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another great main from the burpple 3-course ser menu worth mentioning is the salmon - just the right amount of pink, with the skin cooked to a crispy and tasty goodness. the ambience of the place also perfectly complements the food, and the terrace with its view of the city was a nice place to walk while waiting in between courses.

took the 3-course dinner deal from burpple, and got the kurobata pork as the main - pork was tender and easy to chew, well-flavoured and savoury with every bite. service was great as well and very happy with how the staff made an effort to remember who to serve which main to, and ensure that all the mains come together so we can all eat together :)

They have half-half options for the large 12-inch pizzas yay! 🍕 I think you just have to pay for the higher-priced ones, but both these pizzas were $23.50.

The marinara is a simple seafood pizza with mussels, prawns and squid (olives too, but I asked them to take those out cause I hate olives). The Italia has mozzarella cheese, parma ham and mushrooms.

According to the waiter, they make and knead the dough from scratch here, and it was served piping hot. I just wish they were a tad more generous with cheese and marinara sauce, and that the dough was a bit more less bread-like and slightly more crusty, but otherwise, it was really good.


Hearty Italian pasta @pastafrescadasalvatore served right beside the relaxing ambience of Boat Quay! So much variety with 18 different pastas and 23 different mouthwatering sauces to choose from. I had a hard time choosing - ended up with the carbonara with homemade wholemeal tagliatelle. Love this restaurant especially for their service and view😌

I had this when I visited Zafferano for dinner in Dec. I liked how Chef Andrea lifted this dish with the zest of Amalfi lemon and the fruitiness of white wine, since the sauce for this pasta was thick and creamy. The vessel to carry that uni cream and fresh Hokkaido uni was housemade Tagliolini, a traditional Piedmontese pasta, cooked al dente.
Last evening, I tried their new menu, and found Chef Andrea has kept to the spirit of honoring the original taste of the ingredients, while elevating it with thoughtful accompaniments. Will share some dishes in the new menu soon.
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Love having greek yoghurt for breakfast , especially with berries. Prep your breakfast in mason jar; greek yoghurt and blueberry with chair seed. It's so handy to bring to work and healthy!
But if you're feeling lazy and want to have a layback weekend, do visit P. S cafe @ One Fullerton 😍

#eatwtiff #cafewithtc

This is homemade ravioli stuffed with burrata cheese (a super mild tasting buffalo cheese which I am absolutely adoring at the moment) and black truffle, bathed in a porcini mushroom cream sauce and topped with crispy parma ham and caviar. ($29.90)

I really like the fact that the sauce is on the light side and neither the truffle or the creaminess is too heavy or overpowering. It's just very well balanced, with the parma adding a crispy crunch and the caviar adding a touch of umami and saltiness. Spam the parmesan cheese they provide on the side if you like an additional cheesy kick.

Food aside, the best thing this place has is the amazeballs view and ambience. Plonked by the riverside with a lovely cool breeze and the lights reflecting off the surface of the river, the whole place just encapsulates romance.


Skai has really nice ambience and provides a view of the city so it would be a perfect place for couples! And while the food was delicious, I don’t think there is any dish I would desperately crave for, so this feels like a fine dining place I would only visit on occasion 🙇🏻‍♀️

But one thing I did love was the truffle butter they served with the complimentary bread!! Best truffle butter I’ve had hands down 👅

I remember making a joke, asking if cows in America are the fattest because I swear this slice of steak was 60% fat 💀 Not that I’m complaining because I do prefer my meats to be fattier, but I couldn’t finish the last two slices because of how rich it was 🤡 The first few bites were so delicious though.. it was so flavourful.

Again, the steak also comes with a side of your choice (I picked roasted mushrooms) and salty bone marrow!!

Here’s an additional photo to show y’all how fat this American cow really is 🤡

🥩 Miyazaki Wagyu, Japan, A4
🥩 Wylarah, Wagyu, Australia, MB8
🥩 Aspen Ridge, Angus, America, U.S.D.A Prime

Good for sharing!! All were delicious and really rich in flavour but my least favourite would be the Angus beef as it is more fibrous and I tend to go for the fattier meats 👅

The wagyu are the kinds that melt in your mouth and taste so incredibly sinful, the flavour was almost too much for me in the end!! All steaks also come with a side of your choice and a generous amount of bone marrow (which is really just some more saltier fat to go with your steak oh golly)🥴.

w/ spiced carrot, bonito, apple and hazelnut🍴

I always order foie gras whenever it’s available in the menu because you can never go wrong with foie gras!! So, of course this was delicious but I do feel like I’ve had better pan-seared foie gras elsewhere 🤷🏻‍♀️