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Probably one of the worst Mentaiko Pasta I have ever tried; pasta was well cooked but the mentaiko sauce that it came in was bland. Not worth your money


I like how this simple, easy meets west combination works. Probably because the otah came with chunks of fish meat

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The girls seem to really enjoy the Matcha Espresso ($6.50) while the Blissful Berries ($5) will work a treat if you prefer your drinks to come with a tinge of sourness to whet your appetite.

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This was the crowd favourite due to the chicken cutlet that is well marinated in prawn paste.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to the Gin & Tonic that they serve here. Using the Roca Di Montemassi Imperial Gin, which is infused with 6 Botanicals, the gin here does not have the nasty aftertaste that one would associate with gins in general, making this a particularly easy gin to have.

This pasta is special for me because I don't like prawns nor mentaiko, but I would gladly devour this plate of pasta on my own!


The shop's take on buffalo wings. Imagine juicy wings coated in a special spicy sauce that is worthy of having the title "hell-water" indeed. The spices packed a punch!

Expect Australian grass fed prime tender ribeye cubes tossed in a house special black pepper sauce and mustard.

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This is a fried tofu dish that surprised me! One would assume that cold, fried food would turn soggy but this one wasn't! It tasted awesome even though we took our time with the photos. Expect a Fried Breaded Tofu served with Aburi Mentaiko sauce, tobiko and bonito.

One of my favouritest dish here, is a wok-fried smokey clams served in a fermented yuzu and dashi broth. The clams are fresh and sweet while the broth is so good that many asked for it to be sold as a soup on its own! But be warned that this is pretty spicy!

The Signature item here, a pork belly dish that is chargrilled to perfection and served with a spicy house dip that paired really well with the pork belly as well a side of Chilli Beef Fries that we had.

We tried quite a number of dishes and desserts here, all of which had a tinge if floral notes in it. But if you ask me, give this place a skip. It’s not worth the money.

Some of the dishes we tried were:

Yuzu Chicken ($18++)
Pulled Pork Burgers ($16++)
Spam Fries ($10)
Miso Salmon ($20++)
Seafood Cream Pasta ($19++)
Chocolate Dome ($18++)
Banana Fritters ($10++)
Pancake Tower ($16++)

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