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Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Overall the pancakes were not too bad but not super fantastic either. A place good for group gatherings, is a halal restaurant, and they have a huge variety of food choices. Worth it for burpple 1-for-1!

A pricey dish that I would not have gotten without the 1-for-1. Although the portion is small, I thought the combination was nice, with fat and juicy fish roe for texture, a perfectly poached egg, cream, and mango for that tinge of sweetness among all the other savoury ingredients, all on top a potato rosti that was decent. It was a pleasant meal, just didn't like the veg that came with it as it was quite out of place.

Pretty cafe food that is a little expensive for the portion but I guess life is like that haha. I liked the creaminess of the cheesecake. It was pretty okay, I think once is enough (for the aesthetic)

This dish (as well as the other dishes) is pretty unique. I mean, it's not everyday you see a creamy version of salted egg mixed with hollandaise sauce. The bread is soft and nice, eggs poached well, i'm just wondering why they used prawn, of all meats. Also the kale didn't seem to complement the other ingredients. But overall it was a satisfying meal (the salted egg is worth a try), and I liked how the portions are not too big and doesn't leave you with a jelak feeling.

Best part is that the prices are cheap (for cafe food), the place is spacious and empty (good for catchups) and there are power points for you to charge your devices~

This is a rather unflattering photo but I found it to be pretty good, with ingredients that complement well. You can choose to customise your own box or get their signatures. Portions may look small but the flavours are rich and hence filling, may even be a bit jelat. Overall a good experience as the place is cozy with good music and the staff are warm and friendly as well

With Beyond, this was pretty worth it. Cereal milk ice cream + charcoal waffles. The ice cream was pretty good - creamy and rich in flavour. Waffles were a little bit too salted but fragrant. Texture's great, they were served hot, slightly crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside. Overall a nice place to chill.

Oh and their pastas are pretty good too!


Super underrated place. The atmosphere and vibes were lovely, the staff were very friendly, the food were amazing. I highly recommend this (and their food in general) because it was so masterfully prepared - the nuts and honey complement, the tomatoes were cooked just nice to have that level of crunch that balances the soft eggplant and the tough piece of sourdough. Would definitely be back again.

At $17.90++, this is a pretty puny portion. Taste-wise, not very impressive. But at least the food looks aesthetic af (and the decor of the cafe is awesome too it's like a mini garden). So yeah, go there to chill or take photos

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Baked chorizo with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, tomato salsa, hints of melted cheese, and topped with a beautiful egg yolk which was so professionally done, not too watery yet soft enough to spread over the mash of food. The mixture was rich and satisfying. It looks very red but, trust me, the tomato wasn't overpowering. The sliced brioche toast was very well done and it complements the gravy too! Worth the $12.50 and I'll be back to try the other items on the menu.

Loved the cold brew. It's really smooth, not overly milky with a distinct coffee taste. The muesli was alright, nothing too special though! Wished they had more ingredients and more granola crunch. All in all, still a lovely breakfast.


Got the cheapest item on the menu at $6.90 for a light bite. Simple sandwich, yet the bread was well-toasted, soft on the inside yet with a tinge of crispiness! Cheese was melted to perfection and it was perfectly soft, wrapping itself around the slices of bacon. Will try their main sandwiches next time!

Meat was really juicy, caramelised onions were the bomb, and I loved the fries too! (Had cheese fries while the boyfriend went for truffle, if only they gave more cheese.) Also loved the decor!