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High/ Afternoon Tea

High/ Afternoon Tea

What my mum and I bond over from time to time.... Will never forgo our ritual of indulging in scones, cakes and finger sandwiches for anything else 💖
Timtamtum ✨
Timtamtum ✨
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(#throwback) Mother’s Day means mummy get her favourite tarts as a treat while I get the delicious banana coconut butter cake slice too. The delicate tart shell with just the right crunch always wins us over; while the butter cake slices although pricey is our way we “treatyoselves”.

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Forked on these with alacrity; they were so much joy with rich cream that wasn’t saccharine at all. If you are not a cream person I’d suggest going for everything except the meringue roll as the latter was simply cream with meringue chunks- with hardly any cake. Completely appropriate for a person who licks finishes (good) cream off any cake completely and effortlessly.


One of the rare restful Saturdays brightened up by an afternoon tea spread with the parents and Friend ❤️
The assortment of draft cold brew teas here are great and something I’d return for; whatever the draft process is you’d get refreshing tea with just the right thickness if you understand where I’m coming from. Any trace of bitter tea that has been sitting around for way too long is completely absent in all the teas we had 👍🏻

As for the desserts the dense chiffon cake was an absolute sweet treat and the cream puff are exquisite with rich flavoured cream that wasn’t saccharinely sweet. The only one that did not exceed expectations was the crumbly scones that my picky palate that has grown accustomed to certain type of scones from my London exchange would not order again.


#throwback- Relish the weekends where mum and I have the car to travel to slightly inaccessible (by public transport) places in Singapore. My cake set had great traditional Yuan Yang and a moist enough carrot cake with a choke full of walnuts; that you get in every bite.
What sadly contrasted the carrot cake though was the pandan non-chilled slice that was a little dry.


Artisan milk coffee done right- there, right there *gulps* 💆‍♀️

As if the filling and tart become one, I had a hard time differentiating between the raspberry- cake like interior and the tart base. Nonetheless that in no way discount this as a good tart in terms of taste.


I reckon the consistency of good sponge cake should not be assumed as a given. Especially since these cakes are baked in house, by hand. Our earl grey sponge started off good but tend towards being flavourless at certain parts. That said the smooth buttercream was a notch above the average saccharine versions you might get else where. The layer of lemon emulsion might appeal as it did for me adding a tangy texture to an otherwise sweetly mild cake.


This fine cake appealed to me and my female dining companion at first glance.
Other than a strong cream cheese that might stick out as a sore thumb for some; the grapefruit pulps within some good citrusy infused sponge cake made this so delightful to nibble with my fork. The sweet grapefruit curd reminded me of jelly and in totally it was as if this cake would please the electric, fluorescent diva Katy Perry (if not for its slightly misspelt name?).


Mediocre like the one I got from four leave. Enough to satiate late afternoon hunger pangs.


My exchange in UK was almost synonymous to me having scones every other day. This is not so in Singapore, where scones are not exactly easy to find or (in a casual-biased sense) fit for the climate.
In a futile visit to get the elusive loaf of Firebake signature bread (at 3pm) because the first batch was sold out; the above treats were hard to miss.
Firebake scones are dense and delicious made with what I’m guessing- not the usual plain white flour. So satisfying I cannot wait to try their bread loaves please.


($3 for 5 pcs) I enjoyed these local sweet delight only when they were left to cool for a good 10 minutes. The harden tutu kueh(s) were peculiarly pleasant to taste- having a cake like texture.


"Cakes like these were a luxury when I was younger" -👨🏻👩🏻; regardless of age it is hard to disagree how pleasing to the eyes it is to admire these colourful treats behind that glass panel.
Scoring many nostalgia points for me personally, it was difficult to walk away empty handed as I passed by the alluring display.
The butter cream cakes here are not too sweet and good enough for its $1.40 price; in a similar vein we scored a whole chiffon pandan cake for $2.50.

P.S: if u r taking the cakes home- both cakes taste great chilled after sitting in the fridge.


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