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Spago 's chef tasting menu comprises of 8 courses, inclusive of desserts which you can choose from the dessert menu. Pictured is one half of the duo tartare which comprises of big eye tuna, miso and sesame. This is one of my favourites from the menu: the combination of sweetness and nuttiness from the sesame cracker cone that has a crispy texture, filled with fresh tuna sashimi that is marinated in a savoury sauce, topped with bonito flakes.

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High tea for 2 pax (total Bill $112)

Dishes came in dimsum tins. Portions were small and food served were nothing too special (Siew Mai, har gow). The chilli crab w mantou was not bad though.

I must commend their iced coffees which were really well made. We both had two cups each

View 11/10
Food 11/10
Ambience 11/10

We also ordered the lobster Mac and cheese which is the best M&C we’ve ever tasted. Just request from the server as it it not on the menu

Wine 🍷, Snacks, Scenery and Company, Cheers 🥂 to weekend
Location: Mr Stork, @andazsingapore 5 Fraser Street, Level 39, Singapore
#mrstork #andazsingapore #burpple #burpplesg

It was hard for me not to pick my favourite double blackout chocolate cake for dessert, but I decided to try something new and the sticky date pudding did not disappoint. The dish is indulgent in its own way, but gentler on the throat as compared to their very rich chocolate cake. The pudding itself was moist and spongey with pieces of dates, and the texture reminded me of Chinese steamed cakes. The flavour was subtly spiced and with a hint of sweetness. The pudding paired well with the toffee sauce, which was a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness. And well, any dessert served warm goes great with vanilla ice cream. Definitely a dish I would order again.

The staff were really sweet too and added a piece of chocolate to commemorate Valentine’s day.

Comprising a huge portion of pasta (we opted for spaghettini in place of penne), the chicken rossa would be a great choice for any carb-lover. PS Cafe does not scrimp on its ingredients, and the pasta had a good amount of chicken, bacon pieces, wilted spinach, and juicy mushrooms. The garlic tomato cream sauce was delicious, with an addictive garlic fragance. The use of bacon also added a nice smokiness to the sauce. The dish was completed with cheese shavings which had a nutty flavour and melted into soft, chewy pieces in the hot pasta.

The Waikiki is essentially PS Cafe’s rendition of a Hawaiian pizza. The crust of the pizza was thin, but was on the softer side rather than crunchy. The tomato sauce base had a hint of spice from a generous amount of black pepper, which switched things up from the usual Hawaiian. The pizza itself was loaded with big pieces of ham and fresh juicy pineapple chunks. It was served with a sauce comprising red pepper flakes soaked in oil which was just a tad bit sweet. Overall, a classic pizza that was done well.

We ordered carrot cake and lemon meringue tart and it was really nice! It wasn’t ex. Only $10 per cake.

The salmon is absolutely delicious. It’s cooked to pink which I love. You can request for well done too! This place has completely revamped their menu and their food is very good!
My friend and I agreed that they should have some fries selection in their menu! Nice ambience too!

𝙀𝙭𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙘 𝙏𝙧𝙞𝙛𝙡𝙚: Admittedly I chose this for the mad effects, but it wasn’t just a superficial dessert! Sour mango pops cut through the thicker mango compote, with a touch of lime sorbet to sweeten it up. The compote got slightly heavy towards the end, though it was really addictive whilst the toppings lasted.

Ig @goodfomood