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Love for Burgers Never Ends

Love for Burgers Never Ends

The wonders of how sandwiching those ingredients give those meats and veggies a new meaning on the plate.
Siming T
Siming T
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And we’d have thought that not many people would be queuing up for an hour for fast food that was double the price of Carl’s Jr, look at what the new entrant received even after two weeks from its official opening!

The Shack Stack Burger (S$14.30) was acclaimed to be the best of both worlds, with a single beef patty and a crisp-fried Portobello mushroom patty filled with melted cheese, the bursting flavours blew me away because it was totally delicious. Apart from being packed with flavour, this burger left me hesitant, because I was torn between finishing up the burger quickly (the waiting time was slightly more than 20 minutes) or to stop and take a cheese pull selfie.

Although topping up a fries and a drink could easily burst a typical fast food budget (not surprised to see some diners sharing a burger between two persons), I thought the fries and drink could easily be shared, given the big portions. If we were not so used to consuming a burger with a (rich) milkshake, even a cup of small refreshing Lemonade (S$4.30) could be shared by two persons because of it’s concentrated sourness.

Shake Shack had definitely reminded me of the initial years of Carl’s Jr in Singapore, but let’s hope that it’s quality and portion sizes could outlast the hype.

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Other than carrying a local twist to their range of burgers, Shiok Ave also served some classic items like the Double Cheese (S$9.00) which was served with charcoal buns. Visually, it might not turn out as majestic as their signature “So Shiok!” burger, but it was really filling enough for me.

The beef patties were quite thick, but I thought that the meat was a little over-minced, so the texture could differ bit from ground beef. Apart from that, the patty was also a tad salty. I was not certain how easy they could go with the salt usage, but if that could not be regulated, I would say the best solution would be to get an upgrade (S$3.00) which would include a canned drink and fries or chicken tenders. If you were trying this for the first time, remind the staff to serve the fries without salt... you would need it.

Lastly, seats would be very limited at the basement food hall, so it would be best to secure a seat before proceeding to order.


The US brand Fatburger had landed on our shores for some time now. At dinner time, the crowd was still coming in, partially because they have earned their Halal certification.

So the Double (XXL) Burger, which costed S$10.90 ala carte, or S$14.90 by “making it ‘Fat’”, turned out to be a really petite set, with the burger almost covering my whole palm from top view. I was actually quite pleased with their beef patty, because the meat was coarsely grounded and not thoroughly minced, resulting in some chunky bites here and there. Sadly, a XXL set might have sounded big, but in reality it could not even barely satiate my hunger, and I was not very hungry to begin with.

Maybe, the way to go to ensure a full tank was to overdose myself with the refillable soft drinks, but given my desire for good burgers, I would opt for other burger joints to answer that call for burgers.


Still my personal favourite when it comes to getting something at S$16.00 over at Park Bench Deli, but... I left with the impression that the portions were getting smaller. What did you think?

This place has got to be the hidden gem of National Library. Although the shop was not prominently located at the third storey, it offered a wide range of food. A good draw factor would be that they were recently listed under Burpple Beyond, and that would imply more one-for-one deals!

Because some of their fried stuff like fries and chicken cutlet were prepared with air fryer, the Cheeky Chicky Burger (S$15.50) had the absence of grease without compromising the crisp and taste. I liked the oozing effect of the honey mustard and that runny egg yolk that was waiting to burst. The fries had a truffle oil finish but the flavours were not overpowering, perfect for people who would prefer not to go for intense truffle-flavoured oil.



Truffello Burger was a vegetarian-friendly burger that contained portobello mushroom, miso and garlic butter, truffle aioli, coleslaw, lettuce, smoked cheese and pickle. The combination gave the burger adequate crunch and a lot of juice, so much to the point that my hands would be covered in sauce after downing the whole burger.

And as part of the Burpple Beyond deal, one set of burger (choice between Truffello and Baby Huey) would come with fixed fries and vanilla milkshake. Thanks to that, the damage for two persons became only S$29.91 before taxes.

If you would look closer to the contents of the burger, you might have noticed a beef patty hidden somewhere. Yes, I added S$8.00 to my burger to beef it up a little. And if I could suggest another hack, do ask for fries without salt.



Bee Cheng Hiang recently ventured into providing a dine-in service at their Serangoon Road outlet, giving a “one of a kind” Bakkwa experience with an (almost) everything Bakkwa menu in place. Their menu items were prepared and plated so nicely, thanks to collaboration with Chef Zor Tan, better known as the previous executive chef from Restaurant André.

The most fun item from their menu would be the DIY Sliders (S$14.00) which would come with pork or chicken options. Diners would be given disposable gloves to personalise their own sliders that would include the Golden Coin / Chicken Coin Bakkwa, caramelised onions, quail eggs done sunny-side up, sliced cherry tomatoes, lettuce and their very special sambal mayonnaise that was made in-house. On its own, the Bakkwa tasted pretty average, but with the runny egg yolks and that spicy kick from the sambal mayo, I did enjoy the whole process, together with a glass of red wine (yes, they have a wine cellar in the grillery too). Because there were only two sliders, I personally found this a good choice for lunch or dinner if I needed something light but more than just ordering a Tapas.

Another highlight of the grillery was that they sold a full range of Bee Cheng Hiang products, with their Bakkwa made differently by being grilled over charcoal fire, giving this festive delicacy a more smoky and traditional taste. I would say that this concept store was worth a few visits in the near future. And since they would be launching their full menu after their official opening, there would be more items in the menu to tease my taste buds with.



I knew all along that I had a soft spot for blue cheese, but also with foie gras? That was where the Atas Burger was coming from. Taking down this S$24.00 was a joy, because the pork patties were well-seasoned with honey mustard, and their brioche bun was very tasty. My only concern here was that the food was only served more than 20 minutes after ordering, the bun could have turned soggy at the base. Still, the foie gras and blue cheese tasted great with the double pork patties.

I probably would appreciate some greens by the side, but I supposed if the highlights here are the booze and burgers, the salads and what-not could wait.



This burger named “The Works” is probably their tallest burger by far, but it was not the height of the S$13.90 burger that impressed me. If I were to name the ingredients that made it fantastic, it would probably be the Angus beef patty, the crispy onions (above the egg), the mashed avocado, artisanal brioche bun and their secret sauce. I struggled to clamp down the burger to fit everything into my mouth, and I bet I made a big mess messier than eating Carl’s Jr, but the fast disappearance of the burger probably suggested a lot about how I liked this burger, totally not minding having only 150g of patty.

And it made total sense of ordering their add-on of Shoestring fries at only S$2.00, because the carbs were so crisp and delicious. It would have been more than perfect if the fries were a little less seasoned with salt and herbs.

I was really thankful that this hidden gem in Savour World is a participating restaurant of Burpple Beyond, because paying “half” the price for this meal just meant that goodness is shared but not halved.



I’m actually quite amused by the size of the Mega Burger (S$16.50) because it did not fit very well with the description.

Unfortunately, it was more disappointing than that. I personally found that the beef patty was over-minced because it sort of lost its texture altogether. And if that was still not bad enough, the bun that they used was dry and broke easily with gentle force on my fork.

On another note, there would always be other comfort food that I could find in Swensen’s. Just that Mega Burger did not make it there.


The Huber’s Dry Aged Beef Burger (S$19.50) is surely not one with a dry, overcooked patty. Instead, it might just be because of the 21-day drying of the chilled beef that helps to lock a certain degree of firmness without compromising the flavours of beef. I am pretty impressed with the way the burger remained juicy with tomatoes, caramelised onions and some sauces, as I was reaching out for serviettes in no time.

And if you take a look at the menu, it is actually possible to score a hearty meal with mains costing less than S$20.00. That is a great bargain within the Dempsey area, even though the bistro is situated at the foot of Dempsey Hill. And if you like their poultry and stuff, why not take a walk in their butchery and grab some bags of meat home? I was amused with their Instagram account that provides some recipes to best enjoy their products.

I will leave it to my next visit to try out their chicken and pork menu.


Being recognised as Burpple’s HOT 100 Hawkers, I was glad that the queue was still somewhat manageable on a Saturday afternoon.

I had a go for their Bacon and Cheese Burger (S$6.50), and the first thing that I was happy with was that the burger was served with fries (read: I love fries too!). However, my enthusiasm dropped a little bit when I saw that the slice of cheese was halved. Or is it that they will give a full slice if I order a double patty instead of a single?

Taste-wise, the burger was definitely satisfying because of a juicy patty as well as a slightly spicy BBQ sauce. And at the end of it, I wondered why I had not ordered a double patty. In short, it’s worth a return visit.

First world problem: What to eat for the next meal?

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