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Seems like FatCat's a regular fixture on this list, but it's deservedly so.
This budget plated dessert features crumble-studded banana caramel ice-cream, sitting on a chocolate sandwich cookie base, and wrapped up in a golden-brown torched marshmallow. It's wonderfully nutty, sweet and gooey, comes with a side chick of a caramel tuile, and best of all, paid for with a single $10 note.


Ordered this because Le Citron ran out. Churros too. The brownies felt nothing special, the whip was unnecessarily alcoholic, and the bacon shards were more novelty than royalty. The raspberry sorbet provided a nice, sour tang; popcorn adding a crisp touch of salted caramel. Otherwise, it doesn't really dazzle, considering the same price could fetch a multi-component plated dessert at FatCat.

Straight-On: Mmm okay.


Puncturing the molten lava cake & almond nougatine spills its contents onto an orange-laced vanilla ice-cream. Fun at first, but after a few scoops, my friends & I lost interest.

Straight-On: Mmm okay.

To finish, FatCat offers the aptly-named "Magnum Pop", a tasty house-made Magnum consisting of strawberry sorbet encased in white chocolate crunch & popping candy.

In a perfect world, there'd be a cheaper dish with just the distilled elements of wasabi foam & bon-bons, surrounding a stick of "MP".

Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


This newly-launched menu item first kickstarts decently with refreshing watermelon popsicles topped with rose foam.

The main course, however, was a collection of hits & misses.
I couldn't care for the Mango & Caramel paper, smoked ice-cream, curry and matcha powders, which were just...vaguely interesting.
The strawberry marshmallow was alright.

The wasabi foam meanwhile packs a light, calculated & delicious punch for the dessert, which is swiftly balanced with accompanying strawberry & citrus notes underneath on the plate.

Nestled amidst the storm of strawberry textures, is a spectacular white chocolate bon-bon, which bleeds strawberry coulis upon first bite. Save this for last if you want to end the main on a high.

Or you could let the finale "Magnum Pop" give the pleasant, parting sugar high.

Top-Down: Mmm okay.


Perhaps I have a weak spot for powders. The crumbs of Portico's signature Deconstructed Blackforest, the addictive Milk Pork from Two Chefs, or the simple satisfaction of downing Milo straight from the packet in OBS.

Why bother with a mediocre black waffle, when you can get a cheaper plate of well-caramelized bananas, sitting in a mound of dehydrated Nutella & dark chocolate soil. It's not their best plated dessert, but don't just feed your eyes with charcoal novelty; order this gem for under $10.

Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


Desserts like this exemplify why Portico's signature is awesome for its price. The sponge is average while the curd & crumbs are uninspired. Top marks for presentation though.

Also tried the Lime Lychee [$14.10], a very refreshing iced bowl that's not particularly value-for-money. Take your chances instead with their signature Soya [$16.50], available only on Fridays & weekends.

Straight-On: Eaten by your camera.


The most recognizable offering from Mad About Sucre features a chocolate rum box atop a globe of mousse, hidden plantain & Brittany crunch.

However, MAS truly shines in their more delicate flavours, such as Passionné [$11.90], one of the best cheesecakes I've ever eaten, and new menu additions like Luna de Miel [$11.90], an exquisite honey mousse with blood orange caviar & grapefruit insert.

Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


Just when I thought that Portico was whipping up just "not bad" executive lunches, in comes this delightful, chilled mortar flowerpot.

Sporting a quenelle of caramel ice-cream atop a forest of rich Varlhona chocolate mousse trunks, hazelnut cookie soil, bleeding coulis and leaves which actually taste nice without jarringly disrupting the palate for the sake of floral vanity.

The hidden popping candy serves as the proverbial brandy-soaked cherry upon a beautiful & beautifully-tasting dessert.

And no, Taylor, I don't want to go out of the woods.

Top-Down/Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


Nothing says "I'm at FatCat" better than a shot of you pouring Salted Egg Syrup over Charcoal Waffles. The black waffles are nothing to shout about though, which is at best average, bordering on bland.

Save your stomach instead for its budget 2am:dessertbar plated desserts, or its equally recognizable Spherified Mojitos [$4.50].

Straight-On: Eating For Your Camera


Does the splash of beetroot yoghurt add anything to the dish?

Does the nuance of Yuzu Hollandaise come through?

It promises to be so much more, but the dish falls short of its presentation & price, hitting just above middle ground.

Top-Down: Eating For Your Camera


Reviews push for Earl Grey Lavender, but instead of consuming Air Freshener, why not opt for a nice Roasted Pistachio, dusted in pistachio crumbs?

If you have money to blow, accessorize your waffle with toppings to complete the look of decadence.

Straight-On: Pretty Delicious


Photos deceive. Read reviews.

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