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Finally tried jenjudan and sadly, this ranks as my least fav brown sugar milk tea out of all that I’ve ever tried. The matcha green tea had a decent matcha taste, but because it wasn’t milk-based, it tasted somewhat diluted, and the fragmented ice pieces in this drink certainly didn’t help. (You can’t adjust the ice level either.) I also thought that the brown sugar taste in this drink was the weakest of all places, and their pearls have this weird, incredibly slimy texture that I found quite offputting. Jenjudan is also much pricier than other places. Wouldn’t recommend trying this, would stick to Chicha San Chen if you’re thinking of buying a pricier bubble tea instead.

I quite liked Uncle Kiisu’s matcha latte! There isn’t a strong matcha taste, and it’s a tad bit sweet, but the addition of the konjac jelly on top is fun and adds some texture so it’s somewhat like bubble tea. Quite refreshing, esp with the spicy food that they serve.

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I got this with 0% sugar at the recommendation of the guy stationed at the ordering machine, because he said that the honey pearls would make the drink taste sweet. But unfortunately, the pearls were rather tasteless and hence, my drink wasn’t very nice. The roasted wheat tea tasted mostly like diluted wheat tea, which is quite smokey and not that enjoyable. Would probably have been better with 30% sugar instead.

Tried this when there was no queue thankfully! This is their earl grey milk tea with 30% sugar and honey pearls. The milk tea wasn’t great, a bit diluted with a weak taste flavour, but the honey pearls were a bigger letdown. They didn’t taste the slightest bit like honey to me and instead, were quite tasteless. Because of this, the pearls taste soft and gummy and like small tangyuans without any flavouring. The pearls also cost a whopping $1 more, which was kinda shocking. With so many bubble tea choices now, this was v disappointing and I won’t be trying it again.

I’m a huge Bober advocate because of their wide and interesting range of drinks, but their brown sugar milk tea at their Takashimaya food hall exhibition was a bit disappointing. The brown sugar taste wasn’t as prominent as I remembered it to be and there was this odd sour taste from the brown sugar. Hopefully this is just a one off thing, I’ll be back to try more of their drinks still!

Finally got around to trying tiger sugar!! I really liked the richness of the brown sugar fresh milk here compared to other places, definitely one of the best for me. Wished there was less ice though, and the pearls were a bit on the softer side, would have preferred more of a bite. Overall, pretty good, but wouldn’t queue for it. Thankfully, the Chinatown Point outlet rarely has a queue. P.s. “pearls” on their menu refer to the normal sized bubbles, while “boba” refer to the mini pearls! You can get a drink with both pearls mixed if that’s your thing.

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Fruce is one of my fav bubble tea places because of their unique flavours and toppings! Their matcha fuzato drink has a thick matcha taste with a slight hint of coconut and you just won’t get sick of drinking it. My drink was a bit sweet this time however, despite asking for reduced sugar. My fav topping here is their small konyaku jelly because it adds some texture and can go with both creamy drinks and fruity ones! They have other interesting drinks with snow pear, durian, and avocado too.

Hi Tea’s strawberry snow jasmine tea looks incredibly festive!🎄I liked how I could see the fruits actually being blended for this and the fact that this drink was lighter than a typical smoothie, particularly since I had this after lunch.

There’s a strong strawberry taste, with a subtle aftertaste of jasmine tea. I got mine at 50% (which is the only less sugar option), but it was too sweet for me. (I gave them feedback on this though!) It kind of reminded me like a less icy version of Boost in fact. Still, not a bad choice, and their packaging is cute, although reminiscent of another bubble tea nearby. (Including the name, lol.)

Thanks @sherbakes for the giveaway of the $5 Hi Tea voucher :-)

This is the Pablo cheese tart drink, which is supposed to be their classic freshly baked cheese tart in a drink form. I thought it’d be quite heavy, but it was surprisingly light and actually tasted dominantly like mango yogurt, even though the drizzle on top is apricot jam (the glaze on top of their tart!) The crumble bits on top of the drink is the tart crust and I thought it was a nice touch. Overall though, this drink lacked the stronger cheese flavour I was hoping for, but it is a lighter drink that you could easily enjoy without feeling too full.

Thanks to Annabella from @pablo_cheese_tart_singapore for having us and @burpple for the #burppleeatup invitation!

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I really enjoyed their brown sugar pearls with fresh milk drink. I think it’s the best of all the other places I’ve tried so far, because the brown sugar taste here is really distinct and not watered down. (Read: does not taste even a bit like sugar syrup.) The pearls were warm and chewy at first, while the milk was quite cold. After mixing the drink together thoroughly, it surprisingly wasn’t too sweet! The milk with hints of brown sugar tasted really good and I think they’ve really hit the nail on the ratio between the brown sugar and the milk 🙌🏻 Also, doesn’t it look gorgeous?

Kung Fu tea is newly opened near the McDonalds beside AMK Hub and this drink is $2 because of an opening promo, so it’s really worth it! (It’s originally $3.80.) Chanced upon the promo and I was near AMK so decided to give it a shot!

Tried Partea’s fluffy cloud tea, which is Chinese Jinfeng tea with cheese foam on top! There isn’t the option to customise your sugar level, which is quite odd in my opinion, but thankfully, it wasn’t overly sweet. There was a decent tea flavour and the cheese foam was amazing! It’s slightly salty and creamy and cheesy, which is perfection to me. I thought the cheese foam also went quite well with this chinese tea as the tea was refreshing and didn’t make the cream overly cloying. I enjoyed this quite a lot, but it was quite pricy for just tea and cheese foam.

I can’t stop drinking bober and it is a problem!!! Thankfully, they have 10% cashback using Fave so I always have an excuse to visit them. This black glutinous rice milk tea was really good and I felt the pairing was so delicious. Who would know that the dessert is such a great milk tea topping?

While I loved it, it was really pricy and I couldn’t help but to think that it would be cheaper to just buy the milk tea and a separate bowl of dessert to mix it in HAHA. However, good pairing! I really love all their innovative drinks and their extensive menu makes me keep coming back because I want to try everything... I feel like they’ve also sped up their shop’s efficiency now so the drinks are coming out a lot faster and the waiting time is shorter, which is such a plus! P.s. they’re also available on food panda now.

Side note, milk tea was still a bit sweet for me though. Their 25% sugar tastes like Koi’s or Liho’s 50% and they could definitely hold off the sugar.

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