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Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

Steak sandwich with dijonnaise on the side because... the cousin does not like mustard. So yes, it's all mine and it's a must-have complement to the steak sandwich! Portion size wise, it's HUGE. Love the sourdough bread and perfectly grilled mushrooms. Comes with caramelized onions within as well but both cousin and I do not appreciate onions so we fished it out (forgot to ask for no onions prior!) A simple but gratifying lunch option for sure

New on the grill! The cheesy toasties kinda sticks out in their menu of healthy salads and sandwiches but oh hey, count the satisfaction and not the calories! It's a vegetarian option - with spinach, whole cherry tomatoes, eggplants and loads of cheese! The eggplants bore black grill lines - indicating that they had been separately grilled before the sandwich-ing begins. I would have preferred the cherry tomatoes to be sliced up first, instead of being wholes - but that's just a matter of personal preference. The underside of each toast was soaked with an egg, prior to grilling. It's not pictured in here but there's a sunny side up imprinted within the toast on the underside! Love the crisp and savouriness of this lunch time grub. I can't wait to try the tuna broccoli toastie too!

Ordinary sounding smoked salmon with cream cheese and chives combination that wasnt so ordinary after all. Love the generous spread of cream cheese and chives! A simple, savoury joy that sparks so much happiness in the morning!

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Came on a PH right after a round of exercise because this is totally the kind of post-exercise carb rich + protein rich food that one needs to replenish (or indulge lol). The beef patties were sufficiently juicy. It wasnt a burger so there wasnt the option to ask for medium. For someone who dislikes fully cooked beef patties, this was a surprise! Juicy, flavorsome and every bit complenting the sauces, bagel and accompanying bits of ingredients - caramelized onions, cucumber etc that was bagel-wiched in between. As expected, the generous serving of ingredients and the bagel size simply means that this can be quite a messy affair to devour. Then again, this is way worth getting your hands dirty!

I had the onion bagel to go with my fat back bagel! The onion-y flavour isn’t as pronounced compared to bagels with stronger flavour profiles, such as the jalapeño cheese. However, still a pretty decent bagel!

I love how the blueberry jam comes so well together with the savoury meat! The lil’ cabbages were so adorable and cooked to perfection! Note: they’re slightly bitter in nature so it’s not a flaw! Kinda like bitter gourd y’know. My Cousy didn’t like the puny cabbages and picked them out one by one - of which I helped myself to.

I’m not going into the details of the individual ingredients that comes so perfectly in this bagel - one can search them up only very easily! Just gonna say, this is my favourite kinda bagel by far!!

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Turkey strips with many other ingredients that one can easily look up from their menu so I shall not go too much into the details.

Allow me to hype on the bagel instead! Cousy picked the Jalapeño cheese bagel to go with her turr-key bagel. It’s SO EXTREMELY crispy and delicious - think they kinda baked the bagel before they assembled it. The balsamic vinegar that spilled over to the bagel added another dimension to the Jalapeño cheese bagel 😋 The turkey was a tad dry - thank goodness for the sauces and all. Also, love how the bagel came ‘infused’ with an egg at the bottom. Also, for non onion lovers (like me), rmb to ask for no onions! We forgot and spend some time getting those raw onions out. Wouldn’t mind caramelised ones tho!!

Flavoursome beef 🐄 brisket with sweet beetroot & sweet onion relish 😋

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Cuckoooo!! 🐓 The perfect morning breakfast ... filled with all things good sandwiched between perfectly toasted home made bagels. Chunky leaflets stacked in between to provide that balance... and to ease off some guilt from the calorie dense bagel & sriracha mayo within!

Roast beef striploin slices, sautéed mushrooms, sweet relish & Dijon mustard, all nicely tucked in a lightly toasted sesame brioche bun. Definitely not the average Joe here. Each bite is so ‘meaty’ and satisfying. Although yes you don’t get the strong ‘beefy’ taste (come on this is a sandwich, not steak), there’s definitely no hints of “cheap” processed meat here too! Really really loved the sandwiches here. This overtook the 🥇 for the sundried tomato ham and cheese sandwich!

Priced at an incredibly steep price point of $26++ on it’s own, and +5 to go with their signature (&highly addictive) truffle fries. It really depends on how bad your craving for the truffle fries is ...before you eventually decide to part with $5++ for the truffle fries, or not. On the burger- I’d expected the chicken breast to be tough and dry within but thankfully it wasn’t (cos it’s so so so expensive, it’d better be good) Supposedly comes with bacon, egg, cheese, tomato and lettuce. But I’m missing out on the cheese. Not sure what happened but it was a decent combi of the typical club sandwich. Served along w a side of salsa and tons of oil within.

A simple steak sandwich on multi-grain bread for the extra feel-good factor. Steak was pretty tough and rather disappointing. Came along with a generous serving of sweet potato fries - unevenly cut, with the thinner ones being too hard due to over-frying and the thicker ones looking ‘limp’ and oily.

Had always wanted to try a decent Reuben sandwich and here I found it! The restaurant’s version came w a generous serving of the cured meat, on thin toasts. Unfortunately, the toast was a tad too “doughy” and hard to pull apart. Would have been better if it was just toasted lightly, or if a brioche was used instead.

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My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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