I survived my first Tom Yum mookata! Scariest feeling to order a soup base that you're not confident of drinking (I can't take spice) but it turned out to be a risk worth taking!

The soup was spicy but not unbearable or numbing, which was made even more flavourful when we cooked our food. Come early to snag a seat and be sure to order at least two portions of the Zesty Marinated Squid (sounds super dodge, I know). It's unlike any other squids I've tried β€” thick cut slices of squid that no matter how long you leave it on the grill, it never becomes rubbery!!! What sorcery is this?! It's like eating little pillows of nicely grilled squid πŸ™

There are a couple of outlets around the island so do check which is the nearest for you! I heard the Jurong West outlet also sells Thai Milk Tea πŸ‘…πŸ’¦ Definitely coming back to have this mookata again! #Burpproved


Best thing to tuck into on a rainy day!! β›ˆ LOVE the flavourful broth and the ribeye here is so thinly cut, there's no need for much jaw action (yay!)! Unlike other Thai beef noodles where the portions run small, it's a generous portion of noodles and accompanying kang kong here! Shiok. #Burpproved

I'm usually not a fan of spicy soups, but this is definitely worth trying! The broth is so flavourful and intense, EPIC 😍 Love at first slurp. There isn't a lot of seats (two tables of four, one long table of eight and bar seats) so best to come in small groups or make reservations prior. Also, come for the lunch sets where you can get the pho bowls (this included) and ONE spring roll for $12. #burpplecheapNgood

I usually wouldn't go for ramen in foodcourts but this stall is a definite must try! Pork broth is creamy, flavourful and rich β€” you'd want to slurp it all up!!! I quite like the thin noodles, just the right portion to fill you up and it's made fresh daily in the shop! I'd highly recommend you to get the ramen deluxe ($8.90), where else can you find FIVE freaking pieces of melt-in-your-mouth chashu for under $10?!


You know how in Korean movies they dunk their entire bowl of rice into the stew right after the stews are set in front of them? You can do it here at Three Meals a Day β€” no judgement whatsoever from the Korean patrons. Love how puffy the rice gets after it soaks up the spicy stew and they're so generous with their ingredients! Also don't be afraid to ask for more of your side dishes β€” its refillable!


Here's a bowl of authentic sundubu stew (traditional Korean tofu stew) that will warm you up from the inside out on a rainy day! Love how tasty the soup is (not diluted at all) and the big slab of wobbly tofu that you can mash up to your desired size. You can choose the level of spice you want (level 1-3 is made with chilli powder, level 4 is made with fresh chilli) as well as the base of the soup (salt and ginger, Japanese miso or non-spicy). Lots of seafood in this too, there are Japanese oysters, Hokkaido scallops, soft shell prawns, baby squids and even a flower crab! YUM!


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