Salted Egg

Salted Egg

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Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Looking for wallet-friendly meal in town and satisfying your Salted Egg cravings.

First thought that come to mind is New Station Snack Bar’s Salted Egg Pork Ribs Rice! Tender boneless pork chop, deep fried to golden brown and covered in decadent salted egg sauce. The creamy salted egg sauce is made more fragrant with curry leaves but not too gelat to finish on own. Add-on $1 for the sunny side-up!


When these lovely pastel buns adorned with a stroke of gold edible paint came, you can hear the room fills with “ohhh” and “ahhh”. Filled with luscious salted egg lava custard, its smooth and well balanced.

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A western bistro is hidden in the heartland. The small bistro offers western dishes such as burgers, pasta, ice cream and waffles, has been around since 2015!

Salted Egg Chicken Burger ($16.90) is one of the several salted egg dishes they offer. Thick buttermilk fried chicken coated in savoury salted egg sauce, served with a bed of fries, it’s one of those comfy dishes to have.

Deep fried squid rings tossed in salted egg sauce, chilli padi and curry leaves. Crunchy pieces that's encrusted in salted egg batter, ADDICTIVE~

Own made salted egg yolk sauce lavishly spread across whole fried chicken thigh. Each bite is an assault of the creamy rich sauce. A simple side of sesame slaw to complete the dish.


Just when you thought salted egg craze had died down. Here is a bowl of Golden Sand Corn in Salted Egg Yolk ($4.80), a light bite that's super addictive!!


Bao Makers has included Salted Egg Chicken Bao ($5.50, minimum 2 baos per order) in their menu, after raving reviews at iLight event. Crispy-fried chicken coat with creamy salted egg sauce served with white steamed bun. Can't really taste the salted egg as mayo overpower it, but still worth a try.


Two kinds of Lava Cheese Tarts are available: Original ($2.40) and Salted Egg ($2.40)

Shown here is the Salted Egg version. I had heat it up slightly before devouring them so the salted egg lava can flow. While cheese filling might not be as rich or smooth as BAKE's but the combination with salted egg is just great!

GRAB these at promotional rates available till 30 April 2016 😉


Before Salted Egg Croissant craze hit SG, KL has it too so we couldn't miss this opportunity to try Le Bread's Egg Yolk Custard Croissant (myr6.90). Thick salted egg custard oozes as you cut open the croissant. Each bite was blissful as they had the right amount of salted egg yolk, making this a savoury delight. Totally worth the CALORIES!


Their salted egg filling leans toward buttery sweet than savoury, whereby redeeming factor is the crusty croissant which is outsourced. However, what enticed us was their Truffle Honey Custard Croissant ($6.50). You will catch a whiff of truffle as you cut open the croissant, plus compared to the former filling it is thicker.

Have you tried salted egg croissants recently? If so, which is your favourite?


Cassie Ong

Level 9 Burppler · 1616 Reviews

A bit of sweetness can drown out a whole load of bitterness. So I’m always having sweets 🧁🍧🍡

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