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Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Classic bunch dish, poached eggs with avocado spread served atop sourdough bread. Loved the pomegranate which added that tangy sour taste to the creamy textures. And the portobello mushroom was really nice as well, provided the more "meaty" textures. Overall the presentation was good, taste wise not bad, portion might be a little small for the price, ambience is great for photos as well

This place specialises in jaffles - toasties is the closest word to describe it. Pictured is the Nice To Meat You, which comprises of ingredients like beef peperoni, pork chorizo, chipotle mayo, poached egg and salad greens. It's a classic yet failproof combination, loved the way the bread was toasted, and ingredients were generous as well. Probably won't get at original price, but with Burpple's 1-for-1, then yes definitely. Cozy environment as well!

Priced at $25 but very worth it, just look at the quantity. It's comprised of typical breakfast items but still very satisfying. The bacon is the thick-cut kind. The mushroom was amazing, super juicy!

This was very worth every bit of the $20. Even though it might sound jelat, the sticky date wasn't overpowering at all. And there were many textures in the dish (the softness of the pancake, the crunch in the caramelized layer, the nuts and the biscuit, the smoothness of the cream). The vanilla ice cream balances the flavours. Overall it was a very intricate dish, well-plated, and the portion is pretty huge which made it so worth the money!

Very worth it with the 1-for-1 offer. There's also a generous serving of crab meat. The pasta may look plain but, once mixed with the sauce below, you'll find that the flavour is really rich and the sauce is thick. I liked the spice added inside too, not too much but enough for a kick. Good for people who like strong tastes.

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I liked the quality of both the coffee and the ice cream. Tried the cold brew which was good too. They sell plenty of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and they have nice decoration as well. Would definitely try the food if it was a little less pricey!

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Overall it was pretty ok, worth it with the 1-for-1 deal. I liked how they added tomato sauce so the cheese doesn't get too overpowering. Would have liked for the smoked salmon to be incorporated within the dish itself instead of just putting it at the top. Also, some parts of the pasta was hardened.... but overall it was not too bad :)

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Classic breakfast item but pretty good, loved the addition of the tomato that gave the zest. Toast was also nice and soft and served with just the right thickness. A pretty chill cafe with good service as well!


Overall the pancakes were not too bad but not super fantastic either. A place good for group gatherings, is a halal restaurant, and they have a huge variety of food choices. Worth it for burpple 1-for-1!

A pricey dish that I would not have gotten without the 1-for-1. Although the portion is small, I thought the combination was nice, with fat and juicy fish roe for texture, a perfectly poached egg, cream, and mango for that tinge of sweetness among all the other savoury ingredients, all on top a potato rosti that was decent. It was a pleasant meal, just didn't like the veg that came with it as it was quite out of place.

Pretty cafe food that is a little expensive for the portion but I guess life is like that haha. I liked the creaminess of the cheesecake. It was pretty okay, I think once is enough (for the aesthetic)

This dish (as well as the other dishes) is pretty unique. I mean, it's not everyday you see a creamy version of salted egg mixed with hollandaise sauce. The bread is soft and nice, eggs poached well, i'm just wondering why they used prawn, of all meats. Also the kale didn't seem to complement the other ingredients. But overall it was a satisfying meal (the salted egg is worth a try), and I liked how the portions are not too big and doesn't leave you with a jelak feeling.

Best part is that the prices are cheap (for cafe food), the place is spacious and empty (good for catchups) and there are power points for you to charge your devices~

just another avenue for me to post things cos I bored af lol

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