Ended off my meal here with the Coconut Coffee Smoothie, which was somewhat like a creamy frappuccino with a faint, but unmistakable coconut fragrance.

With a beauty lounge right next to it, you can always pop over for a hair treatment, manicure or pedicure session while having brunch! It's the tai tai life we all dream about yaw ~

Ended my meal off with a Oreo Milkshake! I mean, I have already sin with the cheeseburger, might as well go all out aye. Everything I expected a milkshake to be, this was thick, rich and dense, extremely decadent. Pricey for a milkshake, but I'd order it again and again.

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The restaurant was small and cosy, and I settled down near the window, where the afternoon sun shone in while I enjoyed my bottle of Gula Melaka Iced Coffee to quell the fire in my tummy. Fragrant and sweet, this freshly brewed coffee would give you that sugar and caffeine rush you need to fight that food coma creeping up on you halfway through work.

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While it was on the sweeter side, I fully appreciate it as the aloe vera and lychee bits within took my mind off the spice for a while; before I reach out for yet another mouthful of the smashed chimken because it's the addictive kind of kick that'll make you go 'shiok' after every mouth. 💯

Though if you’re drinking on its own, without any spice interference, I’d say it’s a tad sweet

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Wasn’t keen on queueing for it because they are always spotting a snaking queue, I was glad my lucky day was here because there wasn’t anyone in sight that day! Dived right in and got myself an original drink and boy was I impressed.

Icy and thirst quenching, this is one of the most refreshing drink around. On a sweltering day, I can see myself drawn to this drink to curb my thirst and cool myself down!

I’m more inclined to queue up for this drink now

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Jumping on the bandwagon, I managed to score myself the newly launched Brown Sugar & Sea Salt Milk by @fnnmagnolia . Taste wise, yeah, it does have the familiar taste of a brown sugar milk tea, with the aroma faintly lingering in your mouth. And if I could put a sugar level to it, I'd say 25%. I mean, that's expected since it got a Healthier Choice label from the Health Promotion Board. So if you've done nothing but snack all day long during this CB period, and is starting to worry about your waistline, yet still stubbornly want to get your boba cravings fixed, then this might be your go to. ⁣⁣⁣

But I still like my boba sweetness at diabetes level (hahaha), so this didn’t quite cut it for me, though it’s sufficient to curb my cravings for the time being. I was thinking maybe I could “zhng” this milk up by adding more brown sugar myself. What do you guys think aye?⁣

Back here again at this evil empire that keeps sucking my wallet dry. Went with the Fuji Pear this time round and man was I a little disappointed. Albeit decent, the drink failed to shine through and make an impression on me. Having tried close to everything under the Refresh series, I must say, this has got to be my least favourite drink. ⁣⁣⁣

I can’t be th only one who enjoys their non milk tea drink over their milk tea concoctions right? ⁣⁣⁣

My friend got the Honey Lemon Oolong Tea and I felt it fared better than my Oolong Tea Latte with Pudding. The honey lemon taste was distinct but it may have overpowered the the taste of the oolong tea, which was very faint. This may as well be an over glorified honey lemon drink. ⁣⁣

White Peach Tea is one of the cheaper options in Fruce, without compromising on its taste. At first sip, there is a very prominent peach flavour, but swirl the drink in your mouth for a bit and you can taste the gentle, floral aroma of white tea which in my opinion, is the perfect complement to peach since white tea is considered a sweeter kind of tea than their green/black tea counterparts, with less bitter aroma.⁣⁣⁣ fruce is sucking my wallet dry I swear ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


Got enticed into getting them because I tasted them when they brought the tasting cups out. Richly flavoured, the drink was smooth and luscious, with a very aromatic taro smell and yam bits mixed in. Attention all taro lovers, this is the drink for you!⁣⁣


Ahhh, Fruce is burning a hole in my pocket, but they taste so good! Second time having this and they are still so rich and creamy, and filled with gula melaka fragrance, it's definitely worth every penny.⁣⁣


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