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Love for Burgers Never Ends

Love for Burgers Never Ends

The wonders of how sandwiching those ingredients give those meats and veggies a new meaning on the plate.
Siming T
Siming T

A new burger joint that was opened in Suntec City Mall just before the Circuit Breaker kicked in, SIMPLEburger Inc. was a sister brand of iSTEAKS Diner that served burgers, milkshakes and bottled beer. One could choose to order from either restaurant as all diners were given the option to order online via the QR codes found on the table.

Naturally, I would be interested in selecting their Natural Beef Burger (S$9.00), which could be pimped up with up to 10 free garnishes, paid add-on ingredients or extra patties. Personally, I would highly recommend paying an extra dollar for the Crispy Fried Onions for the golden crunches that went really well with the burger.

In terms of the satisfaction, this burger would probably not match up with the steaks from “next door”, but there would be days when you wanted some burgers, fries and milkshake as comfort food, and this could just fit the bill.

The ieat Super Burger (S$15.90) was an oversized burger, and costed just one buck more than their Classic Cheeseburger.

While I must say that this would be a very hearty portion for a hungry soul, I somewhat felt that it was not exactly a “value for money” option. Given that it did not come with any side dishes, you’re pretty much left on your own to devour the dish, which comprised deep fried onions, bacon, beef patty (doneness can be adjusted to individual’s preferences), tomatoes, lettuce and various sauces.

A lot of ingredients already, no? Well, I did hope that the blooming onion can be coated with batter more evenly, as evidently I found some portion of it barely cooked. Plus, with everything in, the flavours (read: saltiness) could get quite on the high side.

Between this and a Double-up Chicken, which would be a better choice? I would choose the latter the next time.

Food trucks might be something we would normally see during carnivals and events, but in the recent months The Goodburger found a spot at The Promontory @ Marina Bay and the open space outside The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands during daytime and evening time respectively.

The specialty of The Goodburger was their plant-based IMPOSSIBLE “beef” patties. Currently, they were selling three types of burgers, but my favourite would be The Classic which was their version of the American cheeseburger. To enjoy the full flavour, it would be ideal to get an extra patty to the burger (S$22.00), but for the first-timers to IMPOSSIBLE burgers it might be more affordable to get the S$16.00 version. Either way, the burger would come with original flavour shoestring fries which helped to add some munchies sides to the pretty filling burger.

The Goodburger offered a casual setting of a stand-up dinner for those who would like a quick meal while enjoying the night skyline of Marina Bay, but there would be some benches or seats around the vicinity that could give some rest for those tired legs. In time to come, they planned to offer some additional items to the menu, but I also wished that they could thicken the patties a little more to make the affordability highlight a convincing one.



Pre-made beef patties might have been a bit of a letdown in my first encounter with HANS IM GLÜCK burgers, but I had a pretty satisfying time somehow.

Their Alsdann (S$17.00) was a beef burger with chunks of grilled pear, mild blue cheese sauce and walnuts, giving the ordinary burgers different flavours and textures. With the choice of a sourdough bun, I was surprised that it was soft to the chew, so that more attention could be given to what was in-between.

On top of the mains, I topped up another S$5.00 and got myself a set that included a side dish (their fries were awesome with those self-serve bottles of sauces on the table), an iced thirst quencher and a hot beverage, making the add-on worth the buck for sure. Definitely a good experience that made this place deserving for a return visit, and hopefully I would reserve a spot that could catch the service crew’s attention a bit easier.

It was a chance encounter with an all-natural turkey patty, but I was quite pleased with The Californian burger for its combination of ingredients, including Swiss cheese, diced avocado and truffle mayonnaise. Even though I did not get to pick up the burger with my hands because the bottom bun was already a little soggy, I was enjoying some theatrical effect of the patty bursting some jus from some knifework.

The waiter explained that this burger was an improved version from its initial appearance, as customers had given feedback previously that the patty was too dry. Well, I would just say that the “dryness” was acceptable since it was turkey meat that we were talking about. Any juicier or fatter would only imply that the meat was not lean, wasn’t it?

Paying an extra S$3.00 to this S$23.00 dish was a great decision made. Not that I did not like their fries, but their four pieces of onion rings was literally a big deal. Having coated with batter that did not soften, it felt like eating some onion cookies that tasted good but did not appear to be an overload of calories.


The name’s a mouthful, but for those who grew up with Sesame Street, just be prepared for some sensory overload with their decor, merchandise and the creative menu with the Sesame Street theme until 29 December 2019, before they changed to another cartoon theme.

During the visit, I ordered this as my main course (S$24.90), which came with a piece of chicken Katsu dipped in teriyaki sauce, and stuffed into Oscar’s mouth, made of green Matcha Mantou. Beneath Oscar’s “head”, the garden salad lined the base of the trash bin (now, wasn’t that inappropriate?). Burgers were never complete without fries, and thus the crispy curly fries was there to fill the plate, though I also wished they could give more fries as shown in the menu. In terms of the taste, I would say that the savoury profile of the teriyaki Katsu was well-balanced against the sweet-ish Mantou which tasted quite fresh as well, so I was indeed pleased with this order.

Some of the food items and merchandise seemed to have run out during the visit, so I would think that one should visit Kumoya early to experience this theme before more goodies got out of stock and more plushies got stained or soiled by mishandling.


If the contrast between the beef patty, vegetables and crispy brioche bun is not the winning factor to the Beef Hamburger, just look back at that big basket of fries!
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The new burger joint at Level 1 of Wisma Atria seemed to have attracted a bunch of curious diners, for Burger+ marketed itself offering premium fast food at affordable prices.

Apart from some delicious-looking burgers, they also sold alcoholic beverages, Korean fried chicken (they were supposed to be a Korean kitchen by the way) and combo meals, comprising a side order and a drink, would entitle a diner to offset up to S$2.50 for their meals.

One of their signature items was the Avocado Bacon Burger, which came with a buttered potato bun, 130g beef patty, their special B+ sauce, baby romaine lettuce, tomato, half a sliced avocado, bacon, seared onion and cheddar cheese. It sounded like a mouthful for a S$17.20 burger, and the overall presentation was definitely earning itself some Instagrammable moments.

While its taste was also quite the same as some other new burger joints that I had tried recently, that might have also been the best experience of the burger. Sure, potato buns might be quite unique in the burger scene, but the texture was a little too soggy for me after absorbing the B+ sauce and the patty juice.

With this burger paired with other items to make the cheapest possible combo, the meal with a regular fries and a regular drink would easily cost me S$22.50. Sad to say, that if the flavours did not stand out so significantly, paying a premium for supposedly affordable burgers became just a little against the grain for most diners who read “affordable” in a different way.

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And we’d have thought that not many people would be queuing up for an hour for fast food that was double the price of Carl’s Jr, look at what the new entrant received even after two weeks from its official opening!

The Shack Stack Burger (S$14.30) was acclaimed to be the best of both worlds, with a single beef patty and a crisp-fried Portobello mushroom patty filled with melted cheese, the bursting flavours blew me away because it was totally delicious. Apart from being packed with flavour, this burger left me hesitant, because I was torn between finishing up the burger quickly (the waiting time was slightly more than 20 minutes) or to stop and take a cheese pull selfie.

Although topping up a fries and a drink could easily burst a typical fast food budget (not surprised to see some diners sharing a burger between two persons), I thought the fries and drink could easily be shared, given the big portions. If we were not so used to consuming a burger with a (rich) milkshake, even a cup of small refreshing Lemonade (S$4.30) could be shared by two persons because of it’s concentrated sourness.

Shake Shack had definitely reminded me of the initial years of Carl’s Jr in Singapore, but let’s hope that it’s quality and portion sizes could outlast the hype.

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Other than carrying a local twist to their range of burgers, Shiok Ave also served some classic items like the Double Cheese (S$9.00) which was served with charcoal buns. Visually, it might not turn out as majestic as their signature “So Shiok!” burger, but it was really filling enough for me.

The beef patties were quite thick, but I thought that the meat was a little over-minced, so the texture could differ bit from ground beef. Apart from that, the patty was also a tad salty. I was not certain how easy they could go with the salt usage, but if that could not be regulated, I would say the best solution would be to get an upgrade (S$3.00) which would include a canned drink and fries or chicken tenders. If you were trying this for the first time, remind the staff to serve the fries without salt... you would need it.

Lastly, seats would be very limited at the basement food hall, so it would be best to secure a seat before proceeding to order.


The US brand Fatburger had landed on our shores for some time now. At dinner time, the crowd was still coming in, partially because they have earned their Halal certification.

So the Double (XXL) Burger, which costed S$10.90 ala carte, or S$14.90 by “making it ‘Fat’”, turned out to be a really petite set, with the burger almost covering my whole palm from top view. I was actually quite pleased with their beef patty, because the meat was coarsely grounded and not thoroughly minced, resulting in some chunky bites here and there. Sadly, a XXL set might have sounded big, but in reality it could not even barely satiate my hunger, and I was not very hungry to begin with.

Maybe, the way to go to ensure a full tank was to overdose myself with the refillable soft drinks, but given my desire for good burgers, I would opt for other burger joints to answer that call for burgers.


Still my personal favourite when it comes to getting something at S$16.00 over at Park Bench Deli, but... I left with the impression that the portions were getting smaller. What did you think?

Siming T

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First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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