High/ Afternoon Tea

High/ Afternoon Tea

What my mum and I bond over from time to time.... Will never forgo our ritual of indulging in scones, cakes and finger sandwiches for anything else 💖
timtam_tum ✨
timtam_tum ✨

I thought I figured that if you are skeptical of an establishment’s croissants, go for the almond variant (#2) because the filling and toppings can help neutralise any mediocre tasting plain layered French pastry. But this is a new for the almond filling had the medicinal aftertaste I dislike of Chinese almond desserts. It interestingly had chopped almonds even within the croissant. By hey 1 for 1 pastry and drink 🙋🏻‍♀️

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I figured that if you are skeptical of an establishment’s croissants, go for the almond variant (#1) because the filling and toppings can help neutralise any mediocre tasting plain layered French pastry. But this was good croissants making ABC an accessible option (with various branches) for croissants.

Post exchange in the UK I have an affinity for scones or may be any baked English/ European goods.
So here is my attempt to try every scone I spy in Singapore part #2
Sadly one of my favourite bakeries in SG disappoints with their savoury scone offering. While this was no where near unpalatable, they weren’t exceptional that warranted a future purchase.

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Tasted way too much baked goods to opine that the sliced of non-chilled cake was mediocre at best. Which does little harm because the croissants here are still the best in town

The weekends go by quickly and I appreciate any chance to have my idea of guilty pleasures: dainty, exquisite desserts of all sorts.
My second time having Leclair and these are indeed one of the best take on the elongated choux-like French pastry in Singapore. A firm puff that does not go soft (conditional on the method of storage, as the store staff poignantly informs); these were emblazoned and stuffed with a wide selection of thick flavoured fillings and prime ingredients. My favourites are the hazelnut, pistachio, salted caramel.... oh wait every one I had was a favourite 🤪


“My” most expensive but best red bean pau ❤️

Once wrote “Just one of our (mum & I) guilty pleasures, the upmarket tau sar paus here have not once disappoint since we discovered them a few years ago.” — oh how true.


While searching for what to have around Bukit Timah, Tastemaker Victoria’s vote of approval on the flavoured scones here immediately lured me to try them out. I started with 1 red wine fig scone and a raspberry sugared brioche before concluding I needed to try the other 2 flavours of scones (earl grey, rum & raisins) while having a savoury item to “balance” things.
A good brioche with fresh raspberries; this was like a much denser version of comfortingly soft white bread.
The scones might look small but reflected what you’d get in a true English tea set; a nibble sets you up for so much baked, and in this case flavored, goodness.


Holidays mean treatyoself?? #2
Someone i find influential at work sang praise about the croque monsieur at Providore
Quote: “I’ve never tasted such good soft yet viscous cheese in my life”; he was quite right about the melted and baked cheese-milk-butter atop 2 slices of premium white bread with my choice of tuna (instead of the usual ham).
Besides that the bakes from Providore were faultless save for the scone which was dense enough yet with an aftertaste that was lacklustre(if I make sense).

One of the commendable cuppa chai in town (literally) till I find something better

P.S: easy for those who are not a fan Masala Chai, which is really an acquired taste.

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The National Day festive season has so much🍴🍽🍴in stored but I only have one mouth and if all else fails I knew this had to be something I could not miss to celebrate the patriotic occasion.
The description read “Tender soft blue pea cake layered with coconut flesh and a luxurious layer of coconut curd, encased with light coconut fresh cream. Finished with sea-salted dedicated coconut”
To be honest I did not get what blue pea should taste like but the calming blue dye was so nice to look at. What I loved was the fresh cream that was not saccharine- as expected from my favourite bakery. If the stewed coconut flesh with a nice crunch was a soldier, it was marching in unison with the truly soft cake. Local born Cedele outdoing itself once again, happy birthday Singapore 💋✨


Save for the bespoke tea selection here that comes nicely arranged; my high tea set was desperately poor. The first alarm was an unkempt area of the place (think mops and pails) outrightly visible as we were seated. Then the paltry looking tea set that came in a nice display I must at least attempt to credit. The last straw was really sending 2 items (truffle macaroni, some supposed Mochi) back to the display with zero draw to continue after a taste.
I am not pleased to be mean but really also “what is a high tea without scones first and foremost” *in a haughty English tone 🙊*

(#throwback) Mother’s Day means mummy get her favourite tarts as a treat while I get the delicious banana coconut butter cake slice too. The delicate tart shell with just the right crunch always wins us over; while the butter cake slices although pricey is our way we “treatyoselves”.

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Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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