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Newly opened in Bugis, Kin Moo dishes out Thai food with a slight Singaporean twist. This is theirThai version of Braised Pork Knuckle Rice, also known as Khaw Kha Moo, served with chunks of tender Pork Knuckle with skin, fat in all its glory, salted mustard greens, blanched Kai Lan, soft boiled egg and a punchy Thai chilli sauce. Great value-for-money lunch/dinner option if you ask me.


The heart of Tan Quee Lan Street houses multiple good eateries and you'll find Ah Loy Thai amongst them. Their well seasoned Thai Garlic Pork (9.4bucks), refreshing Spicy Lemon Steamed Sea Bass (17bucks) and mouth watering tangy Tom Yum Seafood Soup (8.9bucks) definitely shone above the rest.
Eight of us shared this spread and was delighted to find that the meal went well with our tummies and pleasant on our pockets.


Mighty tasty Grapow, also known as the basil minced chicken rice topped with a fried egg is probably one of the most popular "must order" item at any Thai eatery.
The Summer Noodle Salad, who's had a lesser share of limelight, is actually the one that held my attention. Sleek rice noodles tossed in a savoury coconut milk dressing, crispy seafood nuggets, some pomelo chunks, baby shrimp, finished with fresh herbs and a wedge of lime. Something I had no expectation for but so darned good it keeps you going till your plate's clean. Then, you wish you had more. Careful, this one might have you order yourself another!



The official opening party for @birdbirdsg happens today from 12noon! Open to all. Plus we're absorbing 7%GST and service charge, so everything's less pricey than usual!
I'll be out of town so I can't join the fun, but I trust everyone will have a great time. Get the BBQ Chicken and Donuts with Kaya!! 18 Ann Siang Road

Affordable tasty Thai fare!
I'm easily sold to all things saucy and their Basil Pork Rice (with a sunny side up!!) is a true winner. Tasty and authentic, when I give it a good mix, it's just spoonfuls of moist spicy goodness.

Basil Pork Rice with Egg / 6bucks
Tom Yum Goon / 10bucks
Pad Thai / 5bucks

Yeaap, it was THAT goood! Definitely top few on my list for reordering.
@junkielicious @dwaynemuang


🙈 teeheee!
These are mini Crunchy Prawns (head to tail, completely intact) seasoned well with Thai herbs. Yes please!

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Just look, you can visually see the amount of flavour that's packed into our soup.
Only at @longchimsg.

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Cendol jellies with tender black glutinous rice, chunks of sweetened yam, fleshy coconut, corn kernels off the cob, not forgetting the "attap-chees" (young Palm seeds) soaking up that deliciously fragrant coconut broth; all of those sitting beneath a hill of crushed ice.
Doesn't look like much, nothing fancy about it, but it's one of my personal favourites of @longchimsg. It's the kind of sweet treat you keep going back for since it's so comforting.
A great excuse to cool off from the scorching afternoon sun too 😉

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Fried bread with minced pork. Something I've never tried before, looks very much like "tau pok" but tastes of savoury French Toast! Extra tasty with the sweet and spicy dipping sauce on the side.

9.9bucks/8 pieces
#narathai #toast #appetizer


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