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Indian Food

Indian Food

Dedicated to some of yummiest Indian food in town!
Kugel Kaffee
Kugel Kaffee

Luck is on our side trying to get the seat on Saturday night. Got served quite quick this time with large size murtabak. If you are hungry, this size is the way to go (they have S,M,L for $6,$8,$12). This L size is twice bigger than M size!! Some small crispy burnt bits that we take out but we are pretty happy to devour the whole!! 🤤 p.s. comes with 2 curry plates for dipping. 👌

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Who gonna have a raisin? 1 raisin per one kesari Bhath we think. Just one piece is enough for 4 persons as it is rather sweet. Great when you have this with Masala tea [$2 each] as the milky aromatic tea drink has no need for sugar.

Total bill is $47 for 4 persons. Such a value& #hiddengem eat in Iittle India area.😊

More expensive than other dishes here but totally worth it. The sprinkle of chili magic dust have elevated the dosa skin one notch. It hugs so well with soft-to-your-palette potato filling. 🤗

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Recommended by their owner after we ordered many dishes. Inside the crispy Dosa is a hugh mash potato filling with mustard seed. We split them in pieces using spoon but quite difficult to share. Good Dosa that none can miss! 👌

The brown doughnut shape fritter is called “Uddina Vada”. It is a Southern Indian delicacy popular during breakfast. We just have this as our lunch served with mint sauce and sambar (red lentil and vegetable stew). It is crunchy outside and soft inside just how we like.
The Rava Idly (green) is a signature item of MTR1924 (made with sarmolina) . We love having our idly with ghee pouring on top. These are 2 must-order items that we share with our visitors (4 persons in total).
Khara Bhath (corner left dish) is a savoury dish that divide us. One might like soft texture dal but others might not. Served with sliced tomato & mint sauce. Try it if you want to experience something different!
The staff is really friendly and offer to take picture for group photo. We are impressed with their service and this place sets a standard for good dosa in town.👍

Ordered this on Sunday dinner which is not a recommended time to visit this place! 🙀
We waited for 45 mins in total for this dish. They do not only mix up our order (we ordered chicken but got mutton instead). We suspect they also not work properly on order as we saw some groups arriving later than us but already got served. 😫
By the time this coin prata Set arrive, we were hungry & angry. However, the mutton dipping sauce is so good (not watery & got tasty mutton cubes) that those feeling dissipated quickly. Their coin prata set is worth ordering! 😋

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It’s been a sinful 2 consecutive weeks that we visit this place. 😈 We had a Murtabak chicken in our last visit and just this evening, we had a murtabak mutton (Medium) $8. We didn’t feel guilty until a late coming dish called “plain paper” also known as “tissue prata” arrive. 🙀. It’s so oily that we can play with our fingers. It’s crispy yet not feel light! No more tissue for us pls.😬

Tasty & juicy as usual. Comes with sauce for Murtabak beef and Murtabak chicken. Completely forgot the murtabaks when having a good chat with friend. The murtabak turns stiff and we can hardly finish the whole thing! Suggest small size next time.

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🎆Happy Diwali 2018! 🎆
Vegetarian Briyani Set $9.30 @ Chit Chaat Chai. Paneer Makahni (Indian cheese in tomato sauce) tastes awesome and elevate the whole set. Yoghurt sauce with cucumber is refreshing. Enjoy poppadom but Naan is a bit starchy. In any cases, it brighten up our day! 🤩

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Still one of the best value vegetarian eat in Little India @ Ananda Bhavan 👉
🔝to bottom
🔸North Indian Thali Set $11.30 (pick between Roti & chapati), Soup, basmati rice, veg, cues, Masala papad, onion & chili salad, pickle and sweet: Gulab jamun
🔸Pani puri $6.90 potato & pea filled balls
🔸Rava Thosai (their signature) $3.90


Review this Indian eatery many times before. Talked to the owner yet forgot to mention how good his Pudi Masala Dosa $7 is! 🤓😄
What we also had: chow chow bath $6, Mango Lassi $5, Rava Idly $4 and of course 🍩 shaped Uddina Vada $2 each. If you visit, try their daily specials plus Pudi Masala Dosa & you wouldn’t be disappointed!!

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Never regret taking on a chance!
Throwback to when we had ‘Large size’ Chicken Martabak $12 & 2 Teh Tariks ($1 each) @ “The Roti Prata House.
Completely dwarf us!! 😆


Explorer of tasty & healthy eats! Instagram: @kugelkaffee We got something for you!! 👇

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