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Zi Char

Zi Char

Featuring New Ubin Seafood (Hillview), Kok Sen Restaurant, KEK Keng Eng Kee Seafood (Alexandra), 136 Hong Kong Street Fish Head Steamboat (Clementi), Tong Ah Eating House, Wan He Lou, Diamond Kitchen (Science Park), Chuan Kee Seafood (Lower Delta), Big Lazy Chop 大懒排, Royal J's Seafood 御马海鲜 (Jalan Besar)
Marc T.
Marc T.

4 munchies: Crispy and chewy on the inside, every squid was coated evenly with the strong-flavoured salted egg sauce with curry leaf fragrance. How about a bowl of piping hot white steamed rice and a pint of ice cold beer to go with it? #Burpproved


3.5 munchies: One has not been to KL if he has not eaten a plate of thick yellow noodles braised in dark soy sauce. Wok-fried over a raging charcoal fire, the noodles and other main ingredients such as squid, prawn, and cabbage were all flourished with smoky wok hei flavour. Crispy lard were also tossed into the noodles for an extra crunch and flavour. The sambal could have been a tad spicier, though. #Burpproved


2.5 munchies: The dish that I was looking forward to eating the most had turned out to be the worst during my weekend trip to KL. Not only did the rat noodles look pale in colour, they were also begging for more of that starchy, savoury gravy (which needed more flavour, by the way) to be drowned in. Upon stirring the minced pork and raw egg yolk into the noodles, they dried out pretty quickly. Go for the Majestic BBQ Pork Noodle that sealed the deal for me.


4.5 munchies: While Wong Ah Wah is well-known for its BBQ chicken wings, the Kam Heong Lala (Golden Fragrant Clams) featured here is one of the best clam dishes I've eaten. Sweet, savoury, and spicy, I could slather that luscious kam heong sauce with curry leaves added over a bowl of steamed white rice! I also appreciate how the upper shells of the clams were removed so you only get those with clams attached. #Burpproved


4 munchies: Succulent slices of kurobuta (Berkshire hog) pan-fried in a sweet and sour sauce that was tangy, tart, and smoky. The wok hei was also strong in this dish, which makes a perfect pairing with a bowl of piping hot steamed white rice. But what was even better was I had it with Wan He Lou’s signature Lobster Porridge! #Burpproved


4 munchies: The crispy lotus root chips engulfed the room with strong salted egg aroma as soon as the plate landed on the Lazy Susan. Dehydrated to retain its crispness, every wheel of the lotus root was sliced thinly and coated evenly with the sweet-savoury, powdery salted egg mix. Curry leaves were added for extra fragrance. #Burpproved

This was a hosted meal by Wan He Lou.


4.5 munchies: With such strong wok hei in this show-stopping dish, every bite of the QQ rice noodles filled our mouths with a nice garlicky fragrance as well as a savoury finish from the preserved radish. The Chye Poh Kuay Teow is a dish that is so simple, yet so wonderfully executed. It is best paired with our locally-brewed Rye & Pint Sunday's Brew – a sweet malt pilsner with crisp citrus aroma that complements the savoury fried noodles perfectly. How more Singaporean can you get?

The pairing of the Chye Poh Kuay Teow and Sunday's Brew was part of a five-course Zi Char Craft Beer menu, jointly collaborated by New Ubin Seafood and Rye & Pint to commemorate SG52! #Burpproved


4 munchies: Who'd have expected to find a great fish head curry dish at this industrial canteen in Lower Delta? Brought still bubbling away in a large clay pot, the spicy curry gravy had a dominant coconut flavour, which explains its richness and creamy texture. The flesh of the red snapper cheek was soft and meaty; served with assorted vegetables including okra and eggplant, and crispy tau kee topping. It is best eaten with steamed white rice to soak up the fragrant curry! #Burpproved

Many thanks to the Burpple team for taking us to this hidden gem and the awesome treat!


1.5 munchies: Despite after having been wok-fried with dried shrimp, cuttlefish and yam cubes, there was no wok hei or whatsoever flavours infused into the cloyingly-thick porridge; topped with spring onion and crispy lard. I found myself digging in to the well-marinated Crispy Garden Chicken with fried sliced ginger for some taste instead.

Could someone enlighten me how did this pot of blandness become such a hit? Because honestly, I'd very much rather have a bowl of Teochew muay to go with the sides.


3 munchies: Between this and the Big Prawn Hor Fun (each priced at $16 for the smallest portion), I'd go for the 5-munchie latter anytime. The savoury-spicy broth was a tad light for my liking and lacked sweetness from the prawn shells, which was disappointing since the large prawns were fresh and succulent. Served with thick bee hoon and sprinkled with red cut chillies and fried shallots, it would have been a banging dish had the broth been more flavoursome.

It may only be SGD13 per head for a spread of butter crayfish, BBQ stingray, sambal lala, prawn paste chicken and other typical zichar items featured here, but I wouldn't bother coming all the way here again just to have an unsatisfying, low-quality zichar meal. Thank god for the great company that made up for it!

Siang Kee Seafood Restaurant is located in Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre (大马花园小贩中心) – a popular late-night spot where Singaporeans patronise frequently.


4.5 munchies: Not a fan of champagne at all when it comes to alcohol, but I'd have these butter champagne ribs anytime. Using passion fruit to balance out the bitterness in two whole bottles worth of champagne, the thick, sticky sauce resulted in a delectable, tropical sweet tart flavour.

Singaporean Head Chef Oh Ah Lek, who has 37 years of experience in the Asian kitchen, was also not kidding when it comes to the XL size spare ribs. Slightly charred with a strong wok hei, the massive ribs, which fell off the bone easily, were tender and had a good amount of fat. A bottle of Hoegaarden would be perfect to go with these lip-smacking ribs!

Many thanks to Food News PR for the warm hospitality, and Burpple for the invitation!


Marc T.

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