🛫 Away | United Kingdom

🛫 Away | United Kingdom

14 hours across waters and mountains, I’m so excited to be able to explore the different countries from up north to down south.
Amanda Liu
Amanda Liu

With an all white interior & exterior, and glass panels all around, @coffeetzar offers you sandwiches & cakes, together with their list of beverages.

I opted for the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Caramel Tart (£4.65) and their Chai Latte (£2.80) which went so well together!

I loved how the richness and bitterness of the dark chocolate balanced out the sweetness of the caramel with every mouthful. On top of that, the crunchy bits of pistachio added some savoury touches to the tart, making this tart a personal favourite amongst tarts I’ve had thus far.

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Upon the recommendation of my cousin, who’ve been here, we had a go at a family-owned store, Bardsley’s.

It’s a little out of the way and not part of the major attractions of this city, but you do know that they’re good when you see locals dropping by every 5 minutes to place an order or two for takeaway.

We had a go at the Cod & Chips as well as the Haddock & Chips, both Child portions and going at £8.90 each.

The fishes and chips are fried upon each order, so do expect a slight way in the event that they do get really busy.

As we popped in fairly early, we waited no more than 10 minutes and had hot pipping fish & chips served to us. What I loved most was how the batter was thin and coated the fishes lightly, allowing the meat to retain its freshness and juices.

I had the haddock, and loved how firm the fish was, providing a good bite with every mouthful and paired with the batter, a pretty delicious combination. The chips (it’s fries), are hand cut and served plain. You have an option of adding salt and vinegar to it, as what the locals do, or have it as it is!

On the other hand, if you ordered the Cod & Chips, do expect a slightly softer texture of the fish.

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It’s not everyday you see a whole roasted pig lying at the front display of the store.

But you’d get to see that when you visit @oink_edinburgh at Victoria Street!

We went for the Oink (£4.20) which comes with 160g of meat, a choice of white or brown bread, sauce (we went with apple), and a topping (haggis or sage with onion, we went for the latter).

What you get is a perfectly stuffed bun of all sauce, toppings and stuffed meat and to top, pork crackling.

Trust me when I say, while this is one huge portion, I could go for seconds, or thirds, only if my tummy permits and perhaps after a few more cups of whisky.

The meat was insanely juicy, storing the moisture so well, which paired great with the apple sauce (oh come on, it’s pork and apples), then adding on the additional crunch of the crackling. I swear I could have the crackling all day, as a snack, as a meal, as a anything


Apart from the amazing view of the London skyline you’d get as you’re 40 stories above, the items on the Duck & Waffle menu is simple yet executed perfectly.

Famous for their Duck & Waffle, the dish comes with half a waffle slice, a crispy duck confit and a fried egg to top. Instead of just the usual maple syrup, they add in mustard seed for that additional savoury bite!

The duck is marinated perfectly and fried till the skin is crispy, while keeping meat tender and peel-off-the-bones soft. Choose to have the meat on its own, or stack them all together and take a huge bite and dive into it.

We also ordered a side of Field Mushrooms (£3) which comes as 2 perfectly roasted massive portobello mushrooms. Don’t be tricked by how simple it looks, each slice is juicy, succulent and extremely delicious.


Tantrum Doughnuts are perhaps the best ones in this area. The queue extends till the streets, which says a lot, just like how Singaporeans would queue for a crazy sale.

We were spoilt for choice as the entire case was filled to the brim with doughnuts but it didn’t take long for us to decide on which to sin on.

My favourite from the lot would be the raspberry jam doughnut! Jam packed with raspberry (hehe pun), and coated with sugar over the entire doughnut. When you pull over the doughnut, the jam overflows all over, but that’s the best part; ensuring that every part gets eaten and not wasting one bit of it. The sour berry jam paired with the fluffy light dough and sweet exterior makes it one addiction but oh so delicious doughnut.


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