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Marc T.
Marc T.

3.5 munchies: Featuring one of the new brunch items on The Coffee Academics Singapore’s à la carte menu, the classic Eggs Benedict has been given a spin by topping the poached eggs with honey lemon guacamole sauce. The splash of acidity from the lemon juice not only offset the sweetness of honey, but also balanced the richness of the avocado. Prosciutto di Parma – prized for its sweet, slightly nutty flavours and silky texture – was served on toasted English muffins. It also came with a side of fresh seasonal greens.


4 munchies: Twice-marinated using a house-made recipe that includes stout and a variety of spices for six days, the glistening BBQ sauce contains paprika, cayenne pepper, and the residual liquid from the marination. The super tender and flavourful meat fell off the bone as soon as I took my very first bite. For a more 'shiok' experience, eat it with your hands because you would regret not licking the sticky goodness off your fingers! #Burpproved


4.5 munchies: Who'd have thought that the Melbourne Lobster Roll from this Taiwanese coffee chain store was the highlight dish of my HK trip? Served in a toasted, buttery brioche, the large chunks of lobster meat were cooked to perfection – slightly chewy, so tender, and oh so juicy! The tangy cream sauce deserves a special mention for its lightness and mild flavour of garlic. Also comes with crunchy potato cubes and a side salad with lemon dressing.

The natural sweetness of the Longan Claret Jujube Tea makes a refreshing pairing with the lobster roll. Diners may also enjoy the sweet and pulpy longan flesh and red dates that can be retrieved from the dainty clear glass teapot.


3 munchies: English muffins topped with smoked salmon and nicely-poached eggs. It would have been great if the hollandaise had a stronger hint of lemon zing. The additional topping of sautéed mushrooms for HK$20 also lacked the garlicky flavours and fragrance from the herbs.


2.5 munchies: Despite being marinated in spicy tequila, lime, and paprika, the chargrilled chicken was dry and lacked the bold flavours I was hoping for. Do squeeze the whole wedge of lime because this dish needed that extra zest. The potatoes at the side were nicely roasted, though. I'd recommend you to stick to what Morganfield's is known for – RIBS!


3.5 munchies: Using a plump pork bratwurst known for its succulent bite and robust meatiness, it is featured as a standard anchor in 3 of the 4 main dishes served at this one-week-old grab-and-go kiosk. My top pick goes to the Cheezy Mushroom – made of white button mushrooms and chopped garlic sautéed in chicken stock. It also features a blanket of gooey raclette cheese that is melted and scraped right onto the hotdog upon order!


3.5 munchies: Tender, barbecued Louisiana ribs served straight from the live carving station. The spicy kick from the tangy and sweet sauce complemented the smoky flavours of the pork. Be sure to also get some melted raclette cheese to douse upon the fine breads and seasonal vegetables!

Priced at $98++ with free-flow of selected alcoholic beverage, the live carving station is inclusive of and in addition to the 3-course weekend Jazz Brunch. Now you know where to unwind over brunch against the backdrop of live music performances – the first of its kind to hit our shores!


4 munchies: The Walter Breakfast comes with two eggs, hash browns, raisin and walnut toast, and a choice of bacon (or sausage). Yes, they might be the usual suspects for an American breakfast, but not when the bacon was pan-fried to crisp perfection without all the grease. I also ended up polishing off the hash browns that were slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy with a good bite of the potatoes inside! #munchinginNY


3.5 munchies: Served with sauerkraut, smoked bacon, sweet potato purée, and apple quince chutney, the Niman Ranch Pork Chop was grilled to perfection. Charred and smoky on the outside, it'd have been great if it were moist and juicy on the inside, though. The cider-sage reduction gave acidity and sweetness, complementing the rich flavour of the pork beautifully. #munchinginNY

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4.5 munchies: Stacks of fluffy pancakes topped with light chantilly cream, smooth maple butter, and crunchy candied walnuts. The tartness of the caramelised Granny Smith apples was retained, balancing the sweet components of the dish. #Burpproved

The Apple & Cinnamon Pancakes – a Christmas edition item – is only available until 1 Jan 2017. You may now reserve a table on the Chope platform, including weekends!


4 munchies: Topped with smokey pepperoni and smothered generously with three types of cheese – gruyere, mozzarella and Parmesan, I liked how the fries were cut thick not only for a good bite, but also for getting more of the gooey cheese on them. The house-made bacon ketchup served at the side was absolutely smashing; it was sweet-savoury with hints of smokey bacon and caramelised onion flavours.

Pair this sinful bar bite with a couple of bottles of craft beers (I recommend the Tuatara APA & Castaway IPA) and you're set for a chill night by the bay! #Burpproved

4 munchies: Air-flown straight from California, USA, and made using Real California Milk without antibiotics or added hormones, I built my very own fro-yo with the Original and Alphonso Mango Tart. The tartness of the plain fro-yo not only complements the sweet and refreshing Indian Alphonso Mango, but also all other creamy and sorbet flavours! Might have gone a lil cray with my toppings including Reese's Peanut Butter Chips, HERSHEY's Chocolate Chips, crushed almonds, cornflakes, peanuts, and fresh strawberries. Priced by weight at $3 per 100g, I'd also highly recommend the buttery rich Salted Caramel Pecan!

Officially launched just yesterday at Suntec City, the California brand is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with more than 300 outlets located and 200 flavours available worldwide. Be in for a surprise (and very spoilt for choice) when the rotating list of 8 flavours changes every 3 weeks!

From now till 16 Jan 2017, snap a picture of your best fro-yo creation and upload it onto Instagram with the hashtags #YogurtlandSingapore and #WatchMyYogurtland to stand a chance to win an Apple Watch!


Marc T.

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