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Foie Gras 'Latte' caught the eyes of almost everyone at the table, so we ordered it without much hesitation. What we thought was an interesting pairing of coffee and foie gras turned out to be foie gras soup in a cup. The foie gras was blended with cream and chicken stock, and topped with milk foam which made it look like latte. I do enjoy the richness of the flavour, but can't seem to pinpoint how I feel about foie gras being served in soup form. It was queer at first, but you start to grow a liking to it after a few mouths. We dipped the accompanying brioche into the soup and mmm, best of both worlds ⁣

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Patronised them over the National Day weekend and we opted for the National Day menu to share. Now, the menu is rather different than what they usually serve because they injected local flavours into every dish. First up we started with bread of the day served with seaweed butter which was amazing! Utterly creamy and rich in flavours, you simply can’t stop devouring this amazingly fluffy piece of dough. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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Situated at a corner of Botanical Gardens, those travelling via public transport can alight at the park's entrance and enjoy a nice stroll in while taking in the park's floral display. Once you've arrived at the Garage, go up the stairs to the second level where Botanico is at. Featuring a lush interior, they also have an 'alfresco' bar where it's half air conditioned too. Arrived early and hence called the shots on our sitting area, I opted for the indoor space. The staff was extremely friendly, recommending drinks while we (my friend arrived shortly after) were waiting for the rest. What I've got here is their Progressive Cocktail, the Garage Gin'onic - which is a concoction made up of gin, tonic and elderflower. It’s an alcoholic drink in the form of jello and nicely plated for Instagram likes. Talk about starting the day on a high note 🥂 ⁣⁣

The highlight of the meal has got to be this Truffle Carbonara. Tagliatelle cooked with truffle paste, smoked pancetta, parmigiano, topped with egg yolk and truffles, this was an absolute delight to have! The pasta was creamy and rich in flavours, trapping every bit of the sauce in between the strands of dough. Finish it quick though, as it gets clumpy and less delicious the moment it turns cold. ⁣⁣

Quite an interesting dish with a contrast of flavours and textures but the portion was too small .

Fried enoki mushrooms over a bed of grilled eggplant and sautéed spinach and held together by the burrata.

Nice but not outstanding enough for the prices you pay .

I had higher expectations .

Beautifully plated and delightful to eat, I had fun cracking my spoon through the layers of crisp chocolate discs, Gianduja crème and chocolate shortbread, and the mildly acidic tang of the raspberry lychee sorbet was the perfect foil to the intense richness of the chocolate.

Taste: 4/5


@gregabass pulls out all the stops with this stunning starter that brings to mind a soigné version of a beloved local favourite – kopi and kaya toast.

An unctuous slab of espresso foie gras terrine sits on a rectangle of crisp toasted brioche covered in a thin layer of sweet and fragrant kaya jam, whilst atop, 3-year aged specks of soya sauce salt and dobs of egg emulsion complete the composition. Each bite vaguely brings to mind breakfast at the coffeeshop, with a combination of sweet, salty and savoury flavours co-mingling in the mouth. Of course, this is so much better.

Taste: 4.5/5


1 of 7 choices of mains on Spago’s Express Prix Fixe lunch menu, the quail was cooked spot on and served with a sweet and savoury medley of Swiss chard, pistachio gremolata, caramelized Comice pears and a meaty quail jus.

Taste: 3.5/5


We always look forward to the agnolotti stuffed with seasonal vegetables at Spago, because the skill and finesse with which the pasta is crafted with consistently ensures the highest quality and fullest flavour. The porcini edition is no exception, with the star ingredient at the forefront, supported by a parmesan, parsley, garlic and thyme sauce studded with luscious confit tomatoes and a very luxe garnish of black truffle shavings.

Taste: 4/5

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Was excited to try the Hokkaido Sea Urchin Linguine ($46), made of “Giuseppe Cocco” Linguine and Hokkaido Sea Urchin Sardinian Bottarga, the main reason why we were there. Sauce clinging to each strand, it gives a slight brine flavour from sea urchins and cured fish roe. Not my favourite dish from that lunch though.

P.S: #BurppleBeyond has 1-for-1 mains for this place. So it’s totally value for money~

Address: 1 Fullerton Road, Unit 02-06, One Fullerton, Singapore 049213
#forlino #forlinosg

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spicy tomato braised tripe, ricotta, mint, parsley, pecorino

gruyere, fingerling potatoes, rosemary, petite arugula salad