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I love the eggs Benny frm spago hehe so tasty and the Hollandaise sauce is rly yummy. It’s a breakfast buffet so u can actually order smoked salmon too n add it on top of ur eggs Benny if ur feeling extra 😂 Orange juice was refreshing, and the granola w museli was nice n filling :-)

Loved the room and its characteristic designs. The staff were super prompt, helpful and friendly too. Not to mention, all the food was served to our room in tip top condition even though we cannot dine-in at their restaurants during this period of heightened measures. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay and will definitely be back!

Loved the toastie set that came with a beer on the side

I really adore their 𝐁𝐚𝐜𝐨𝐧 𝐂𝐡𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐧𝐮𝐭 “𝐋𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐞” as it’s such a cute and creative concept! It’s a warm and hearty bacon chestnut soup served in a latte cup instead of the usual soup bowl.

Upon taking a mouthful of the warm soup, smooth and savory bacon flavor fills my mouth, followed by the creamy and robust chestnut flavor. Super shiok to dip the crisp toast into the warm and creamy soup!

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6 course menu starts with Char-grilled Iberico Pork & Roast Duck Spring Roll
with Wasabi-mayo Sauce as a dimsum size serving (amazing flavors bursted in my mouth). Followed by Braised Crab Meat and Fish Maw
in Noble ‘Tanfu’ Broth served in a claypot with candle to keep it warm (it was a bit too salty for me). Next up I got Steamed Scallop with Preserved Chilli,
Crystal Noodles (great presentation in a shell and the chilli was just amazing, strangely not very chilli yet hot). Wok-fried Australian Wagyu Mountain Yam
with Black Bean Sauce was our main (it was tender and tasty but was a bit under sized portion for big eaters, it worked well for me though). The meal completed with Lobster X.O. Fried Rice
with Shrimp Fritter (very classy preparation). The dessert was a bit of let down for me Red Bean Paste with Orange Peel
and Glutinous Rice Ball was not sweet enough.

But, all in all if you want to enjoy fine dining with an unparalleled revolving view of CPD, Tong Le is a must visit. It's called private dining for a reason too. Most of the tables are in enclosures for the privacy of each dining group.


📍Spago, Marina Bay Sands📍
💸 3 Course Set Dinner: $75++
3️⃣ Third Course
•Salted Caramel Soufflé
O M G have been eyeing the Soufflé as we’re huge fans of Soufflé💃We were recommended to have the Soufflé, Fuji Apple Sorbet and Crème Fraiche in the same mouthful and we did just that- loved how all 3 components paired really well together and the airy Soufflé texture💭What a beautiful ending to our meal😌💕

Before you leave, be sure to head outside and check out the amazing view

📍Spago, Marina Bay Sands📍
💸 3 Course Set Dinner: $75++
2️⃣ Second Course
•Japanese Sea Bream “Laksa”
•Grilled Iberico Pork Pressa
The Laksa Spring Rolls is always our must order from Spago’s lunch menu so we had to try the Laksa dish for dinner. The Laksa broth was thick and flavourful but the noodles were a little too clumpy. The Laksa Spring Rolls definitely still remains as one of our favourite🥰

📍Spago, Marina Bay Sands📍
💸 3 Course Set Dinner: $75++
Gonna miss dining out so much😭so here’s a #throwback to our experience at Spago where every single course was amazing (as usual and the photos don’t really do them justice🥲) and the view was equally stunning✨💯✨as it transitions from evening to night time (amber hues🌈)

1️⃣ First Course
•Burrata with Confit Kumquats
•Charcoal Grilled Octopus (+10)
Simply love Spago’s pairing especially pairing the Kumquats🟠with Burrata really elevated the dish with an interesting twist! The Octopus was also super tender and be sure to enjoy it with the kaffir lime aioli☺️

The chicken was a tad bit dry and tasteless for me. The best part of this dish is surprisingly the kale instead.

Fusion done right. The risotto was surprisingly good with just the right amount of spice. And the fish is well cooked with yummy crispy bits.

Celebrated le boyfriend birthday there. Our first time there at Tong Le private dining. This is the only rotating restaurant left in Singapore. I added on the scrambled white eggs with Uni dish ($26/pax) to our set menu (just afraid we would not be full la). No regrets to it!

This place is super difficult to get a booking. Typically even for week days you’ll have to book a couple of weeks in advance. A sign saying “We are fully booked for tonight” greets you as you come out of the elevator entrance to restaurant.

Why? Well for starters the restaurant is perched on top of Mount Faber with a good view of Sentosa Island, the cable cars and parts of the Harbourfront channel. Reflections is part of the landscape and beyond that is the sea. Unfortunately there is no sunset view as that is blocked by the cable car building next to the restaurant.

But the good taste of the food more than compensates. We ordered their crispy chicken mid wings, charcuterie of cured meat, tiger prawn capellini and crab and mango stack. No complains about the dishes except the charcuterie which came with crackers that might have been around for a tad too long. With 3 glasses of champagne, the bill came to a grand total of $196.56.

May come back with a different group in future just to try their other items in the menu. And enjoy the great view.