shimeji mushrooms & topped with an egg imported from Okinawa - bringing you an authentic Japanese Don experience!

This alternative is not only environmentally friendly, but it also comes with health benefits, such as double the protein & half the amount of fat! So you've got yourselves yakiniku, without the guilt! 😉

Haven't had a poke bowl in quite awhile & managed to get my cravings satisfied with @poketheorysg! 😋

Thanks to Grabfood, I managed to get a bowl from their Novena outlet delivered to the office. I love the fact that you can customise your items in their standard bowl (I.e removing some stuff you don't usually eat) & have more of what you love!

I ordered their Spicy Salmon, which comes with a side of corn, cherry tomatoes, wakame seaweed, topped with garlic chips, tobiko & black sesame, sitting on a bed of warm quinoa. Portion wise, it was perfect for a healthy meal, but only wished I had more poke to go with it~


Mid-day snack under the weather's immense heat called for some healthy açai bowls!

Managed to grab some açai bowls (cups rather) at Thrive by Boxgreen x Açai Affair at 1 for 1 thanks to #burpplebeyond!

We had the Coco Glow! which consisted of layers of açai & coconut sorbet (yum), fresh fruits, superfoods & a topping of choice (I chose cookie butter).

The combination was really tasty, with fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas, blueberries, pineapples, Kiwi & dragon fruits which gives you that bursts of flavours! As well as the extra crunch through the superfoods such as granola, Chia seeds & coco flakes!

A large portion really does fill you to the brim, & definitely works as a meal replacement!


Located at The Promontory on Tue - Fri between 12pm - 3pm and Bayfront Link (outside MBS, next to Black Tap) on Tue - Sun between 5pm - 9pm; The Good Burger is making their way into the stomachs & hearts of the masses, serving up sustainable hearty burgers!

Sustainable because they're using impossible patties; made from soy and potato proteins, giving you the same texture and bite that you get from regular patties!

One of the simplest yet really tasty burger was The Classic ($16)! As the names states, it's your classic burger which comes with pickles, cheese, homemade sauce, tomatoes, grilled patties, sandwiched between 2 toasted fluffy buns.

Many associate impossible burgers to a hefty price tag, but at $16, this price point is pretty comparable to many out there!

The best thing to have after a crazy workout, is a cold cup of Açai Berries, blended with fresh fruits & topped with nuts & nutty butter!

You have a choice of drizzle that comes with each cup of açai - honey, cookie butter or peanut butter!

My go-to is usually the cookie butter, but to stay a lil’ healthier, peanut butter was my choice of drizzle for that bit of healthy fats.

Between each layer of açai was the peanut butter, cacao nibs, sliced bananas, granola & more nuts (crushed almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc). What you get is crunchy bits between each icy cold scoops of açai, which will fill you up bit by bit. The perfect meal replacement!

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, I managed to get my fav Nutty Party at 1 for 1!! That meant that I could get the large portion (U.P $13.90) at half the price - which is the same price as their medium portion. TOTES WORTH IT!

If you haven’t subscribed, do yourself a favour & register for burpple beyond!!


If you’re looking for a healthier option at this gastropub, I think they’ve done just the right thing!

Choose between a salad or quinoa base and a topping, of which I chose steak, and they’d add in their house-made guacamole, fresh salsa, roasted squash, oranges & sous vide egg.

The combination was simply, but a pretty smart move. The steak was done medium rare, which was served as requested and was well seasoned. The salsa had a tad too much onions in it, so it was quite difficult to finish, but the oranges did help to turn the dish around. As simple as it is, the oranges added a sour tang to help heighten the flavours of the dish.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we got a 1-for-1 offer for their mains (burger & bowls section)!


Another of the açai bowls that Coocaça has is the Pura Vida!

The base is blended açai with mixed berries, banana and coconut! After which, they are topped with granola, bananas, kiwi, strawberries, mango and coconut flakes! A tropical combination of fruits atop açai can never go wrong!

If you’re dining in, the presentation of the dish comes in a coconut bowl, which makes you feel like you’re sitting by the beach, only that you’re in the middle of Orchard Road, but soaking up the same sunshine. ☀️


I got the Sao Paolo ($6.50 for S, $12.50 for L) which included blended açai, cacao, banana, soy milk and almond butter; topped with granola, banana, cocoa nibs, almond butter, coconut flakes and goji berries.

Talk about all the superfoods in one bowl! This healthy concoction makes it a sweet yet satisfying meal / snack and my personal favourite would be that almond butter 😍

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Wanted to go for their Salmon Belly Bowl ($10), but they ran out 😭 so I guess that means coming back again to try it soon!

The poke bowl consists of torched salmon with spicy mayo, shoyu tuna, tamago mentaiko (torched too!!), edamame, cherry tomatoes, pomelo & seaweed sitting on a bed of sushi rice & salad.

I love how you get the option of both the salmon & tuna & a combination of both lighter & heavier tasting options! The torched salmon allows for that smoky taste in every mouthful, and mixing it with the shoyu tuna to balance off the smoky flavours.

If you're looking for lighter options, you can go for their tacos or small poke cups as well!

Pair them poke bowls up with @onemancoffee's Coffee Soda or Piccolo Latte & you got the perfect perk me up!

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As one of Loloku's signature bowls, the Wiki Wiki Salmon comes with salmon, jalapeño, kimchi & almonds tossed in chipotle mayo then pilled onto a mix of Rice & Quinoa, before topping it off with a generous scoop of avocado!

A combination that will never go wrong, I loved how the jalapeño added that surprise element to each scoop cause you'd never know when you'd bite into it!

F O O D | C O F F E E | B O O Z E | B O B A Enjoy the endless scroll of food at @alhsx

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