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Ang Moh Jiaks

Ang Moh Jiaks

All things none Asian in SG // because going to the western part of the world costs too much
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

This dish, Grilled Squid in Nyonya Sambal and Mozzarella Cheese, is essentially a 'zhng up' version of the Sambal Sotong that we usually order at tze char stores. Stuffed with mozzarella cheese, the squid was carefully scored and the sambal flavours really came through. The spice level was not overpowering, and you can taste a hint of sweetness within. The addition of cheese was great, though it didn't seem to help with the flavours. Nonetheless, the squid was really tender and chewy, and I wouldn't mind ordering a second serving.

These Deep Fried Nan Ru Pork Belly was definitely a guilty pleasure. Fried till a crispy golden brown, these pork belly were very palatable and not at all greasy. Unlike the usual fried pork belly (sio bak) that we are more familiar with, their version here showcases a leaner cut, instead of the chunky, rectangular block; and I really like it this way! It's really crunchy, light and clearly very bad for you, but this crispy, golden brown mess makes resisting their deliciousness impossible.

Getting me some of that lobster goodness once CB ends!

The Crispy Hot Chicken was a hot mess. In a good way, of course. I have never been good at handling burgers or sammies, especially those with slaw that makes them slide around, so I'm thankful I'm home savouring this, away from stares that would make me conscious of myself. ⁣

Juicy chicken thigh drenched in chili mayo and tex mex slaw, slapped between hot potato bun, mmm, all I'm lacking now is an iced cold beer. Drinking during the day is acceptable during this CB period, right? As if the burger wasn't enough, I was further blessed with this Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is pretty much self explanatory - chopped pastrami on tater tots with cheddar cheese bechamel. My only gripe? Not enough sauce! But this is essentially sin in a bowl, and I fear for my waistline after this CB ends, who else is with me? ⁣

Nothing spells bliss like a free brunch delivery, thank you for making my day💕

Been wanting to give their Kale Mushroom Melt a try for the longest time, but whenever I'm there, they are always oos. So, I guess, this is the only good thing I've gotten out of Circuit Breaker thus far. I stay a fair distance away from PBD, so I'm pleasantly surprised that when they were delivered, it's still warm and the cheese still gooey, perfect for that IG cheese-pull. ⁣

Bronzed in all the right places, every bite promises a delightable crunch, along with a medley of cheese - mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere, perfect for all you cheese lovers out there. This Kale Mushroom Melt is far from a basic grilled cheese toastie, afterall, it consists of kale, a mark of hipsterdom. I promise you, this is definitely worth a try. ⁣

Featured here too are the Crispy Hot Chicken and Pastrami Dirty Taters, which is deserving of a post by itself, so I'll save it for another day. ⁣

Man, this makes my Kraft sliced cheese on toasted Sunshine Bread seem lame. ⁣

(You spoiled my tastebuds, I'm holding you responsible.)

This Lamb Shank was huge, and the gravy full of flavour. Having been braised for 3 hours, these are the sort of dish you eat twice. First, you cut off all the obvious meat. Second, you lift the bone up to your mouth and gnaw away at the itty bitty bits before you end off the meal with a satisfying burp. Of course, that’s how you eat in a restaurant. Since I’m home now, no one cares about dining etiquette, I’m jumping straight to step 2.⁣

To order, simply call them at 6390 1699, or WhatsApp them at 9420 1150! There is islandwide delivery but delivery charge applies so check with them before placing your order!⁣

Thank you @azharacharr for arranging and @lighthousebistro for the food!

As a social arm of Singapore Maritime Officers' Union, Lighthouse Bistro uses the freshest ingredients and an eclectic blend of herbs and spices, and together with their chefs, have ventured beyond the norms of conventional food to create a carefully curated menu.⁣

Pictured here are:⁣

• Medley of Mushroom. Creamy mushroom soup scented with fresh aromatic herb oil and garnished with micro herbs.⁣

• Spicy Garlic Prawns. Slicked in plenty of garlic, these prawns were really rich and savoury. I had the pleasure of getting my fingers sauced in them when an idea struck me. While watching that umami-ness pooling in the bowl, I concluded that I needed bread and proceeded to dunk the toasted garlic bread meant for the mushroom soup into the bowl. Well, best decision ever.⁣

• The Lamb Shank (let me talk about it in another post, stay tuned!)⁣

To order, simply call them at 6390 1699, or WhatsApp them at 9420 1150! There is islandwide delivery but delivery charge applies so check with them before placing your order!⁣

Thank you @azharacharr for arranging and @lighthousebistro for the food!

The Charcoal Steak was grilled to a thrilling shade of luscious pink and brown. Similar to the Blackened Tuna that I had, it was also served with potato salad and fresh avo chimmichuri. Decent meal, but doubt I would be back again, even with the Burpple 1 - 1 discount.

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Decent, not great is how I would describe BURN. I got the Blackened Tuna and it came with potato salad and fresh avocado chimmichuri. The potato salad was tasty, what with the amount of mayo on it, and was sufficient to cover my carbs intake for the meal. The ladyfingers also provided a much needed crunch to the meal which was rather dull. Tuna was tender and soft, nothing great to shout about. Portions weren’t big though, so if you’re here to have a filling lunch then you might find yourself better off somewhere else.

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Probably inspired by its moniker, the restaurant’s interior sees glossy black marble counters and tabletops, giving off a sleek, classy vibe. We decided to order lightly, intending to do justice to the main event - the steak. Naturally, it arrives on a wooden board, sliced and grilled to a nice shade of rust and brown, with oil glistening off it. Accompanying it is a bulb of roasted garlic and some plump cherry tomatoes, which explodes juice on the first bite. The T-Bone was pretty quality beef, with tension and flavour which you could further amplify by adding salt in varying sodium levels on the side. Black Marble is a nice neighbourhood eatery, though without the pricing like one, and without the pedigree of a high class steakhouse. But hey, this makes for a decent meal nonetheless, and you could always head over to the nearby ice cream parlours for dessert too, if you’re on a date and would like to end the evening on a sweet note.

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I felt this was overrated, couldn’t see what the hype was all about. Whilst good, this Lobster & Scallop Saffron Risotto felt fairly textbook. Rice was of the right texture and soaked nicely in smoked mullet bottarga zest and has a savoury, lobster bisque taste. Both the lobster and seafood was grilled to perfection, retaining both its freshness and flavour.

I love me a good foie gras but the rendition here is served with blueberry compote which I found rather queer, as it has a slight almost herbal-like taste to it that just can’t seem to fit right in. But the foie gras itself had a crispness on its edge, that crunches and melts once it enters your mouth. It did come with slow-roasted duck breast too, which was flavourful and tender, and some sprouts of greens which I happily tossed to the side hahah

Alicia Ho

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