Finally laid my hands on these after lusting after them since forever! These babies get sold out really quickly and I have been let down a couple of times after booking an earlier Boom class just to have them 😅

We tried the Breakfast Sammy ($13) which had some crispy spam lying in a bed of creamy and smooth egg mayo that was really well seasoned that spills out from the buttery brioche buns. I thought that the addition of the chives was a good move, adding some depth to the flavour of the egg mayo. But at $13 though, i'm not sure if I will be back anytime soon 😅 but you should at least try this place out once though!

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I legit thought @punch.gram had a connection with the boxing studio upstairs when I was first introduced to this place 😂

The Poached Chicken Breast Salad ($18) was great! Healthy and tasty; perfect for an after workout treat. The plentiful amount of shaved parmesan on top gave it a really savoury touch that complemented the rest of the milder ingredients well.

And the coffee here though, really good! I had the Wicked (Minted Mocha) ($8) and would gladly get it over and over again despite its price. The Generra (Orange Mocha) was fantastic at well. Try it, guys!

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For the entrees, we had the Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice ($6.90). Think a huge piece of juicy, chicken cutlet served on top of rice that is slathered with thick and fragrant curry. The runny yolk of the sunny side up that came with it was great as well! I also love the cabbage that came with the meal; the soft cabbage paired with the crunch of the cutlet was a great pairing. Very reasonably priced if you ask me! However, I would love for there to be more curry gravy as the middle portion of the rice did not get to soak up the goodness of it.

We also had the BBQ Baby Ribs ($10.90) which was fall off the bone tender and very well-marinated. The smokiness of the BBQ sauce elevated the meat which had a good ratio of lean and fatty meat. Very reasonably priced too!

A tip would be to visit this place slightly before meal times as it got really crowded at dinner time when we went; with the price and taste of the food here, it is no wonder that they are so loved!

This is one tasty, tender pork to delight all meat lovers

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Well executed with fall off the bone tender meat that is packed with flavours

I loved the texture of the pasta here; this was cooked al dente and flavoured wonderfully

The salmon here was well executed; tender and moist on the inside with a slightly crispy skin, the citrus cream that came with it also helps you to refresh your palates for the next bite!

Looking for a place near the CBD to chill after work, make sure you don't miss the inconspicuous @astickysituationsg! This relatively new bar was as a result of the Covid restrictions, explaining the reason behind its name! But another reason is because of the many different types of skewers that are found here too. Although it began as a spin-off of the KTV lounge, Illuzion, the dishes that came out of the kitchen was a pleasant surprise for me.

Some of the dishes that we tried were:

Sticky Premium Skewers Platter ($37.90/18 skewers) - This reminds me of an Izakaya although the selection was pretty international
Pulled Pork Croissant ($10.90/3pcs) - Would want more pulled pork with this but I would imagine that this would go really well with a pint after a long day at work!
Thai-Style Salmon Aglio Olio ($14.90) - Looks can be deceiving with this one; it looks plain and ordinary but definitely packed a punch with the spices involved. This was also extremely flavourful as well. Must-try!
Top Shell ($14.90) - An old school bar snack that would go really with a pint too; canned pieces of top shell drizzled with lime juice topped with chillies, heaven! (my third fav)

For the more adventurous souls, you would be glad to hear that you can DIY your own pasta here. Be the chef and create your own menu and leave it to the cooks to execute it for you!

But for those who are lazy like me... the house specials are pretty good! Usually I try to avoid carbonara as I feel that most of the time, they could be quite cloying but this was so good, I finished every bit of it 😅 the duck breast and pasta was also cooked to perfection. Also, one thing good about the house specials is that you can still customise it to suit your tastebuds.

Probably one thing that I miss most about my time living in the UK is the easy access to some good old British style fish & chips. But I’m glad that I could get to relive it through @ladanddadsg. Although prices have gone up since their days at Maxwell, it is still pretty worth it! I also like the fact that they have adapted their dishes to the local tastebuds as well; like the mushy peas, I usually don’t like the ones in the UK but I polished off the ones here!

Both of the mains that we had were on point! The pasta was seasoned very nicely, with the sundried tomato adding a tangy flavour to it while the smoked duck breast was tender and flavourful. My favourite, however, was The Fishmonger. Just look at the size of that Barramundi! I like that although its exterior was deep fried to perfection and was crisp even after enduring the delivery ride, the meat of the fish was still delicate and juicy while retaining the sweetness of the fish. The pink tartar sauce that came with it complemented the fish really well and I finished my half of the burger within a few bites! Kinda regret sharing now 😛 This also came with truffle chips on the side that you could clearly tell was freshly peeled potatoes. Shiok! The Iced Latte was on point as usual, giving you the extra kick that you need from your wfh lunch. The sweetened Matcha Latte helped to round off the meal on a sweet note.

Educator by day, sgfoodie by night Follow me on IG: @helloshaunsim

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