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Chinese Cuisine!

Chinese Cuisine!

Featuring Tsui Wah (Clarke Quay), New Station Snack Bar, Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant (Hotel Miramar), Mongkok Dim Sum (Geylang), Tai Lei Loi Kei (NEX), Sum Kee Food (Telok Blangah), Yu Cun Claypot Curry Fish Head, The Quad Cafe (Nanyang Technological University), HWA Seafood 桦海鲜 (Tagore Lane), Gong Yuan Ma La Tang (Suntec City)
Rowena Cheng
Rowena Cheng

Here, seafood, meat and vegetables all cost the same - by weight. Unfortunately when we had this around 8-9pm, the ingredient choices were quite limited.

Soup was good; sufficient numbness in 麻, but not 辣 enough for 中辣. They have a level between 中辣 & 大辣 which I think we should have picked. I liked how the soup was more towards the creamy side instead of the mala hotpot kind of oiliness.

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One of their famous dishes right here! Although the butter smelled like planta or smth they used (wasn't a very pleasant butter fragrance), the cereal bits were clumpy yet crispy and as usual - goes superbly well with rice! (Although I'm no rice person) Large, crispy prawns where you can really just down the shells too. I love that it's served hot to the table.

A definite must-order here!

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Special menu item only available for 2 weeks! The smoked chicken had a tinch of bitterness on its skin, but the meat was tender to the bite. We expected the smoked chicken to be served dry, but it was drizzled with some light sauce, said to help the chicken to taste more tender.


Newly opened in IMM! Trying their speciality fried ytf with meat gravy. We also ordered thick beehoon which came drizzled in the same meat gravy! Savoury, not too heavy, and came with mushroom slices too. They have special ytf ingredients like fish maw!

6 pieces with soup - $5.50
6 pieces (fried) with gravy - $6
6 pieces with curry - $6?
+noodles/rice (+$1.50)


Har Cheong Gai came with crispy servings of fried batter and flavourful belachan (tastes different from the usuals) which complemented the fried stuff well.

The Volcano Tofu is on the special menu, and is one of the must-orders here! It's a pancake with a mixture of minced tofu with large water chestnuts, topped with special sauce (curry powder in it!) and many yam ring ingredients like chicken cubes, capsicum, carrots, onions and cashew nuts.

The Stir-fried Mee Sua was surprisingly good; with sufficient wok hei and not neglecting the saltiness and flavour of the entire dish. The ratio of ingredients (vegetables, pork slices, fish cake and omelette pieces) to meesua was just right. Recommended to order for sharing if you have zero feels for rice!

The Nai Bai was crunchy and not overly salty nor oily. It evidently was blanched and lightly stir-fried before serving.

Claypot Pork Liver is the 招牌 of this zichar restaurant! I don't eat pork liver cos of the after taste which lingers but I had 5 pieces from this claypot of ginger-spring onion-sesame oil-based sauce of crunchy pork liver served bubbling hot. 超好下饭的!

Lastly, the cereal prawns ($39 for M) was extremely disappointing. Although they were larger than usual prawns, the prawns were not fresh enough and the cereal was too fine and did not have the 'I want more more more cereal in my rice' feel. ):


Well, they probably name it Portuguese as if it goes together with Portuguese egg tart. But it is just another version of Hokkien mee with good wok hei and horfun-like egg wash, stir-fried with thick bee hoon & a few strands of wholegrain noodles. It came with only 2-3 lala & 2 crunchy & juicy prawns & a few pieces of sotong. The staff was nice to ask whether I wanted red chili padi or sambal belachan and I got both. The sambal belachan made the entire dish resemble hokkien mee even more.

While they serve a healthier choice of wholegrain noodles, the bowl of thick, creamy and flavourful curry sauce will ruin the 'healthiness' in it. The noodles were not too overcooked as they were served in warm curry sauce. Fishballs were tender too. You can choose your bowl of curry noodles to top with pork chop or pork belly. We chose pork chop although we had an order of pork chop bun 😛 but it didn't disappoint!

Milk tea was flavourful but overly sweet (had to remind myself it is a HK cha chan teng and not Thai milk tea). The pork chop was well-marinated & carried a peppery taste, which blended well with the plain bun. Butter was only spread on the lower piece, so the top piece was plain and made the entire bun less heavy.

When you hit a HK cha chan teng, you have to order a milk tea isn't it.

We ordered hot ones and the milk tea and yuan yang were served without sugar. You can add sugar to your desired sweetness (good for me who drinks kosong all the time).

Not very thick and flavourful enough to call it good, but it was decent for the price.

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Soup base was the same as the one served with the noodles; just cooked together with the wantons - more flavourful soup. The prawns in the wantons were crunchy and meat was sweet - evidence of freshness.


I liked that the noodles were tossed in marinated sauce, and they were cooked perfectly. King prawns were indeed king, and were generous with the serving.

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Infamous HK's Tsui Wan opens in SG!

Tried their signature dishes here. Condensed milk bun was alright. I liked that they serve hot food to your table due to the influx of orders. Beware that you should eat this immediately - no waiting!

Their jû pa bao 猪扒包 was normal.. nothing fancy except that they put a piece of lettuce and 2 slices of pickles to neutralise the oiliness of the pork cutlet.


Other than eating, it's me being hungry.

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