The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Food to eat when I return to Singapore
Poh Peng Ric
Poh Peng Ric

Located on the second floor of Cineleisure, this successful restaurant chain from Thailand dishes out simple yet delicious Thai-style yong tau foo (known as yentafo). Come with a group of friends and start with sharing a plate of Yum Crispy Salmon Skin ($7) — freshly fried fish skin with a side of spicy seafood sauce meant for pouring over the salmon skin. Then, warm your tummy with a bowl of Yentafo Kruengsonge Soup ($8.50), which comes with handmade kway teow, its signature pink sauce and nine different yong tau foo items. While the original yentafo in Thailand comes with blood sausage, the version in Singapore contains grass jelly, which works surprisingly well with all the other elements. The savoury clear broth that you should opt for is made by simmering pork bone, radish and coriander root — so unbelievably tasty! There are three spice levels available — those who favour some heat should opt for the "Rod-Jeb", or screaming spicy. End your meal with one of their more unique homestyle desserts like the Nam-Wa Banana in Coconut Milk with Sesame Seeds ($5)!
Avg Price: $15 per person
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Know that going into Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen means there’s a possibility of you leaving with puffy lips, runny nose and a fully satisfied tummy. Located a few doors down from Mrs Pho on Beach Road, Noodle Thai-Thai Kitchen dishes out flavourful and authentic bowls of noodles. Their Spicy Thai Thai Soup Noodles ($6.90) is not to be reckoned with — its soup is cooked with a generous portion of fiery hot chili powder commonly used in Thailand. What makes this stall stand out from the rest is its abundance of ingredients, from crispy pork rinds to fishcakes and meatballs. If you’re not looking to sweat it out, opt for the superb Signature Crispy Pork Jade Noodle Dry ($6.90) instead — al dente thin green noodles served with tender, flavourful slices of pork, a wobbly egg and fried wonton. The sweet-tangy sauce served on the side is great for dipping your pork into! Pro tip: Swing by during lunch with your colleagues and have the set lunch (from $5.90) — it comes with a traditional Thai dessert and a drink!
Avg Price: $10 per person
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Put a posh spin on your desk lunch and step out to this takeaway shop in Tanjong Pagar Centre for Josper oven-grilled meat rice bowls. There are currently three options for your protein — Grassfed Black Angus Sirloin ($14), Thai Basil Grilled Chicken ($9) and the much talked about 18hr Sous-Vide Jowl (pork cheeks, $12). All the meats are smoked with apple wood for more depth and complexity, and served with premium Japanese Yamagata Haenuki rice plus a 63-degree sous-vide oozy egg. Vegetables like Asparagus and Cherry Tomato on Vine are at an additional $1 each. Pro tip: Take Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua's advice and be fearless about stirring in the zingy chili they serve on the side!
Avg price: $15 per person
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This fuss-free restaurant along Maude Road serves home-style Chinese dishes that your family would love to tuck into, regardless of the occasion. Seating is limited, so it's best to make reservations. Always start the meal with the Crispy Lotus with Salted Egg (from $11.90), addictive, crunchy lotus root chips coated with salted egg yolk. Get the tasty Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork (from $14.90) to share before moving on to the star of the show — the Signature Lobster Porridge ($31.90 per 100g). Its deeply comforting and flavourful porridge broth is naturally sweetened with lobster meat!
Avg Price: $50 per person
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What started out as a no frills eatery along Kitchener Road 16 years ago has now become a one-Michelin-starred restaurant. Putien, whose ancestry traces back to its namesake city Putian in China, specialises in Heng Hwa dishes that are incredibly tasty, consistently good and MSG-free — a reliable choice for dinner with the grandparents. Start with the Stir Fried Yam (from $12.90) — golden pillows of mashed yam encased in a thin deep-fried crust, before tucking into the crowd favourite Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon (from $8.90). The latter uses sundried vermicelli milled by hand in Putian, manually dried under the sun and cooked for hours with pork bone broth, resulting in translucent, fine bee hoon that is silky soft and unbelievably flavourful. Another popular dish is the Putien Style “Bian Rou” Soup with Vinegar (from $13.90) — little dough pouches of pork wrapped in smooth wonton skin that you can’t stop at just one! It’s not just the delicious food that has earned Putien loyal patrons — service is speedy and the servers are mercifully attentive to water requests.
Avg Price: $25 per person
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However, the phrase "Do not judge a book by its cover" certainly applies here.
The texture of the bee hoon is somehow moist and smooth. Not to mention you can taste the strong wok hei! I ordered the small portion which cost 7 dollars. However, I wish I had ordered a bigger version! A 4/5 rating.

Based in the hawker centre, it was priced at $17 for a large plate with plenty of crustaceans which could satisfy 3-4. Stock was fresh and flavourful, top up some of those crispy pork lard for the extra kick. What else was better? No need for Long queue. #burpple

We dropped by for lunch at Timbre+ after we read about the new list made by the Michelin Guide Singapore. We ordered one set A, black sauce meepok with chili served separately. At S$6.50 (including drinks), the ingredients given were really A LOT that I could barely see the meepok underneath 😂 We could tell that the fishballs were different from the usual ones and as expected, the fish skins were really 👍. (How could fish skins taste badly right?😅) But the signature dried meepok was a slight disappointment as it wasn't Al-Dente and the black sauce was a bit bland without chili added. If you would like to try, go for the chili-based noodle. 😉


The seafood is fresh! But the small lobster (langostino) too fishy smell. Overall was good.


If you're ever feeling lazy after a long day's work, swing by and get your fill on these awesome, delicious 大懒蟹 Wok-Fried XL Crabs! (S$70/kg). 5 versions to choose from 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀: Indo Curry (signature, hot fave - shown here); Black Pepper; Salted Egg; Chilli; Bee Hoon. A magnificent sight, and definitely my personal favourite item for the night. Tastes like chilli crab in laksa, minus that overly-rich coconuty aftertaste 👌🏻
Thanks @burpple @biglazychop for the #foodtastinginvite, and @foodnewspr Marie, Sneha for hosting us two weeks ago 😘
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Gather the ladies in your life for good-for-the-skin hotpot ($25 per person, minimum two diners) in town. Tsukada Nojo takes pride in their collagen-rich stock, made by stewing organic Jidori chicken bones for over eight hours until they dissolve to form a silky collagen pudding — this is what servers will bring to the table to heat in the pot. The pudding will melt into a nourishing soup, in which you can then cook your tray of of organic vegetables, seafood and tender chicken meat. On top of that, you get a choice of noodles and porridge — we highly recommend going with their signature thick and chewy mochi mochi noodles! Pro-tip: There are also outlets in Liang Court, Westgate and Chinatown Point. To skip the queue, you can make reservations only for the Chinatown Point outlet.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Triffany Lim


Cheap & good mookata, we ordered 2 rounds of lots of meats, vegetables, etc, and the bill came up to $14.45 per pax 😱, shockingly cheap. Love the meats which are fresh & well marinated as well as the 2 types of chilli sauces, one sweet & one spicy/sour.

Bak chor mee lover, fusion food enthusiast and a student filled with wanderlust! @thepoppingone

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