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Fancy Smancy

Fancy Smancy

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Dex Neo
Dex Neo

Pick up the combo here if you want to try a variety of items on their menu. We topped up $15 to swap one burger for a lobster roll and didn’t regret it!

There’s a good amount of fresh, briny lobster in the crisp roll, that’s made even better with the decadent, buttery golden sauce that’s great with everything. You can also get the halves of the lobsters done two ways – steamed and grilled. Even the burger was really well done; juicy patty with melted cheese and a toasted sesame bun. Certainly an indulgence but one I can see myself going back for eventually.🦞


The new kid on the block; Soufflé features fluffy, ethereal eggy goodness done in both sweet and savoury styles. Injecting a local twist, I actually really liked this hiam, rich laksa gravy drizzled over the crisp top and mixed in with the moist, cloud-like soufflé. Besides the two prawns on top, there’s cut up chunks of it inside the soufflé as well. Tasty and definitely worth a try once despite the steep price.


Intense is an apt word to describe this. A giant grilled river prawn is topped off with this floss and a hae bi kinda XO sauce which just screams flavour! The best part is when you mix it all up with that oh-so-creamy prawn butter from the head and slather it on the crispy roti. Sheer bliss (though bliss doesn’t come cheap). 😂


Alma by Juan Amador has some new additions to their set lunch menu where almost every course had us going ohhing and ahhing! This hearty dish of duck is specially imported from France, given the rub down with peppercorns and coriander seeds, then sous vide to a delightful pink. Tender, firm and full of flavour, it actually reminded me of steak! The accompanying tortellini isn’t one to take a back seat either, packed with shredded duck confit that had a surprisingly spicy, Asian zing. -
The food here is definitely fine, but it comes with a touch of localization and adventurousness that I loved and will have me coming back for more. Yummehhhhh!


Why come to Spago and have a burger you might ask? Between that perfectly medium rare, juicy patty, crisp lettuce, aged cheddar and gruyere, tangy pickles, onion-jalapeño marmalade and garlic aioli, it’s pretty ridiculous not to! Even the brioche buns delight; light and fluffy, it presses down easily in your hands, making the gargantuan task of fitting the ends of this burger into your mouth just that little bit easier. We were so full at the end of this, we had to da bao the entire basket of golden fries to our movie after. 😂


A must with every meal at Spago and a Burpple community favourite, these tuna cones dazzled me with their play on textures, fun flavours and cute presentation. The contrast between the chunky spicy tuna against the brittle sesame cone and the heat from the fish against the muted sweetness of the shell certainly left an impression, one that’ll have me coming back again and again just for these little bites.


Finalllllly made my way down to Spago after hearing so much about it (particularly from Veronica) and I’m kicking myself for not doing so sooner! The whole experience was stellar, from the ambience, service and of course, the food.

This was something that has been on my bucket list since I heard about it. Buah keluak; affectionately known as the Asian truffle here is scooped out from the nut and blended together with foie gras, resulting in a decadently smooth, buttery paste that’s a delight smeared on their crisp brioche. Just one item from our pretty ridiculous lunch, more to come!


Dining at Curate, you’re getting more than just a meal; it’s an experience unlike any other. With menus that change with the passing seasons, we got to enjoy the tail end of their summer menu – a take on vibrancy, whimsy and sunshine. What better way to start off a meal like that than with a picnic!

Before you even sit down, you’ll notice a literal grass patch on your table. This sets the scene for the team at Curate to prepare a picnic beyond your wildest dreams! To start, we got a basket of rolls and some of the tastiest spreads ever; my favourite being the savory, spicy camembert. And those cute little drinks? Beer with a twist, topped off with a lemon meringue foam. We’ll prost to that!

Part of their Lotus Lunch Set: ended off the mains with e-fu noodles and a crispy cradle of mapo tofu. While the mapo tofu was a bit salty, it was extremely tasty with plump bits of fatty pork, perfect with the e-fu which was smooth and one of the best I’ve had. Bonus points for the crunchy, tasty basket that was a pleasure to munch on as well.


Part of their Lotus Lunch Set: the pan-fried sea perch was uhhhmazing! Didn’t look impressive but even under the sauce it was surprisingly crispy and moist on the inside.


Part of the Lotus Set Lunch: Braised Bird’s Nest Soup was smooth with strips of pumpkin and fish maw. This whetted our appetite for the things to come. While vinegar isn’t served with this, do ask for it as I loved the combination.


Start off with these at your next meal at Claypots Full Circle (don’t expect actual claypots though, long story). Two out of three isn’t bad; we loved the bright, crunchy tzatziki and the flavour packed baba ganouch though the ho hum(mus) was underwhelming.

Loved the fluffy bread that came with it though, perfect for the dips and mopping up the other saucier dishes.


Community dude at Burpple that loves food and exploring culinary escapades on our tiny island.

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