Loads of blended fresh strawberries . Though the price is steep, this is my 2nd time getting it! It’s so refreshing yet not overly sweet. There’s no sugar level option for this drink as I think it’s naturally sweetened by they strawberries. Tried to order it without ice and the staff said it would just taste like plain milk and strawberry which I don’t understand


Sorry I mean One-North! @kopifellas serves up the best Teh in this region! For $1.10 of guaranteed happiness and caffeine fix!
I honestly don’t know why it took me 100 cups before I shot a proper photo of this swag cup!! 🤣

Search no more! Milky Way’s smooth milk with brown sugar and pearls, that is bound to sweeten up your day!

Oyako don ($17++) , Katsutoji ($18++) and Seiro Soba ($10.50++)

I visited the Orchard Central outlet on the 8th Floor. It has a rather huge dining area that is both traditional and modern in design. The interior decor stands out for me and makes me feel at home.

With ingredients hailing from the land of bubble tea, Taiwan, the usual drink toppings like pearls or even nata de coco taste different! Their homemade pearls are slightly chewier with a tender coating of sweetness. The nata de coco is a lot softer than the ones you find at chain bubble tea shops.
My drinks from left to right
1. Strawberry Smoothie
2. Black Sugar Milk Matcha
3. Apple Topped Milk Foam Oolong
4. Lychee Rose Nectar
I highly recommend trying the Apple Topped Milk Foam drinks, it’s really good and unique! My favourite toppings are pudding, pearl and nata de coco!
Thank you @winnies.sg for sending the love!

This is so good! Although you can’t choose your sugar level, I honestly don’t find it too sweet. The milk is cold but the sugar is slight warm when you hold onto the cup, you will know what I mean. There was a short queue at paragon on a Friday night after dinner time but there were 4 staff working like clockwork to prepare the drinks. Didn’t wait long to get my drink.

Ft. Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA (USA) & Pasteur Street Passionfruit Wheat Ale (VN)
Thank you @tapsingapore for the feast! 😎
🙌 models : @visualpeak @craz_03

For all Earl grey and Oreo cookie lovers out there, this is for you! Smooth and creamy earl grey milk tea with chewy chocolatey biscuit bites in every sip! Not to mention the chewy and sweet boba 😍 thanks Joy and Jillian 😉 don't forget to check out @nitngrit at Pasar By the Bay from 2nd - 4th Sept :) https://cptslowyeo.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/nit-grit-media-invite/

Missing this Bloo iced soda with a cute little Jelly bear which had the consistency of a konnyaku 😂
To Pokemon trainers, @chockfullofbeans is a pretty good spot 😂 nonstop lures and lots of water Pokemon! 🙌 model : @jellylovefats

Decent thai milk tea starting at $3.20 per cup.

They sell flavours like ovaltine milk tea, or rose (bandung) thai milk tea. But I heard the bandung is the worst. The thai milk tea tastes pretty decent, like every other thai milk tea I've tried. It's definitely sweet, but not overly sweet. The tea aroma is pretty strong and can be tasted distinctively. They don't put too much ice into the cup, so you do get a decent portion to drink.

But the location, isn't fantastically convenient, you have to walk across Novena mrt to get to Novena agency, just for thai milk tea. But they also sell macarons.

There's indoor seating for like 6 people, with lawn/outdoor tables and chairs.

I would recommend coming to this place after you've had a meal at Novena regency to get some smooth and cooling thai milk tea. :)

Before I even reached Nit & Grit, I did a little research on their instagram and noticed that they mentioned that that make their own pudding on a daily basis. I was curious to try their pudding and being an earl grey fan myself. This drink was a must order! The earl grey flavour was just right and the sweetness of the milk tea was perfect for me. I'm a gong cha/koi (25%-30%) sugar level person. The pudding had a subtle sweetness on it's own, along with the chin chow jelly and the pearls. The tapioca pearls had the right consistency in chewy texture.

Also, their drinks here at Nit & Grit don't contain a lot of ice! The milk tea is pulled straight out of the fridge and poured into the cups. So for people like me who hate, having to dig up pearl bits hidden beneath humongous ice cubes. CELEBRATE!

During my visit to Nit&Grit. I witnessed some other customers ordering this same drink which makes me confirm the right decision to order this "best seller"

Data scientist who loves Ice cream, waffles.. Cakes... Cars... and Bloo

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