We were treated to a delightful meal with a view to boot and these were the dishes that we tried:

Salmon Citrus Cream – the salmon here was well executed; tender and moist on the inside with a slightly crispy skin, the citrus cream that came with it also helps you to refresh your palates for the next bite!
Sakura Pork Rack – tasty, tender pork to delight all meat lovers
Beef Bourguignon – again, well executed with fall off the bone tender meat that is packed with flavours
White Wine and Clams Pasta – loved the texture of the pasta here; this was cooked al dente and flavoured wonderfully
Lobster Bisque
Croque Monsieur
Pancake and Berries – finish off your meal with a fun, jiggly and fluffy stack of pancakes topped off with all things berries!


Had always wanted to try this when I first came across it. It’s proximity to the Academy of Singapore Teachers meant that I was always trying to coincide this for lunch with my training courses. And after 3 tries, I was finally here.

The Katsu Sando came with two slices of panko-breaded pork loin, caramelised onions and very fresh greens topped with tonkatsu sauce.

I love that the sandwich was a good combination of savoury and sweet; the breaded pork was crisp while the caramelised onions added a touch of sweetness to it, covering the slightly sour tang of the tonkatsu sauce. What I wish for more of is definitely more of the leafy greens to help cut through the greasiness of the katsu which is made fresh to order.

@therefinerysg changed my opinions on how cauliflowers can taste with the Frittos. It was so good! There isn’t the earthy/flowery taste that I normally associate with cauliflowers and despite being deep fried, wasn’t overwhelmingly oily but easy on the palates.

The nuggets were better than most that I have had but the curry mayo is the star of the show! Although it is said to be inspired by macca’s version, it has far surpassed it! And it packs a punch too on the heat scale!

The smoked duck rice bowl was very flavourful as well and the duck was cooked to perfection, imo.

Lastly, the cocktail. Although it cost as much as all the 3 dishes combined 😂 it was great! It didn’t really taste like an alcoholic beverage at all and had all the right zesty and floral notes of a lemon barley. Pretty sure the fiancée would love it too.

All in all, super impressed and would definitely be dining at @therefinerysg soon!

If you are on Burpple Beyond, this is one of the places you should visit! We had the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict ($14) and the Steak and Egg bowl ($14). Surprisingly, it was the latter which was my favourite!

The steak was done medium well but was not tough at all and had good flavours. The kale and mushroom that came on the side complemented the beef well and was a delight to have when mixed into the rice bowl together with the furikake.

The Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict was pretty good too. Although I was disappointed not to see the egg yolk flow out of my poached eggs when I cut it apart, the seasoning on the egg and the flavours of the pulled pork did not disappoint. I also like how soft the bread was, making the whole experience so much easier and enjoyable.

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Probably one of the worst Mentaiko Pasta I have ever tried; pasta was well cooked but the mentaiko sauce that it came in was bland. Not worth your money


I like how this simple, easy meets west combination works. Probably because the otah came with chunks of fish meat

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The girls seem to really enjoy the Matcha Espresso ($6.50) while the Blissful Berries ($5) will work a treat if you prefer your drinks to come with a tinge of sourness to whet your appetite.

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This was the crowd favourite due to the chicken cutlet that is well marinated in prawn paste.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to the Gin & Tonic that they serve here. Using the Roca Di Montemassi Imperial Gin, which is infused with 6 Botanicals, the gin here does not have the nasty aftertaste that one would associate with gins in general, making this a particularly easy gin to have.

This pasta is special for me because I don't like prawns nor mentaiko, but I would gladly devour this plate of pasta on my own!


The shop's take on buffalo wings. Imagine juicy wings coated in a special spicy sauce that is worthy of having the title "hell-water" indeed. The spices packed a punch!

Expect Australian grass fed prime tender ribeye cubes tossed in a house special black pepper sauce and mustard.

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