For The Moo Lovers.

For The Moo Lovers.

Featuring Burnt Ends, The BetterField, Spago by Wolfgang Puck, Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant (Marina Square)
Eileen Ong
Eileen Ong

I can recall the magnificent taste of this marbled-like-art steak from a previous visit and was very pleased to relive it all over again two nights ago.

Not counting the wedge of lime and pile of lightly-dressed raw watercress lying next to it, the grilled Mayura Cube Roll was served naked save for a few glistening flakes of sea salt. Its license to thrill lay purely in its depth of flavour, evenly-distributed and abundant fat, as well as its brief but vital encounter with extremely hot coals.

In contrast, the beef flank dish that came just before, had the robust support of a sweetish, dark brown burnt onion sauce and creamy gobs of bone marrow.

Not that one's necessarily better than the other. It all comes down to whether your taste for steak leans towards Calvin Klein minimalism or 80's Versace-inspired embellishment.


Opened by the same guys behind CUT by Wolfgang Puck, steaks here are definitely top notch. Chargrilled with a broiler till it has that slight crunch but still pink, moist in the middle, and incredibly juicy from all that well distributed marbling. Accompanied with the classic butter-based Bearnaise sauce and a side of crisp hand cut fries. Better yet, the view of the infinity pool combined with the Singapore skyline; ideal place for an afternoon date! #FTrecommends #marinabaysands


The relaxed, casual vibe of this new cafe belies the fine dining type of dishes that they serve. In my opinion, the quality of the ingredients and standard of cooking is remarkable considering the rather low price point.
Take this Black Angus Ribeye for instance. It is incredibly juicy and grilled to exact medium-rare done-ness as requested. Clearly the result of a chef who takes great pride in his work. And although the steak comes with a big pool of creamy mustard truffle mayo, I enjoyed having it on its own too. I am not kidding when I say this easily beats many other pricier steaks out there.
If you are a hardcore meat-lover or feel like ordering a steak to share, you can choose to get the Black Angus Ribeye in bigger portions of 400gms ($35 nett) and 600gms ($50 nett). So customer-friendly right?

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To be able to feast on unlimited servings of Wagyu beef at the new Tenkaichi in Marina Square, coupled with a fantastic view of MBS did make my Saturday. For $75++(PH, Fri and weekend price), I would dare to say this is the most value-for-money Japanese BBQ ala-carte buffet in Singapore in terms of quality. My advice - fix your eyes and tummy on the BBQ meat items, scallops and beef sashimi. Just skip the cooked food(mostly processed stuff) and others.

Two of us ordered 7 servings of ox tongue, 4 servings of rib eye cap, 2 servings of short rib and rib intercostal respectively(on top of other meat selections). Needless to say, I was in for a mean meat treat. What a happy MOOdy Saturday!


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